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(Priority) Thessia

Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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(Priority) Thessia

Unlockable Weapons and Equipment:
Umbra Visor
M-98 Widow (Sniper Rifle)

Weapon Upgrades
Sniper Rifle Concentration Module
Assault Rifle Extended Barrel
SMG Heat Sink

Travel to Athena Nebula then land on Thessia. Liara is a fixed party member for this mission so select one squadmate who will compensate your weaknesses.

After landing, go down the ramp and grab the Umbra Visor near some crates. There's also a supply crate nearby you can open for some credits. Once ready, talk to Lt. Kurin. Use the mounted turret and use it to repel the enemy attack.

After the conversation, you'll be out in the bridge. Take out the enemies on the other side and enter the temple. Head to the courtyard and destroy all enemies. There are a couple of med-kits here so check the area and grab them for extra exp and medi-gel. There's also a heavy weapon called  the Hydra Missile Launcher beside an asari corpse near the entrance to Outpost Tykis.

Once clear, go up the ramp and salvage a terminal along the way for some credits. Bypass the door ahead and continue to the next courtyard. You'll finally see the asari snipers ahead. Head to the courtyard and check the building entrance to the right to find a Broken Shotgun. Salvage it for some credits then continue up and regroup with the snipers.

Once there, you'll find the M-98 Widow sniper rifle beside the asari sniper. Grab it, alongside the med-kit and Sniper Rifle Concentration Module. Take out the enemies below then continue forth until you meet up with a lone survivor from the outpost.

Dig and start clearing the large enemy force ahead. You may want to take out barrier generator on the wall to the left first before concentrating your fire on the banshee. Once cleared, go up the ramp then grab the Assault Rifle Extended Barrel among the debris before the spore pod field. Continue forth and defeat all the enemies, including some harvesters. Once clear, continue to the asari temple.

Near the entrance, you'll find an ammo/grenade cache, as well as a SMG Heat Sink part. Examine barrier controls to the right to proceed. Examine the statue in the center of the hall to continue with the story. You then have to find the hidden connections amongst the artifacts. Just look for the glowing ones. After activating all the connections examine the beacon.

After the scene, you'll have to fight Kai Leng. Deal damage to him and wait until he calls the gunship for support. You can shoot the gunship until it's driven away. Continue dealing damage to Kai Leng until the fight ends automatically. Watch the remaining scenes until the mission is completed.

Bitter fight

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