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Turian Platoon

Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Turian Platoon

Unlockable Weapons and Equipment:
M-9 Tempest (SMG)
Phaeston (Assault Rifle)
Hahne-Kedar Chestplate

Weapon Upgrades:
SMG Magazine Upgrade
Sniper Rifle Spare Ammo
SMG Ultralight Materials
Shotgun Smart Choke
Sniper Rifle Extended Barrel

Enter the planet's orbit and select the appropriate landing zone to start this mission. After landing walk a bit then look to your left to find an SMG Magazine Upgrade. Climb the ladder, take out the husks along the way and pick up the spare parts in the debris along the way. Climb another ladder up. Don't forget to grab the M-9 Tempest along the way as well.

Continue forth until you find some survivors. Take out the enemies then keep attacking the harvester until it leaves.

Rescue mission

Once done, climb the ladder then look back to find a Sniper Rifle Spare Ammo. Continue ahead then grab the spare parts past the turian corpse. Follow the main path next.

You'll find another turian corpse with a Phaeston weapon beside it. Check the alcove beside him to find SMG Ultralight Materials.

Continue forth and jump down the opening. Grab the med-kit along the way then continue to the next battlefield. You'll find more survivors. Take out the cannibals and marauder. A harvester will appear once again with some husks on the ground so kill them quickly then deal damage to the harvester as quickly as possible to force it to leave.

Follow your team mates then jump down the hallway. Grab the Hahne-Kedar Chestplate along the way, then jump down again. As the path turns, you'll find another upgrade. (Shotgun Smart Choke). Continue ahead and a few husks will appear. Kill them, salvage the junk from a turian corpse for some credits then slide using the ladder down.

Continue forth and kill the cannibals. Move ahead and kill more heavy enemies. Keep shooting at the harvester as well until it's destroyed. Pick up some thermal clips then continue moving forward. Grab the medi-gel along the way, then jump down the debris to find a Sniper Rifle Extended Barrel.

Continue to the next large area and prepare to take on several marauders and cannibals. Take cover and don't hesitate to use your grenades and powers to get rid of them. There's a Reaper Blackstar weapon in the middle right of the battlefield but if its too risky, don't bother getting it. Another harvester will appear dig in, kill the enemies or shoot it between its powerful barrage of explosive projectiles until the area's clear. Continue forth until you reach Lt. Victus. This mission is completed but will open up a follow up side-mission.

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Comments for Turian Platoon

3 comments, latest first.
Jan 11th 2013 hannibal666
If you get to the last area and you don't have any enemies you have to restart the mission. it worked for me after i restarted the mission.
ID #241415
Jun 5th 2012 big51mike
i got same thing.i don't know what to do.will someone please help.
ID #149089
Apr 22nd 2012 Guest
I am playing this level on XBox360 and when I get to the last large area nothing happens, I'm stuck down on the bottom level with no bad guys around and no way to get over the final wall.
I know I am in the right place because I found the Reaper Blackstar.
Anyone else have this problem?
I think its a glitch.
ID #136089