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Y7 P2 L1: The Thief's Downfall

Lego Harry Potter: Years 5-7 Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Year 7 P2 - Level 1: The Thief's Downfall

The guys don some disguises, then it's an underground joyride sequence...

The ride sequence is very, very easy. Just keep shooting until you've shot five red switches, then turn right at the winding turn.

Now we've got a dragon in our way. Make sure you don't touch the dragon by the way. Start off by going to the bottom center area and use WiLe on the green device.

Cutting edge

Then use WiLe again to build the pink plate. Use it with Hermione. The move to the upper left area. Use WiLe to move the hammer and smash it to the iron ball beside the dragon. Then pick up the key and use it on the brown bull-cart below.

Break It

WiLe again to activate the bull-cart. Then ride it and manuever it to the glowing area beside the dragon. Enter the next area.

Use RED to shoot four metal rocks.

Crest 1

Griphook character token:
Use Dark Wizard on the signal on the right side and place it to the sticky wall. Move the Weasley box and use it to climb the sticky wall.


After the magical scene, were back on track...

Go up near the upper right area first. Use WiLe on the swords on the wall.

Sword Dance

Next up, go to the upper left area and keep shooting the cage until it breaks.


Put out the fire with AGUA, then use Hermione to step on it. The bird will appear and drop a feather, use WiLe to move it in front of the snake's mouth. Then WiLe again to build the mechanical hand. Now use WiLe yet again to build the dropped items into the puzzle box. Use Harry to solve the puzzle. Touch the dropped item to make a path upwards. Then touch the cup on the black table. Use WiLe to build a device on the left.


Now use Griphook and make him use his key on that built device. The switch to Ron and use DELUM to get the light from the lowered lamp. Go to the upper right area and transfer the light to the lamp with the vines.


Use Griphook and make him step on that same platform and hold down B to use the key. Use Hermione to walk up on the formed cups in the topmost area and use the plate.

Use Dark Wizard on the music box on the left side area.
Hermione (Gringotts) character token:
Use Dark Wizard on the claw and place the head on the stand.
Bogrod character token:
Use Dark Wizard on the chest and the scroll on right side area.
Use Dark Wizard on the cage on the right side.
Pull the handle on the crate to get SPECS. Use the SPECS to build the skull and shoot it.

Harry and the guys were betrayed, crap! Well that's life..

Walk up and there's a burning pink plate. Remove flames with AGUA, then use Hermione on it. Use WiLe on the pickaxe and lift it up to the chain above, then use it to hit the purple points in the ice. Then use WiLe to move the chain. Go to the left and move the other chain. Switch to Bogrod and walk to the left. Step in front of the device on the right of the chain and use the key. While still using Bogrod, go back to the device beside the rightmost chain and use the key.


Use Ron and DELUM to pick up the light and transfer it to the leftmost chain.


Switch to Bogrod again and use the key on the device. Then use WiLe on the chain.

Pull the handle on the box to get the SPECS, then use the SPECS to build a firepit, then turn the handle.

Dragon mode activate!

For the dragon sequence, use Harry to make the dragon shoot fireballs below and to maneuver your way. Use Hermione to shoot the goblins on top of the balcony above. The last one may take some time to show up and stubbornly keep hiding. Just wait for him to pop up and blast his hide.


After the flying sequence, back at the woods...

Go to the top left, use Diffindo on the red wall and then WiLe to build a box. Then open the box with WiLe. Now use Ron to open the Weasley box and make a rocket then shoot it. Use WiLe on the destroyed rocks to build the apparate panel and teleport away.

Albert Runcorn character token:
Use WiLe on the fishing pole to pull out of the water.
Dragomir Despard character token:
Behind the red wall.

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Comments for Y7 P2 L1: The Thief's Downfall

7 comments, latest first.
Apr 23rd 2014 Guest
One of my goblins appeared on the ground so look around!
ID #377851
Feb 19th 2014 Guest
Where is the dark balcony? I can't find it, or the stupid goblin won't come out!
ID #356918
Jul 9th 2012 Guest
What worked for me: I changed characters to one on the other side of the car. Works like a!
ID #162259
Apr 28th 2012 Guest
I'm stuck on the ride. I'm hitting my final red light but the color isn't changing to green. What can I do?
ID #137723
Mar 9th 2012 Guest
AFter you explode the wall of stones with the Weasely box, go back up towards the first campsite. Hit the three bull-like animals to get the Remus Lupin character token
ID #121679
Jan 16th 2012 james lee hine
How can i get red brick 11 please help thank you
ID #106491
Jan 5th 2012 Guest
go bsck up the path and to the left up the hill to the first camping spot you camped at on the cliff and get the patronus to get 'james potter gost" token
ID #103229