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(Priority) Palaven

Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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(Priority) Palaven

Unlockable Weapons and Equipment:
M-97 Viper (sniper)
Armax Arsenal Shoulder Guard
Hahne-Kedar Greaves
M-27 Scimitar (Shotgun)

Weapon Upgrades

Pistol Magazine Upgrade
Pistol Piercing Rounds
Assault Rifle Piercing Mod
Assault Rifle Magazine Upgrade
Sniper Rifle Spare Ammo
Sniper Rifle Enhanced Scope

The Turian Primarch is located in Menae, Palaven's moon. Don't worry since the star system, Trebia, doesn't have any Reaper activity nor war assets. Its two neighboring star systems, Gemmae and Castellus however, both have War Assets which you can easily recover. (Check the War Assets section of this guide for the list of war assets you can find on each star system.) Once ready, upgrade your gears or purchase new weapon mods then land there. You'll have to insert Disc 1 to continue.

Once you've reached the LZ, help the Turian soldiers clear out the enemies. Once done, continue to the camp.

Once you've reached the command outpost, grab the Medi-Gel near the entrance and the M-97 Viper I. There are also some datapads here that you can examine for extra exp and credits. You'll find the commanding officer a few steps away from the Viper weapon. 

After the conversation, check out the crates to your right to find another datapad and Pistol Magazine Upgrade. In the station beside that you'll find Armax Arsenal Shoulder Guard and Pistol Piercing Mod. There's also a work bench on the same station that will allow you to enhance your weapons on the fly.

Continue forth and you'll find the barricade leading to the Comm tower to your left. Before moving out, check the station nearby to find Hahne-Kedar Greaves, a datapad and a Med Kit. Just across it, on the ground beside the metal barricade are the M-27 Scimitar and Assault Rifle Piercing Mod.

Once done, exit the command post and head to the tower. Destroy all the husks that will appear and examine the communications tower. You'll then have to choose which team member should repair the tower. Defend the tower against a swarm of husks that will pour in. After the tower is repaired, hold your ground and keep killing the husks. Once the general advises you to return head back to the outpost.

After the scene, head to the airfield and defend it against waves of husks and marauders. Once done, don't forget to pick up the Assault Rifle Magazine Upgrade. There's also some scrap you can salvage to the right for some extra credits.

Return to the outpost then head to the main barricade. Use the mounted turret to take out the enemies. Hold  your ground until a new enemy appears. This heavily armored enemy is slow and its attacks are predictable so you shouldn't have problems taking it down. Just remember to evade while its charging and order your team mates to concentrate their powers on it.

Enter, the Brute

Continue along the path and you should find a datapad on the ground as well. Take out enemies along the way until you reach some friendlies. There is a Med-Kit, datapad and Sniper Rifle Spare Ammo on the ground. Grab them as necessary.

Continue running until you reach the camp. Kill the initial flock of enemies then grab the Sniper Rifle Enhanced Scope on the ground to the left, beside a Med-Kit. There's also a Reaper Blackstar weapon beside an ammo cache to the right.

More enemies will appear, including marauders, cannibals and brutes. Clear them all out then approach General Victus to move on with the story.

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