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Grissom Academy - Emergency Evacuation

Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Grissom Academy - Emergency Evacuation

Unlockable Weapons and Equipment:
M-22 Eviscerator
M-96 Mattock
Mnemonic Visor
Serrice Council Chestplate

Quest Item
Biotic Amp Schematics - Citadel: Biotic Amp Interfaces

Weapon Upgrades
Assault Rifle Stability Damper
Assault Rifle Precision Scope

Continue forth and clear the corridor of enemies to meet up with Sanders. On your way to Orion Hall, you'll find stairs to your right. You'll find the Assault Rifle Stability Damper on the stairs. Grab it and continue forth.

Move along and rescue a student by killing his guards. Move into the classroom and read the analysis review and log on the table to earn a bit of exp. Head to the second classroom and defeat the enemies. Check the corridor to the left and pick up the M-22 Eviscerator on the bench.

Exit to the next hallway and find the M-96 Mattock on the bench as well. Don't go to Orion Hall yet; check out the dead end past where the Mattock is found to find Seanne, the sister of the guy you rescued earlier. Examine her to get her back to her feet. There's also a Mnemonic Visor and a locker containing some credits nearby.

Continue to the Orion Hall and fight off an enemy mech. Defeat all enemies to move on the story.

The bigger they are...

Go upstairs to find an Assault Rifle Precision Scope and a datapad with credits. You'll find the laptop on a bench near the door where you came from. There's a data log beside it as well.

Next, you'll have to find the manual override on the second floor room. Force the door open and continue forth. Clear the enemies and the Atlas then move in to the center of the area. There's a small corridor past the shield pylon where you can find a Med-Kit, a datapad and computer. Continue clearing the area and push forward.

Continue through the newly opened door at the end of the lower ramp then kill two guards in the next hallway. Examine the terminal behind you to get some credits then approach the two students. Continue along the straightforward path leading to the docks. On your way, examine one terminal that contains the Biotic Amp Schematics. Exit to the next room and grab the Serrice Council Chestplate on the bench to your left.

Exit to the next room and kill the engineer. Ride the empty Atlas and use it to cover the students' escape. Keep defending them until the shuttle is ready and the door is open.  Exit and watch the following scenes. Mission complete.


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