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It's Drive or Shoot Sister

Max Payne 3 Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Chapter X

It's Drive or Shoot Sister

Golden Gun Parts: FAL (3 parts), M4 Super 90 (3 parts)
Clues: 2

After the gunfight, move forward and check the second bus to the right to find the chapter's first gun part. (FAL Part 1)

Loot the ammo and grab some guns before regrouping with Giovanna. In the gas station, find some cover and take out the enemies, specially the sniper on the roof. After clearing the area, check the small office to the left of the gate to find your first clue for this chapter and a painkiller. (Office Newspaper)

Go back to Giovanna for another scene. While dangling from the chain, kill all 8 enemies in Free Aim to unlock the trophy “The Only Choice Given”

The Only Choice Given

After the sequence, check the room to the left for the forklift to find another gun part. (M4 Super 90 Part 1)

Collect the ammo and guns then push the red flashing button. Head to the exit next. More enemies will appear after the scene so deal with them accordingly. After Giovanna lowers the stairs, turn around and look at the bus. Check the table beside it to find another gun part. (M4 Super 90 Part 2)

Check also the room under the stairs Giovanna lowered to find a painkiller inside. Regroup with her upstairs afterward. Check the office room nearby for another painkiller then follow her to the next room. After killing all enemies go downstairs and go inside the parked bus to find a gun part inside. (FAL Part 2) Join up with Giovanna for next scene.

Once inside, check the bathroom to the left for a painkiller then go upstairs. Kill all enemies inside then check the office cubicle to the right of the main window. You'll find a painkiller there and another gun part. (M4 Super 90 Part 3)

Continue downstairs then check the green campaign poster for another clue. (Ad Campaign Poster)

Finally, enter the next room with the flashing red switch. Don't press it yet; grab the final gun part on the floor across it, behind the desk. (FAL Part 3)

Open the security door for another scene. Kill the guard to save Giovanna and you'll be in another shoot-and-drive sequence in a bus. You can attempt to unlock the “Trouble Had Come to Me” trophy during this scene. (Refer to the Trophies section for more details) After the scene, dig in and fend off several enemy waves to complete the chapter.

It's drive or shoot, sister

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Comments for It's Drive or Shoot Sister

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Jul 4th 2012 Guest
When in the bus, i am dying every time. Bro can you tell a tactic as to how i can prevent the bus from getting destroyed!!!
ID #160564