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Just Another Day in the Office

Max Payne 3 Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Chapter 3

Just Another Day in the Office

Golden Guns: M10 (3 parts), M82A1 (3 parts)
Clues: 4

Drag yourself out of the field and follow your partner. Keep following him until you reach the clinic. Take out the enemies then enter the room beside the clinic behind you. Examine the picture on the left wall for your first clue in this chapter. (Picture of Victor)

Loot the bodies for ammo and a shotgun then follow your partner. He'll be waiting by the elevator in the adjacent room. Check the bloodstains on the white double-doors beside the elevator for your second clue. (Blood Stained Door)

Call the elevator for a short scene. After disembarking, follow Passos to the recording room as he interrogates the bloodied gang member. Take out the enemies who will barge in the room then enter the equipment room nearby to find a golden gun part. (M10 Part 1)

Continue to the next corridor and kill the shotgun-wielding thug who will try to ambush you from the door to the left. Check the room where he came from to find a painkiller.

Continue to the next room for another scene. Clear out the enemies and before following Passos, backtrack a bit from where you came from and check the wall where a soccer team display is painted. A golden gun part is found on the shoe locker. (M82A1 Part 1)

Follow Passos and run/roll pass the sniper. You'll be in a hallway where you need to kill more thugs. The third clue in on the bloodstained pillar to the right. (Blood Stained Hallway) There's also a first aid cabinet to the right so pick up a painkiller there as well.

Continue forth and kill the thug on the next corridor. In the following small room, there's a first aid cabinet in the corner as well containing another painkiller. Kill the two guys in the next room for another scene. After clearing the enemies while your partner provides sniper cover, take the stairs down to the left, then turn left to find another gun part near the gate to the far left. (M10 Part 2)

Backtrack a bit then continue to the opened gate. More enemies will appear so take them all out. Go to the far end of the walkway and kill two more enemies upstairs. Check this room to find two painkillers in a first aid cabinet. Enter the double door to the left to reach the VIP lounge.

Kill all the enemies in the area then proceed along the corridor. Check out the VIP seats to the left and you'll find the last M10 part in the front row seats by the windows. (M10 Part 3)

After collecting the gun part, check the counter past the VIP seats to find two painkillers. The next clue is the actual memorial at the end of the hallway. (Soccer Star Memorial)

Kill the last enemy then continue to the maintenance elevator and ride it to reach the stands. Take out the enemies and be careful of the grenades they lob at you. Take note of the warning markers that will appear in your screen. You can also shoot these grenades using Bullet Time, should you wish to do it.

After clearing the enemies and while Passos is keeping the enemy sniper busy, go downstairs in front of the elevator then turn left to find another gun part. (M82A1 Part 2)

Keep running to the other end of the stands. Enter through the open gate and grab the two painkillers along the way. Open the door and take out two more enemies for the next scene. In this sequence, you have to provide cover to Passos as he makes his run for it. You can zoom in and out using the left analog stick. Try not to miss any shots to unlock the trophy “The One Eyed Man Is King”.

That wasn't fun

After the scene in the security monitoring room, you'll be back outside. Take out the two enemies upstairs. Go upstairs and before entering the gate, turn right and find the last gun part in the far end. (M82A1 Part 3)

Enter the gate next then kill the next set of guys there. Approach the ladder to climb it then take out more enemies as you make your way to the tower. Kill more guys in the topmost level then approach the middle lift for another scene. Kill the sniper during the bullet time sequence to complete this chapter.

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May 30th 2013 Guest
how to climb the ladder ?
I've tried all my keys in my keyboard ....but it does not work!
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