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(Priority) The Citadel

Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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(Priority) The Citadel

Unlockable Weapons and Equipment:
Recon Hood
M-76 Revenant (Assault Rifle)
M-358 Talon (Heavy Pistol)
M-25 Hornet (SMG)
Securitel Helmet

Weapon Upgrades
Assault Rifle Piercing Mod
Sniper Rifle Extended Barrel
Pistol Piercing Mod
Pistol High Caliber Barrel
Sniper Rifle Piercing Mod

As soon as you land, kill all enemies then talk to Bailey. Head inside and make your way to the lobby. After clearing it out, grab the med-kit and the Assault Rifle Piercing Mod. Bypass the door ahead and enter the locker room. Clear it as well and grab the Recon Hood, then open the door to your left to enter the bathroom. Inside, you'll find the M-76 Revenant. Examine the locker as well for some extra credits.

Continue to the hallway and kill the engineer to the left. Open the latch and activate the power. There's also a Sniper Rifle Extended Barrel on the shelf there, as well as a work bench. Activate the panel to open the door. Take the elevator up.

Exit the elevator and enter the room to the right. Grab the Pistol Piercing Mod on the table. Exit to the hallway and grab the M-25 Hornet from the corpse near the stairs.

From that corpse, take the stairs to the left and enter the room there. Grab the Pistol High Caliber Barrel and Security Helmet on the shelves. There's also a locked room beside it containing the M-358 Talon but ignore it for now.

Enter the office to the right, before the malfunctioning door and look for the active terminal named “Door Control”. Activate it then go back to the previously locked door so you can grab the weapon inside. Once done, continue forth and examine the terminal “Account Details” in the same line of the Door Control terminal  to earn some credits.

Exit through the door and kill the two guards in the hallway. Exit to the next door, then vault over to the kitchen to find some credits inside as well as a medical station. More enemies will appear so take cover and take them all out. Once clear, go to the dining area where the enemies landed to find another medical station and Sniper Rifle Piercing Mod. After grabbing the items, head to the executor's office and watch the following scenes.

After landing, move on and kill the enemies. A new enemy type, called the Phantom will appear. Take them all out and continue forth. After jumping across the other side, more enemies will appear. Take cover and if possible, manually order your allies to use their powers to take out the shields of Nemesis and Phantoms.

As you continue forth, the enemies will seal the door so you have no choice but to take the alternate path. Follow the walkway until you reach a generator. There's some credits you can salvage there then continue along the narrow corridor.

Exit to the other side and take out the remaining enemy forces. When done, just activate the elevator.

During this sequence, you have to shoot the other elevators' power conduits. Enemies will appear as well so dig in and get rid of them. Watch the video below should you need more information.

Elevator action

After this sequence, there will be more scenes. Mission complete.

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