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(Priority) Mars: Prothean Archives

Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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(Priority) Mars: Prothean Archives

Unlockable Weapons and Equipment:
M-92 Mantis (sniper rifle)
Ariake Technologies Gauntlet
M-4 Shuriken (sub-machine gun)
Kassa Fabrication Chestplate
M-23 Katana (shotgun)
M-15 Vindicator (assault rifle)

Weapon Upgrades
SMG Scope
SMG Ultralight Materials
Shotgun High Caliber Barrel
Sniper Rifle Extended Barrel
Sniper Rifle Concentration Module
Shotgun Shredder Mod

Upon landing in Mars, level up your squad. Head to the first objective point then jump down. Grab the M-92 Mantis nearby. Continue forth and you should see a group of enemies ahead. Take them all out. Continue forth to the base then activate the elevator.

After the scene, more Cerberus assault troopers will appear. Take them all out. Level up Liara and save your game. Grab the medi-gel behind you then find the vehicle lift controls nearby. The elevator is sabotaged so it won't work; just ignore it. After lifting the vehicle, take the ramp and climb up the crates then jump over to the other side.

Open the door then take out the enemies inside the room. Continue forth then enter the control room. Grab the Ariake Technology Gauntlets, M4-Shuriken and medi-gel. Activate the security console nearby afterward.

Exit through the door then climb down the ladder. Grab the Kassa Fabrication Chestplate beside the ladder. Climb up. Continue inside the cafeteria and examine the datapad on the floor, right before the stairs for some extra exp.

Assault troopers will peek through the window. Take cover and take them all out. After clearing them, check the food counter beside the stairs to find an SMG Scope.

Vault over the broken window and check the small control room. Grab the medi-gel and restock some grenades and ammo then activate the Environmental Controls.

After the scene head out through the door and pick up the SMG Ultralight Materials beside the dead soldier. There's also another datapad on the bottom of the stairs. Examine it for some extra EXP. There's a work bench nearby which you can use to upgrade your weapons. For now, both of the upgrade components you got so far are for SMGs so put them on the M-4 Shuriken I if you want.

Continue upstairs and open the door. There are unwary enemy troops ahead so you can just lob a grenade at them to maximize damage. New shielded troops called Guardians will also appear. Take cover and just shoot their exposed legs and feet to deal extra damage.

Fight your way through the narrow corridor until you reach the decontamination room. Activate the sterilizer controls to make them stop when they're in the corners then grab the Shotgun High Caliber Barrel, Sniper Rifle Extended Barrel and medi-gel inside. There's also a datapad you can examine. Exit through the door then follow the path.

Grab the M-23 Katana on the floor beside another dead soldier. There's an auto-turret ahead. You have to run and move from cover to cover to avoid getting shredded to pieces. Once you've reached the turret's blind spot, enter the control room and clear it of enemies.

Auto-Turret Obstacle Course

Grab the medi-gel and Sniper Rifle Concentration Module inside. Activate the auto-turret controls to trigger the next scenes.

Once back in control, order your team mates to take cover on different locations, preferably flank the entrance of the tram. Wait for the enemies to disembark then take them out. Once cleared, ride the tram and activate the controls.

Halfway through, a bomb will stop the tram. Another tram filled with enemies will intercept you. Clear them out then hop to the other tram and continue forth. More enemies will be waiting ahead. Engage and kill them all. Order your team to spread out as the enemies can easily corner you if you stay inside the tram. Guardians will eventually appear and will press forward so take them out quickly using biotic powers and grenades.

Once the area is cleared, check lockers in the far end of the room to find the M-15 Vindicator and Shotgun Shredder Mod. Check the booth as well to find a Medi-gel. Open the door for another scene.

After the scene, you'll have to chase the enemy. Don't bother shooting her as you won't be able to kill her anyway. Just keep the distance until another scene is triggered. Mission complete.

Auto-Turret Obstacle Course - Chase

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