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Alive If Not Exactly Well

Max Payne 3 Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Chapter 5

Alive If Not Exactly Well

Golden Guns: LMG (3 Parts), Micro 9MM (3 parts)
Clues: 6

Once you're off the boat, continue forth and examine the helicopter for the first clue. (Parked Helicopter)

Vault over the wall then continue to the warehouse. Shoot the lock to open the doors. Continue inside and proceed forth the reach a gate. Approach small door for a scene. After the scene, take out the two thugs near the pick up. I suggest taking them out stealthily or a flood of thugs will appear as reinforcements. Wait for them to walk away from the pickup then use bullet time to take them out as quickly as possible.

Find the entrance to the nearby warehouse and enter it for a scene. Two more thugs will appear. As much as possible, try to take them out quietly to make your job a lot easier. If not, just go loud and clear all enemies in the room. Before moving forth, grab the painkiller on the shelf behind you and examine the ransom note on the table for a new clue. (Ransom Note) There's also another painkiller in the first aid cabinet on the wall near the door.

Collect some ammo and head to the warehouse gate. As soon as it opens activate bullet time and kill all the guards outside. Take out the other two guards nearby before moving forward as well. Before moving forth, climb the container van ahead to find the first gun part of the chapter. (Micro 9mm Part 1)

Move along the path and kill all enemies until you reach the garage where Fabiana was held. Examine the video camera ahead for another clue. (Video Camera) There's also a painkiller beside the TV.

Leave the garage and keeping straight. The second gun part of the chapter should be located on the ground near the closed gate to the right. (Micro 9mm Part 2)

After grabbing the gun part, take the stairs to the left of the garage door and enter the doors for a scene. Shoot a few guys to get their attention. Once they shoot the boat you're in, it will crash, throwing you in bullet time so use this chance to kill a few more thugs until you land behind cover.

If you have FREE AIM enabled, you can attempt the “Something Wicked Comes this Way” trophy.

Something Wicked Comes this Way

Take out the remaining enemies. Take the stairs ahead and follow the walkway to find another gun part. (Micro 9mm Part 3)

Go back downstairs and enter the room to the left. There's a switch there you need to press but first grab the painkiller in the first aid box to the left and examine another clue on the table. (Branco Family Photo) Press the switch to open the garage doors afterward.

Exit and refill all your weapons' ammo by checking the bag in the middle. Kill the two thugs outside then start clearing the next building. Before exiting the building, check the shack under the stairs to find another clue. (Boathouse Newspaper)

Now enter the adjacent room to find the last clue in the chapter (Nightclub Floor Plans) and two painkillers in the first aid cabinet nearby.

Exit the warehouse and you'll find the next gun part inside an old container van just ahead. (LMG .30 Part 1)

Return to the building and take the stairs this time. Jump off from the ledge and kill all enemies outside. Proceed to the next gate to reach the next area of the docks. Enter the shack ahead to find another gun part. (LMG .30 Part 2)

Enter the control room nearby to activate the walkway. Grab the two painkillers nearby as well. Cross the walkway then kill the first guard. Take cover as an enemy boat crosses. Take all the guys out if you want. Take the Red-dot FAL the first guard drops so you can easily take out the enemies ahead from a safe distance.

Cross the wooden walkway after clearing the area then turn left to find the last gun part. (LMG .30 Part 3)

Backtrack then open the gate on the other side to continue forth. More enemies will be waiting there so take them all out. There's also a painkiller inside the control room in the far end of the walkway, after the second turn. Cross the walkway and continue clearing your path and head to the gate for a scene.

Once in control, take out the pursuers behind you. After the cutscene, you'll catch up with the boats. The enemies from the decoy boat will start throwing molotovs at you. Shoot them before they hit your boat. Keep taking out enemies until the next cutscene.

Keep shooting at the enemies while Passos fixes your boat. Take advantage of bullet time when there's a large group of enemies to quickly take them out. After clearing the enemy-infested riverhouses, take out the remaining enemies on the pursuing pickups to complete this sequence. You can unlock the trophy “Colder Than The Devil's Heart” by killing 30 enemies in 2 minutes.

River mayhem

After the scene, take out more pursuers. You'll finally catch up with the two boats again. Kill the next set of targets until your speedboat launches off the ramp. In the next bullet time sequence, just aim and kill as many enemies as you can to complete this chapter and Part I of the story.

Chase out of a movie

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