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One Card Left to Play

Max Payne 3 Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Chapter 14

One Card Left to Play

Golden Gun Parts: RPD (3 parts), Rotary Grenade Launcher (3 parts)
Clues: 1

Jump off the conveyor belt and take cover before engaging the guards. Once cleared, ride the conveyor belt to the left to reach the chapter's first gun part. (Rotary Grenade Launcher Part 1)

Enter the control room nearby then use the stairs behind to reach the catwalks. More guards will appear so dig in and take them out one by one. Now go to the upper control room BUT do not take the doors straight ahead. Instead, go through the double-door to the right to reach another gun part. (Rotary Grenade Launcher Part 2)

Grab the painkiller from the cabinet then go through the door to reach the next area. Kill the guard then take out a few more along the corridor. There's a painkiller inside the room by the corner as well. Once the corridors are cleared, do not enter the door straight ahead. Instead, check the double-door to the right to find a bathroom. There's a painkiller in one of the lockers and another gun part in one of the shower rooms. (Rotary Grenade Launcher Part 3)

Check the cubicle in the same room to find the only clue in this chapter. (Ex-Cop)

Exit this restroom then continue along the doors to reach the customer restroom. There are two painkillers on the first aid cabinet ahead so grab them before heading to the exit.

Once you reached the departure lounge, take out all guards while in cover then head to the next escalator ahead to the right. Grab the painkiller nearby then follow the walkway left then turn left again to find a gun part all the way to the far end. (RPD Part 1)

Go downstairs and before pressing the flashing button to open the security doors, check the counter in the left side of the lounge to find another gun part with two painkillers. (RPD Part 2)

Now proceed to the security gate and press it open to continue to the next area. Fight your way to the escalators and through the open gate. Take cover and more enemies will appear. Once clear, go inside the control room, grab the painkiller and activate the flashing button.

After restoring the power, dig in as more guards start to pour in. Once done, ride the tram. You just basically need to kill all enemies in this sequence. Just remain in cover as you take them out one by one and you shouldn't have problems.

Runaway train

Once the tram pulls to a stop, don't leave yet. Check the far end of the tram to find the game's last gun part. (RPD Part 3)

After the scenes, you'll be fighting Becker. Stay in cover and take out his guards until he's the only one left alone. Once you're in a bullet time sequence, shoot the grenade launcher to take him out. Don't shoot Becker afterward to get the trophy “You Push A Man Too Far”

The merciless

For the next part, you have to use the grenade launcher to take out enemy vehicles before they destroy the car. During this sequence, you can attempt to unlock the “The Road-kill Behind Me” trophy. You have to take out the first four jeeps, the helicopter four parked police cars, and finally a jeep and APC. Refer to the video below for more details.

The Road-kill Behind Me

After catching up with the jet, shoot its engines to take it down. Watch the ending scenes.

You know you'll walk in limp.

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Aug 7th 2015 Guest
Excellent coverage. ....The walk threw was perfect....Thumbs up.
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