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(Priority) Cerberus Headquarters

Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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(Priority) Cerberus Headquarters

Unlockable Weapons and Equipment:
M-37 Falcon (Assault Rifle)
Serrice Council Greaves
Delumcore Overlay

This is the final mission so make sure to have a back up game save before moving in. When ready, mobilize your forces.

Once inside the base, take cover and start clearing the launch pad. Stay away from where the fighters launch since they can instantly take out your shield if you're in their path. After clearing the the area, use the ladder up and access the active console.

Head out and kill all the enemies along the way. Make your way to the second control room and activate the controls again. There's a medical station behind so don't forget to grab it as well. Continue forth but before taking the ladder down, enter the room beside it to find a PDA worth credits.

Go down the ladder then release the clamp to blow yourself a new path. Kill the last enemy team in the area and move forward. Grab the M-37 Falcon near the flaming debris. Activate the door when ready.

Continue to the sub-level and take out the Cerberus forces they throw at you. Before climbing the ladder up, salvage some credits and examine the medical station nearby. Climb the ladder up and watch the scene.

You have to option to view the logs or just ignore them. Before moving out, turn around and grab the Serrice Council Greaves. Continue through the wreckage until you reach another sub-level. Clear it out then climb the ladder. There's another video log here you can examine if you want.

In the second room, there's a medical station and some credits here as well. Exit then continue ahead, past the hole and to the second room. Here you'll find a med-kit on the floor and Delumcore Overlay. Further inside the room, you'll find another console with a video log. Check it if you want. Once done, approach the blue-tinted hole on the floor and approach it to proceed.

Continue to move along the walkway and take out the intercepting cerberus forces. Climb two ladders up, clear the path then climb another ladder again until you reach a door. Open it and continue along the path. Examine the PDA and med-kit on the floor. You can also examine another video log on a nearby console.

Continue to along the straightforward path until you reach the Illusive Man's room. Watch the following scenes. Once done, Kai Leng will appear for a final showdown.

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