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Here I was Again, Half Way Down the World

Max Payne 3 Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Chapter IX

Here I was Again, Half Way Down the World

Golden Gun Parts: M972 (3 parts), DE .50 (3 parts)
Clues: 3

Go downstairs and check the dead body to the right to find a pistol and painkiller. Continue along the path until you reach a house with some corpses. Examine the body by the wall for your first clue. (Dead Gang Members) There's also another painkiller nearby.

Exit the house then go downstairs. Check the back of the stairs to find a corpse with a G6 Commando rifle nearby. Continue back to street level for another scene. Follow the path to trigger another scene. Continue along the pathway for yet another scene. After the scene where you'll get attacked by the armored “cops”, continue downstairs and check the entrance of the green house below to find the first gun part of the chapter. (DE .50 Part 1)

Continue along the alley and by the next turn, kill the two UFE members. Examine the third body past them for another clue. (Dead UFE Members)

Move along until you reach a house. There's another gun part inside the bathroom floor to the right. (M972 Part 1)

Exit the house and go downstairs to another house. Take cover and kill the UFE members on the other side then vault over the window and proceed to the small passage to trigger a scene. During this bullet time sequence, kill the two UFE guys on the helicopter then shoot the RPG the third UFE commando shoots towards you. You'll find yourself back on the ground after falling through the roof.

Continue downstairs and after passing through the gate, look to your immediate left to find another gun part on the ground, beside the stairs. (M972 Part 2)

After getting the gun part, walk a few steps ahead and you'll find three UFE members executing a civilian. Kill them all and examine the civilian's body for the chapter's last clue. (Dead Residents) Don't forget to pick up the painkiller on the table nearby.

Continue downstairs and past through the gate for another scene. After the scene, check the grass to your left to find another gun part. (DE .50 Part 2)

Head towards the stairs but don't go up there yet. Turn left twice to find yet another gun part. (M972 Part 3)

Continue upstairs this time and continue until you trigger another scene. Keep heading left until you reach the other side. Take out the two UFE guards nearby and kill the others who will respond to the gunfire. The last gun part is found inside the small room with metal grills. (DE .50 Part 3)

Continue downstairs and take out enemies along the way then enter the next building for a scenes. During the fight sequence with the scarred thug, follow the prompts that appear in your screen to kill him and proceed with the story.

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Comments for Here I was Again, Half Way Down the World

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Oct 24th 2012 Guest
In scene with the scarred thug prompt states kick after disarm.
On PC keyboard controls no kick option
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