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(Priority) Tuchanka

Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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(Priority) Tuchanka

Unlockable Weapons and Equipment:
Death Mask
Graal Spike Thrower (Shotgun)
M-5 Phalanx

Weapon Upgrades
Pistol Melee Stunner
Shotgun Smart Choke
Pistol Magazine Upgrade

Once you're ready, land on the shroud. During the scene, your options will be known to you. Select your best team and move out. Upon landing, kill all husks and watch the next scenes.

After the convoy stops and you hit the ground. Grab the med-kits, Death Mask, Pistol Magazine Upgrade, Pistol Melee Stunner, Shotgun Smart Choke and the Graal Spike Thrower scattered about.

Once you're finished grabbing the items, talk to the scout to start the mission. You have to navigate your way through the ruins. It will be a challenge to give directions in this place so I'll do my best to lay them out for you.

Continue down until you reach the first hall. You should see two krogan statues in the far left. This hall has two exits. Enter through the left first to find a room with ancient krogan painting. Examine it to get a considerable amount of credits.

Exit the room and take the other exit. Go downstairs to the next hall. There's only one exit here so continue forth. You'll find another ancient krogan artifact along the hallway. Continue forth until you encounter a rachni remains. Examine it then continue upstairs until you reach outside.

Continue forth as more enemies appear. After getting rid of them, cross the bridge and kill more enemies. Continue forth as you make your way deeper in the ruins. You should encounter more enemies and Ravagers. Cross the bridge and you'll see the trucks and the thresher maw pass by.

Jump to the other side and continue to the ruins. More husks and marauders will appear. Take them out and continue upstairs. Check your right and you should find the Assault Rifle Extended Barrel.  Continue to the dunes to trigger the next scene and start the next part of the mission.

Clear out the starting area then go upstairs. You should find the M-5 Phalanx along the stairs as you turn around to the left. Try to cross the bridge but you'll be forced to go down. Now you have to run ahead while avoiding the Reaper's giant laser. Just keep moving and move from cover to cover until the Turian fighter wing arrives. Continue forth and defeat several brutes who will attack you. Activate the two hammers and watch the scenes. Mission complete.

Reaper target practice

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