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Weapons and Armors List

Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Weapons and Armors List

Heavy Pistols

Arc Pistol – (Priority: Geth Dreadnought)
You'll find this on the console after your party members joins you.

M-3 Predator – (Default weapon)

M-5 Phalanx – (Priority: Tuchanka)
Near the end of the mission where you get the objective to activate the hammers, you'll need to clear your landing zone. There's some stairs you need to take to the left. This weapon is on the floor as the stairs turn left.

M-6 Carnifex – (Arrae: Ex-Cerberus Scientists)
After meeting up with Jacob and the other scientists and once you get the objective to fix the auto-turrets on the roof, you'll have to go through a narrow, dark corridor with the ladder going to the rooftop. You'll find this pistol along the pipes on the left side.

M-77 Paladin – (Can be bought from Spectre Requisitions)

M-358 Talon – (Priority: Citadel)
This weapon is inside a locked room, past the locker room. To open it, you need to find the console named “Door Control” inside the room to the right, in the far end of the corridor. Activate it and return to the locked room to access it.

Scorpion – (Priority: Sur'kesh)
In the second security checkpoint, you'll need to restore power through the power terminal. This weapon is on the floor in front of it.

Sub-Machine Guns

M-4 Shuriken (Priority: Mars)
This is found inside the security room you'll reach shortly after Liara joins the team.

M-9 Tempest (Tuchanka: Turian Platoon)
This is on the ground beside two dead turians and a wrecked escape pod.

M-12 Locust (Priority Horizon)
On the table inside the laboratory area. You'll reach this after the scene where Shepard fixes a console.

M-25 Hornet (Priority Citadel)
Found beside a corpse near a broken door, past the locker room. This is the same corridor where you'll find the room containing the M-358 Talon heavy pistol.

Assault Rifles

Geth Pulse Rifle (Priority: Geth Dreadnought)
This is found in the same room where the Archon Visor is located. It is sitting on top of a crate to the right.

M-8 Avenger (Default)

M-15 Vindicator (Priority: Mars)
Inside the locker to the left, past the security station after disembarking from the tram.

M-37 Falcon (Priority: Cerberus Headquarters)
After launching a fighter through the walls, you'll find this on the floor beside the burning debris.

M-76 Revenant (Priority: Citadel)
After reaching the locker area past the lobby, turn left to find the bathroom door It is sitting on the wall, next to the sink.

M-96 Mattock (Grissom Academy)
After clearing the second classroom of enemies, (the left corridor has the Eviscerator), turn to the right to find this weapon on the red bench, right in front of you.

M-99 Saber (Priority: Horizon)
After facing off three brutes and a banshee, continue along the corridor until you find a holographic display to your left. Examine it then press B to override then backtrack to the other end of the corridor. You'll find a pod there with the weapon. Open the pod and get the weapon inside.

Phaeston (Tuchanka: Turian Platoon)
After defeating the harvester, you'll find a dead turian along the path. The weapon is on the ground right beside him.


Disciple (Kallini: Ardat-Yakshi Monastery)
After fighting a banshee for the first time and entering the next hall, you'll eventually reach a corridor packed with enemies. There's a room to the right where you can find this weapon, along with the Serrice Council Shoulder Guards.

Geth Plasma Shotgun (Priority: Rannoch)
Found on a crate to the left, before going to the shield override controls.

Graal Spike Thrower (Priority: Tuchanka)
Beside railings to the left, behind the krogan scout.

M-11 Wraith (bought from Spectre Requisition)

M-22 Eviscerator (Grissom Academy)
After fighting off a handful of Cerberus forces in the second classroom, check out the corridor to the left of the room. You'll find this weapon on the bench to the right.

M-23 Katana (Priority: Mars)
You'll find this beside a corpse in the middle of a hallway, right before the room with the auto-turret.

M-27 Scimitar (Priority: Palaven)
Right before your leave the main turian camp in search of General Victus, check the metal barrier to your left to find this weapon.

M-300 Claymore (Attican Traverse: The Rachni)
As soon as the mission starts, check the living quarters to the left to find this weapon along with other items.

