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Intermission 4 - Citadel

Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Intermission 4 - Citadel

After the commotion, you can now check out the Citadel normally. If you have pending side-quests, you may try completing them now. There are also new sidequests to open.


After exiting the C-SEC office, approach the turian talking to a console past the human embassy to unlock the quest “Citadel: Cerberus Ciphers”

Head to the main lobby and approach the Asari War Strategist to start the sidequest “Citadel: Reaper Code Fragments”

Presidium Commons

Head to the bank area and overhear an asari's conversation to open the quest “Athena Nebula: Hesperia-Period Statue”

Continue along the hallway and overhear a turian and human talking. This will unlock the sidequest “Citadel: Wounded Batarian” and will also update your Spectre terminal.

Head to the apartment area to find a salarian scientist. Stick a bit to update your journal and open the sidequest “Citadel: Kakliosaur Fossil”

Approach the turian C-SEC officer talking to the console near Apollo's Cafe to unlock the quest “Target Jamming Technology”

Approach the arguing C-Sec officer and store owner. You can resolve their argument to increase your reputation a bit. (You can authorize the option to enable surveillance through your Spectre terminal)

Approach the researcher sitting in the long bench in the courtyard to start the quest “Hades Nexus: Obelisk of Karza”

You can find arguing merchants in the marketplace. Like before, give your piece of thoughts to shut them up and increase your reputation. (You can authorize the option to train civilian militia through your Spectre terminal)

Talk to Officer Noles just outside the C-Sec outpost. This will start the quest “Batarian Codes”.  Check the sidequest section of this guide for more details in completing this task.

Find arguing C-Sec officers inside the outpost and barge in to increase your reputation.

Head to the stairs beside the C-Sec outpost and talk to the angry civilians. This will start the quest “Citadel: Cerberus Retribution”. Check the sidequest section of this guide for more details in completing this task.


Approach the elcor and asari near the elevator to start this quest. (Dekuuna: Code of the Ancients)

Approach the asari military trainer near Aria's location inside the bar to start this quest. (Nimbus Cluster: Library of Asha)

Docks: Holding Area

You'll find Solik Vass in the security checkpoint. Talk to him and agree to find footage for his documentary to start the quest “Citadel: Inspirational Stories”. All the spots are located in the docks so you won't have problems completing this quest. Check the Sidequests section for the individual locations of the photo opportunities.

Head to the far end of the docks to find a refugee talking to an officer. This will open the sidequest “Hades Nexus: Prothean Sphere”.

Docking Bay D24
On the way to the hatch leading to Normandy, you'll overhear a soldier's conversation with his superior. This will open this quest. (Valhallan Threshold: Prothean Data Drives)


As soon as you enter, you'll overhear an asari consultant talking over the phone. Stick around a bit to start the quest “Silean Nebula: Rings of Alune”

Enter the Lab Services area (check your map) then enter the room on the left side. You should find two doctors discussing. You'll get a new sidequest as well. (Citadel: Chemical Treatment)

Enter the examination room and overhear the doctor's conversation. This will start a new quest. (Citadel: Cerberus Turian Poison)

Find two arguing doctors. Give your suggestion to increase your reputation. (You can authorize the release of medical supplies in the docks using your Spectre Terminal)

Go to Thane to proceed with the story. You're now ready to leave. Before doing any priority missions, again, it will be worth your time and effort complete the sidequests available and gather new war assets from newly available star systems.


Talking to Specialist Traynor will also open another sidequest (Arrae: Ex-Cerberus Scientists), talking to Dr. Chakwas in Med-bay (Citadel: Medical Supplies) as well as reading Primarch Victus' message in your personal terminal (Citadel: Volus Ambassador).

You'll also receive invitations from your subordinates. You can call them up from your cabin's intercom. These interactions increase your reputation a bit.

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