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Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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We've got all the sidequests here! Check them out below, they are listed in alphabetical order.

Apien Crest: Banner of the First Regiment
You can find the banner in planet Digeris, in the Castellus system in Apien Crest. Deliver it to the turian officer in the Purgatory to complete this sidequest.

Aria: Blood Pack

First meet up with Aria in Purgatory to start this mission. Next, head to the Presidium Commons and meet Narl in his apartment. Just cooperate with him and you'll get his mercs' allegiance.

Aria: Blue Suns

First meet up with Aria in Purgatory to start this mission. Head to the Docks: Holding Area and find Darner Vosque in the far corner of the area. He'll need you to find a way to deal with a turian general named Oraka and stop the disruptions to his operations. Head to the Presidium Commons to find the general. He's sitting in the courtyard.

He will then mention a black market dealer where he can get weapons from. Talk to Kannik in the marketplace. He'll ask to barter some rare artifacts. You can find these black market artifacts in the Kite's Nest system, inside Vular in the planet Vana. Deliver these artifacts to Kannik to secure a weapons supply to C-SEC, ultimately taking off Oraka from the Darner's operations. This procedure is for paragons; for renegades, you have the option to simply kill him.

Aria: Eclipse

First meet up with Aria in Purgatory to start this mission. Head to the C-SEC office in the Embassies then talk to Bailey. Next, go back to the Presidium Commons and visit the CSEC Outpost there. Talk to the assistant and you'll have a chat with Sederis.

If you're a sane person, you'll probably choose not to release her and find another way to get the Blue Eclipse's support. You have to find Sayn in the Docks Holding Area and convince him to lead the Eclipse instead. Just walk around a bit and this mission will be complete.


Athena Nebula: Hesperia-Period Statue
Head to the bank area and overhear an asari scientist's conversation to open the quest “Athena Nebula: Hesperia-Period Statue”. Head to the Athena Nebula when you have the chance then search the planet Polissa in the Vernio system. Deliver it to the scientist when you return to the citadel.

Benning: Evidence

After completing the mission in Palaven, head to the embassy to find Ambassador Dominic Osoba. Talk to him to start the mission.

Wait until you get another sidequest “N7: Cerberus Abductions” as it will enable you to land on the planet. Once there clear the first wave of enemies in the open area with the turret. Check the ground between buildings 22 and 25, by the concrete pillar to find a Dog Tag.

Return to the Citadel Embassy and talk to the Ambassador to deliver the news. In case you missed the dog tag, check the terminal in the Spectre Office to get some intel about his son. Deliver the news to complete the mission.

Citadel: Alien Medi-Gel Formula

You can trigger this quest by picking up the Failed Medi-gel Experiment in one of the consoles inside the Cerberus Laboratory. When you return to the Citadel after rescuing the turian primarch, you can find Dr. Ravin in the Hospital. Surrender the advanced medi-gel to her to complete this mission.

Citadel: Asari Widow
During the side-mission “Kallini: Ardat-Yakshi Monastery”, you'll find an asari commando corpse before heading out the courtyard to fight a banshee for the first time. Examine the pda to start the mission. Once you've returned to the Citadel, find Weshra in the Presidium Commons courtyard, along the stairs and deliver the message to her.

Citadel: Barla Von

Talk to Barla Von behind the counter in the bank of Presidium Commons. He'll ask you to rescue the Shadow Broker's wet squad lost in Dranek. Head to the Krogan DMZ then fly to the Dranek system. You should find the squad in the planet Rothla. Return to Barla Von in the Citadel to deliver the news and complete the mission.

Citadel: Batarian Codes
Talk to Officer Noles outside of the C-Sec Outpost in Presidium Commons. Next, head to the Spectre office and use the terminal to enable the Batarian Access Codes.

You can find the terminals in the following locations:


Docking Bay D24

Docks: Holding Area

After finding the last console, a batarian will point a gun at you. You have the the option to kill him or convince him to join your alliance. After making your choices, the mission will be complete.

Citadel: Biotic Amp Interfaces

As you enter the hospital wards, you'll encounter an asari looking for improved biotic amp interfaces. This sidequest will be automatically added to your journal.

Take the mission “Grissom Academy” and you should find the Biotic Amp Schematics near the last area of the station. It can be extracted from a terminal along the way so its hard to miss it. Deliver it to the Asari in the hospital in Citadel to complete the task and get your rewards.

Citadel: Cerberus Automated Turret Schematics
You can find the schematics during the mission “Tuchanka: Bomb”. (See the mission wakthrough for more details). Once you have the chance, head to the Presidium Commons in Citadel and look for the C-SEC officer in Courtyard. Hand over the schematics to complete the quest.