Sniper Rifles

Black Widow (bought from Spectre Requisition)

Javelin (Rannoch: Admiral Koris)
After starting the mission, continue along the path and take out the enemies. You'll eventually encounter a quarian corpse. This weapon is right beside it.

M-13 Raptor (Priority: Sur'kesh)
On your way to the second checkpoint, you'll reach a corridor after climbing up a ladder and bypassing the door. There's a salarian corpse to the right of the door. If you see the checkpoint in front of you, the corpse is behind.

M-92 Mantis (Priority: Mars)
After jumping down and before checking out the group of enemies ahead, you'll find this immediately on the ground.

M-97 Viper (Priority: Palaven)
You'll find this on top of some crates in the middle of the turian command outpost.

M-98 Widow (Priority: Thessia)
After meeting up with the asari sniper, you'll find this on the floor beside some supplies.

Helmet and Headgears
Archon Visor: Power Recharge Speed 10% (Priority: Geth Dreadnought)
Capacitor Helmet: Shield Regen Speed 10% (N7: Cerberus Abductions)
Death Mask: Melee Damage 10% (Priority: Tuchanka)
Delumcore Overlay: Headshot Damage 5%, Weapon Damage 10% (Priority: Cerberus Headquarters)
Kestrel Helmet: Ammo Capacity 10% (Batarian State Arms)
Kuwashii Visor: Weapon Damage 5%, Headshot Damage 10% (Aegohr Munitions)
Mnemonic Visor: Power Recharge Speed 5%, Power Damage 5% (Grissom Academy)
N7 Breather Helmet: Health 10%
Recon Hood: Weapon Damage 10% (Priority: Citadel)
Securitel Helmet: Shields 5%, Health 5% (Priority: Citadel)
Sentry Interface: Shields 10% (Priority: Sur’Kesh)
Umbra Visor: Power Damage 10% (Priority: Thessia)

Armor Sets

N7 (All parts 10% Health)
Chestplate (default)
Shoulders  (default)
Gauntlets (default)
Greaves (default)

Ariake Technologies (all parts 10% melee damage)
Chestplate (Kass Fabrications kiosk)
Shoulders  (Attican Traverse: The Rachni)
Gauntlets (Priority: Mars)
Greaves (N7: Communication Hub)

Armax Arsenal (all parts 5% weapon damage and 10% melee damage)
Chestplate (Rannoch: Admiral Koris)
Shoulders  (Priority: Palaven)
Gauntlets (N7: Cerberus Attack)
Greaves (Priority: Sur'kesh)

Hahne-Kedar (all parts 10% weapon damage)
Chestplate (Tuchanka: Turian Platoon)
Shoulders  (Elkoss Combine Supplies kiosk)
Gauntlets (Kanala Exports)
Greaves (Priority: Palaven)

Kassa Fabrication (all parts 10% shields)
Chestplate (Priority: Mars)
Shoulders  (Cipritine Armory)
Gauntlets (Priority: Rannoch)
Greaves (Arrae: Ex-Cerberus Scientists )

Rosenkov Materials (all parts 10% power recharge speed)
Chestplate (N7: Fuel Reactors)
Shoulders  (Priority: Horizon)
Gauntlets (Tuchanka: Bomb)
Greaves (Spectre Requisitions)

Special Armor Sets
Available at 50,000 credits each in various Citadel Shops

Cerberus Armor (Elkoss Combine)
Ammo Capacity 10%
Weapon Damage 20%
Shields 10%
Health 10%

Terminus Armor (Batarian State Arms)
Melee Damage 15%
Ammo Capacity 15%
Shields 30%

Inferno Armor (Kassa Fabrication)
Power recharge speed 30%
Power Damage 30%

Blood Dragon Armor (Kanala Exports)
Power Recharge Speed 10%
Power Damage 30%
Shields 20%

Collector Armor (Nos Astra Sporting Goods)
Shield Regeneration Speed 20%
Shields 20%
Health 20%

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Mar 1st 2014 Guest
you forgot the reckoner-knight armor set
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Apr 6th 2012 Guest
You forgot m29 incisor in cerberus bomb tuchanka:-)
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Mar 27th 2012 StEeZy BoY666
you forgot serrice council armor
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