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N7: Cerberus Labs

Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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N7: Cerberus Labs

Sidequest Items:
Failed Medi-gel experiment

Weapon Upgrades

Sniper Rifle Enhanced Scope

You'll arrive in Skepsis. There is a wreckage somewhere north which has fuel and you can find the Javelin Missile Launchers (War Asset). Head out to Decoris and scan the small system to find some credits and fuel. When ready, enter Sanctum's orbit and land there. Set up your squad and gear. You'll be asked to enter Disc 2.

Start by taking the stairs to the left then check the floor to your left as soon as you enter the room to find the Sniper Rifle Enhanced Scope mod. There's also a medi-gel a short walk away from it.

Kill the guards then bypass the containment system to grab the Reaper artifact. Before going back to the drop ship, check out the small room beside the stairs to the left to find an active console. Examine the Failed Medi-gel experiment to enable a side-mission. (Citadel: Alien Medi-Gel Formula)

Bring it back to the dropship then locate and fight your way to the second artifact. There's a console near the dropship that will give you credits once activated. Examine it first then go to the console where the second artifact is sitting. Bypass it and kill the enemies who will appear.

You'll need to return to the drop point but your shuttle will need to leave due to heavy fire. You have to clear the area of hostiles before your shuttle can land again. Head inside the lab first, through the left stairs. Another console containing credits should be there. Take cover and take them all out; watch out for the enemies who will arrive from the drop off point as well. Once cleared, your shuttle will finally arrive. Head there and activate it to complete the mission.

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