Citadel: Cerberus Ciphers
After the attempted coup in the Citadel and after exiting the C-Sec office,  approach the turian talking to a console past the human embassy to unlock the quest. During the mission “N7: Communication Hub”, look for a small console containing the ciphers, in the same platform as the second hacking device. Deliver this to him to complete the task.

Citadel: Cerberus Retribution
Head to the stairs beside the C-Sec outpost and talk to the angry civilians to start the quest. Head to the C-Sec office and talk to Aaron Sommers. Resolve the issue via paragon/ renegade conversation options to complete the quest.

Citadel: Cerberus Turian Poison
Enter the examination room and overhear the doctor's conversation to start this task. During the side-mission “Arrae: Ex-Cerberus Scientists”, you'll find this in the main room with Dr. Brynn, by the microscope near the stairs.

Citadel: Chemical Treatment
Enter the Lab Services area in the hospital after the attempted coup in the Citadel, (check your map) then enter the room on the left side. You should find two doctors discussing. During the side-mission “N7: Fuel Reactors” you'll find the Medical Treatment Plan on a crate in the starting area, near the ladder. You should be able to get this before operating the cranes. Deliver the plans to the doctor to complete this task.

Citadel:  GX12 Thermal Pipe
Talk to Engineer Adams in the Engineering bay to start this mission. Once you have the chance, go to the Citadel and purchase the Egel Thermal Conduit using the Elkoss kiosk by the bank in the Presidium Commons. Return to them twice since it will take time to install the conduit and complete the mission.

Citadel: Hanar Diplomat
Start this quest by talking to Jondum Bau outside the spectre office in the Embassies. Next, enter the spectre office and check the terminal. Enable the hanar tracking. Head to the lobby and find the terminal just outside the office suit. Next, head to the Docks: Holding Area and examine the terminal right outside the elevator.

You can find another terminal in the far end of the docks. Then return to the terminal by the security checkpoint and bypass it again. Return to the Embassy and talk to Jondum. After successfully stopping the upload of the virus to the hanar planetary defense, the mission will be complete.

Citadel: Heating Unit Stabilizers

In front of the C-Sec Outpost in Presidium Commons, you'll find a salarian talking over the phone. Just overhearing him will start a sidequest. (Citadel: Heating Unit Stabilizers ). Wait until you get the mission “N7: Cerberus Fighter Base”. When you're about to disable to defense systems, look for a medical station nearby. The Heating Unit Schematics should be nearby, just above your head. Deliver the stabilizers to Sealle to complete the mission.

Citadel: Inspirational Stories
You'll find Solik Vass in the security checkpoint. Talk to him and agree to find footage for his documentary to start the quest. All the spots are located in the docks so you won't have problems completing this quest.

After getting three favorable footage, return to him to complete the quest.

Citadel: Improved Power Grid

Head to the Purgatory. On your way, you'll overhear a technician mentioning something about an improved power grid. This will automatically add a sidequest in your journal. Wait until you get the mission “N7: Cerberus Attack”. Fight your way to the main console and you should be able to find the Old Grid Schematics on the nearby console. Grab it and deliver it to Alison back in the Citadel to complete the mission

Citadel: Kakliosaur Fossil
After the attempted coup in the Citadel, head to the apartment area to find a salarian scientist. Stick a bit to update your journal and open the sidequest. Now travel to Argos Rho, then check the planet Intai'sei in Phoenix star system. Deliver it to the war strategist later.

Citadel: Krogan's Dying Message

During the mission Attican Traverse: The Rachni, you'll encounter a krogan corpse along the path. Examine his body to get the message then deliver to Ereba in the marketplace of the Citadel.

Citadel: Medical Supplies
After the attempted coup in the Citadel, talk to Dr. Chakwas to receive this sidequest. Go to the holding area once you returned to the Citadel and speak with Tactus in Cargo Bay B. Convince him to trade by using your paragon/ renegade options. Return to Dr. Chakwas in the Normandy's med-bay. In addition to the Medi-gel upgrade, you'll also get a health bonus upgrade by checking Glyph's terminal.

Citadel: Reaper Code Fragments
Go to the embassies and find the asari war strategist in the main lobby to start this mission. Finish some non-priority missions in Rannoch to unlock the item Reaper Code Fragment from the Spectre Requisition. Purchase it and deliver it to the strategist to complete the task.

Citadel: Target Jamming Technology
Approach the turian C-SEC officer talking to the console near Apollo's Cafe to unlock the quest. Finish some non-priority missions in Rannoch to unlock the item “Geth Target-Jamming Tech” from the Spectre Requisition. Purchase it and deliver it to the C-sec officer to complete the task.

