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A Fat Bald Dude with a Bad Temper

Max Payne 3 Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Chapter 13

A Fat Bald Dude with a Bad Temper

Golden Gun Parts: G6 Commando (3 parts), Law (3 parts), MPK (3 parts)
Clues: 7

Take out the guard nearby, then take out the other two inside the office. There are two painkillers in the nearby first aid cabinet as well so don't forget to collect them.

Approach the gate for a scene. After the scene, go through the opened gate then immediately turn left to find the first gun part of the chapter. (MPK Part 1)

Head right then kill the two guards in the next corner. Enter the washroom to the right to find another gun part in the corner. (LAW Part 1)

Continue following the opened cells and corridors until you encounter a few more guards. Enter the open cell to the right to find a painkiller inside. Here you'll hear a familiar voice whining about. Backtrack to the corridor with a bloodtrail and you should find the tourist shouting from the far end cell. Talk to him for a clue. (Tourist)

Continue along the path then exit through the door. Stay behind cover as more guards pour in the room. Once clear, enter the small room to the right to find a painkiller. Continue to the red booth in the far end of the room to find yet another painkiller. Examine the laptop for another clue. (Prison Log) Activate the flashing button nearby to open the security doors.

Exit the prison for a scene. Run and grab the RPG then take cover. Wait for it to stop firing then blow up the APC up the street.

After destroying the APC, more enemies will arrive. Take cover and take them out. Head past the gate then go left to find another gun part beside a garbage bin. (LAW Part 2)

Head to the double door to the right and a guard will appear. Take him out and continue upstairs to exit the building. Kill the guards beating a prisoner then check the shed behind you to find another gun part. (G6 Commando Part 1)

Move forth until you reach a locker room. Find a painkiller from one of the open lockers there then go to the gym room next and clear it. Once done, enter the men's bathroom to find another gun part inside the shower room. (MPK Part 2)

There's also a painkiller in the ladies' bathroom in the other side. Go through the red double-door once done. Enter the office on the right side then check the note near the computer monitor for another clue. (Promissory Note)

Now check the kitchen area of the canteen to the left to find another gun part under the shelf. (G6 Commando Part 2)

Head through the next double-door then enter the conference room to the left to find another gun part on the table in the far end of the room. (MPK Part 3)

Now check the small reception area across the conference room to find another gun part on the floor behind the counter. (G6 Commando Part 3)

Head to the security room next for a scene. More enemies will appear afterward. Stay in cover and take them all out. Once cleared, enter the elevator and head to the fifth floor.

After the scene, kill the guard by the counter then collect the painkiller in the room nearby. Head to the next office room and start killing all the guards. A heavy gunner will appear afterward. Stay in cover and aim for his unarmored parts.

Enter the office room in the middle and check the paper file on the table for another clue. (Political Folder)

Next, head to the office room to the left of the red-lit door and examine the laptop for another clue. (E-File on Da Silva)

Approach the door for a scene. You'll find yourself in a briefing room afterward. Check the laptop in front of the display to play the briefing. Play through all the slides to get this clue (Slide Show)

Exit the room and continue forth until you reach the storage room. Take out all enemies then continue upstairs. After the scene, shoot the vent open and climb up to escape the gassed stairwell. After the scene, kill the guard immediately after falling off the vent.

Approach the computer monitors for another scene. Leave the security room then continue to the next office area across the hallway. Clear the room then exit through the door for another sequence. While riding the cart, kill all enemies from across the window until you stop. If you have FREE AIM enabled, you can unlock the “It was Chaos and Luck” trophy by killing all six enemies across the building.

It Was Chaos and Luck

More enemies will start coming in from the armory so be prepared.

There's also an ammo bag along the equipment rack to the left. After clearing the area, head inside the armory. Continue to the next room where there's a flashing red button. Before pressing it, check the vests hanging on the left side for another clue. Max will also be able to wear this as well. (Flak Vest)

Head to the next area and grab the painkiller from the medical cabinet beside the red door. Continue to the CQB training area and carefully move from cover to cover to avoid ambushes.

Continue clearing your path until you reach the shooting range. There's a lot of enemies waiting there so stay put and take them one one by one.

You should also find the last gun part on the floor behind the first sandbag where you took cover. (LAW Part 3)

Continue forth and as you enter the backroom, a heavy gunner is waiting for you so be prepared to take it out. Grab the two painkillers from the first aid cabinet near the sink then exit through the door. Continue upstairs for a scene.

After the scene, take cover inside the nearby room to have a better cover and find a painkiller as well. Take out the remaining guards for another scene. This time, you have to fend off another attack. Take out the couple of guards on the ground then shoot at the ceiling tiles overhead the main enemy.

Keep shooting at the tiles so that the overhead lights fall on him. After that, more enemies will appear. Take them out and move to another cover. Next, shoot at the air-conditioning unit overhead. This force him to move up from his cover and make him vulnerable. Land the finishing shot to kill him.

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