Citadel: Volus Ambassador
You can start this quest by reading Primarch Victus' message in your personal terminal. This will available as soon as you return to the Normandy after the attempted coup in the Citadel. Head back to the embassies and talk to the embassy guard near the office suite. Talk to him again to enter the office suite. Play all the recordings when you have the chance.

After playing the recordings, check the bug on the table behind the terminal you used. After the scene, you'll arrive in the Presidium Commons. Find the ambassador in the apartment unit to the left. In your conversation, you'll have the option to save the colony or take the bombers he offered. The task is completed after making your choice.

Citadel: Wounded Batarian

Continue along the hallway of the Presidium Commons and overhear a turian and human talking. This will unlock the sidequest “Citadel: Wounded Batarian” and will also update your Spectre terminal. You can check your terminal first then go to the holding area. Check the makeshift infirmary there and talk to the nurse. You can then shut off his sedative or call the nurse to complete this mission.

Citadel: Medi-Gel Sabotage
Talk to the refugee camp doctor in Cargo Bay B to learn about the sabotage and somebody preaching about Cerberus. Go to Bay E24 to find Conrad Verner. Talk to him to learn about the sabotage and to get a schematics for the Dark Energy Dissertation. Next, you have to repair the three medi-gel dispensers near Cargo Hold A and Bay E28.

Note: If you talked to the doctor and fixed the medi-gel dispensers, you won't get this mission started and you won't get the Dark Energy Dissertation schematics.

Dekuuna: Code of the Ancients
Approach the elcor and asari near the elevator to start this quest. Fly to the Silean Nebula and enter the Phontes system. You'll find the planet Dekuuna there. Scan the planet to find this item then return to the elcor to complete the mission.

Dekuuna: Elcor Extraction
Talk to the elcor ambassador in the embassies to receive this quest. Head to Dekuuna in Silean Nebula > Phontes system. Head there and scan the planet. This can be done alongside Dekuuna: Code of the Ancients task.

If ever you returned to Dekuuna and there's no option to scan or land, just return to the Citadel and talk to the ambassador again; chances are, you already recovered his people.

Kite's Nest: Pillars of Strength

Find the preacher in the Docks: Holding Area. Retrieve the Pillars of Strength from the planet Khar'shan in Harsa, inside the Kite's Nest system.

Hades Nexus: Obelisk of Karza
Approach the researcher sitting in the long bench in the courtyard to start the quest. Once available, visit Hades Nexus and scan the planet Kopis in Hoplos system to find this obelisk. Deliver it to the researcher to complete the task.

Hades Nexus: Prothean Sphere
After the attempted coup, head to the far end of the docks to find a refugee talking to an officer. You'll find the Sphere in Hades Nexus > Sheol > Gei Hinnom. Deliver it to the refugee to complete this task.

Irune: Book of Plenix
Approach the volus near the bank in Citadel's Presidium Commons to overhear his conversation. This will open up another sidequest. (Irune: Book of Plenix)

Go to Aethon Cluster > Aru > planet Irune and scan it to recover the item there. Return to the Citadel to deliver the book to the volus.

Ismar Frontier: Prototype Components
You can start this by overhearing a scientist looking for Prototype Components inside the room across the medical wards. You'll find the Advanced Biotic Implants in Ismar Frontier, in the Aquila system, planet Metaponto.

Nimbus Cluster: Library of Asha
Head to the purgatory and approach the asari military trainer near Aria's location inside the bar to start this quest. Go to the Nimbus Cluster and search the planet Carcossa in the Agaiou system. Deliver it to the quest giver to complete this task.

Shrike Abyssal: Prothean Obelisk

You'll overhear a volus diplomat near the Office Suite in the embassies regarding the Prothean Obelisk. You can find it in the Shrike Abyssal system (which will appear shortly after the mission in Palaven), Urla Rast, planet Talis Fia. Deliver it to the diplomat to complete the mission.

Silean Nebula: Rings of Alune
As soon as you enter the hospital (after the attempted coup), you'll overhear an asari consultant talking over the phone. After getting the mission, fly to the Silean Nebula and enter the Teyolia system. (Take note that this part of the system may only become available after completing the priority mission in Rannoch) Scan the planet Nevos to find this. Deliver it back to the consultant to complete this task.

Valhallan Threshold: Prothean Data Drives
On the way to the hatch leading to Normandy, you'll overhear a soldier's conversation with his superior. This will open this quest. Head to the Valhallan Threshold and search planet Garvug in the Paz system.


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