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Student in Peril

Lego Harry Potter: Years 5-7 Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Student in Peril

We've collated all of the Student in Peril locations found throughout LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7 onto this handy page. Why not print it out and use it as your checklist to get them all.

Year 5, Level 1 - DARK TIMES (120,000)
Use Dark Wizard on grate in ravine

Year 5, Level 2 - Dumbledore’s Army (47,000)
Use Dark Wizard on keg

Year 5, Level 3 - Focus! (35,000)
put out flames in fireplace

Year 5, Level 4 - Kreacher Discomforts (60,000)
use Reducto on metal door and shoot spider

Year 5, Level 5 - A Giant Virtuoso (100,000)
use Weasley box

Year 5, Level 6 - A Veiled Threat (35,000)
Dig up on right side area

Year 6, Level 1 - Out of Retirement (81,000)
Use Dark Wizard on second level to gain access Weasley box. Use Weasley box and climb sticky wall on right side area of second level. Apparate to left side area of third level and use Diffindo on student in box. Use WiLe to put box back together.

Year 6, Level 2 - Just Desserts (65,000)
Use puzzle cabinet to build gargoyle

Year 6, Level 3 - A Not So Merry Christmas (60,000)
Use fire engine to put out fire on the left. Fix broken machine

Year 6, Level 4 - Love Hurts (35,000)
Use Dark Wizard on cart next to pet tunnel.

Year 6, Level 5 - Felix Felicis (45,000)
Use Weasley box and use WiLe to empty trash can

Year 6, Level 6 - The Horcrux and the Hand (35,000)
defeat death eater in right corner next to Hagrid's garden

Year 7-P1, Level 1 - The Seven Harrys (97,000)
Use Lumos on shed

Year 7-P1, Level 2 - Magic is Might (50,000)
use Dark Wizard on elevator door

Year 7-P1, Level 3 - In Grave Danger (36,000)
use Dark Wizard on grate on right side area

Year 7-P1, Level 4 - Sword and Locket (35,000)
Use Hermione's plate to get jump mushroom and jump up and use Dark Wizard

Year 7-P1, Level 5 - Lovegood's Lunacy (35,000)
Use Lumos to free at the end of the road

Year 7-P1, Level 6 - Dobby! (64,000)
use Reducto on metal object near pet tunnel

Year 7-P2, Level 1 - The Thief's Downfall (110,000)
Use Dark Wizard on cage on right side area

Year 7-P2, Level 2 - Back to School (51,000)
Hanging from ceiling, use Aguamenti

Year 7-P2, Level 3 - Burning Bridges (50,000)
Use Dark Wizard on object after dig spot and water plant

Year 7-P2, Level 4 - Fiendfyre Frenzy (80,000)
Shoot swing near row of armor

Year 7-P2, Level 5 - Snape's Tears (65,000)
Save from Death Eater on right side area by troll blocking exit

Year 7-P2, Level 6 - The Flaw in the Plan (50,000)
Use WiLe to move safe and use key access

Knockturn Alley
Use Dark Wizard on cauldron next to Borgin and Burke's

Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes
Trapped in cobweb on ladder

Madame Malkin’s
Right curtain on upper level

Leaky Cauldron
Cobweb in rear

London Road
Shoot red trash can next to subway entrance

Use WiLe on sink in diner kitchen

Use Deluminator to free from back of tent

Water plant on left side area near owl

London Train Station
Hanging from clock

Hogsmeade Train Station
Use Hermione's plate and WiLe to move object

Train Station Path
Use Lumos to open chest next to gate

Path to Hogsmeade
In trash can

Use Deluminator to move light from left side area to lamp above frozen student

Small Courtyard
Use Deluminator to move light from rear lamp to right front lamp

Herbology corridor
Left side area of Herbology door

STUDENT IN PERIL: fill jar and water plant.

Use WiLe on armor on right side area of staircase

Use Lumos on plant near Hagrid’s hut

Use Lumos and WiLe on tree on upper level near first Thestral

Use Dark Wizard on gate

Use Hermione's plate to get pool. Fill pool with water.

Academy Staircase
Use Diffindo on chest

Dorm Corridor
Use parseltongue on cabinet next to Slytherin door

Use Dark Wizard in Ravenclaw entrance

Put out flames in fireplace in Gryffindor Common Room

Main Classroom Entrance
In locked cabinet to the right of Potions

Dark Arts Classroom
Hanging from balcony

Potions Classroom
Cobwebs next to parsel cabinet

Charms Classroom Left
Put out flames near stairs

Charms Classroom Right
Shoot “H” tapestries then shoot Slytherin tapestry

Garden Courtyard
Water plants to the right of stairs

Shoot cup pyramid next to water cooler

Use parsel cabinet to raise trap door in rear Dorm Corridor

Great Hall Entrance
Use Deluminator to move light to vine in front right

Requirement Corridor:
In cobweb on left side area

Great Hall
Under cover in left rear

Weasley Courtyard
Use Reducto on metal object under bridge to build sticky wall. Use Weasley box to climb sticky wall and shoot tapestry

Use Dark Wizard on cabinet

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Comments for Student in Peril

12 comments, latest first.
Dec 3rd 2013 Guest
Where is the student in peril in the burning bridge walkway in hogwarts, not the level?
ID #324970
Aug 30th 2013 Guest
Hey, Xstlady3! You'll see it's quite easy. As soon as you've reached the death eater, standing in front of the troll who's blocking the way, in the right corner, aim at that death eater (if you're playing on a PS3, hold the "square" button). If you're aiming at him, a circle appears, as you may know. Then just let go and you'll hit him. I'm quite sure it doesn't matter what spell you use, but if you want to be on the save side, use Avada Kedavra (that's the green one, next to Wingardium Leviosa). The spells available to buy are just for fun. They aren't actually of any use. I hope this will help you out. Good luck!
ID #307502
May 17th 2013 Xstlady3
How do I rescue students and wizard in "Snape's Tears?' Tried as Bellatrix, all spells: should there be one I have to buy? Please advise!
ID #283329
Apr 16th 2013 Guest
whats the weasley courtyard?
ID #274820
Nov 17th 2012 Guest
To be a dark wizard in the non-level parts you have to use the polyjuice potion in the Leaky Cauldron to turn into a dark wizard.
ID #209414
Oct 7th 2012 bunnywaster
I had 60/60 students in peril and only 199/200 gold bricks, then i found another student in peril but they are still saying 60/60 and 199/200, is there something else i've forgotten?
ID #192710
Jul 6th 2012 Guest
i have 99.9% i keep searching ive found four and they havent included in my count i need one more for 200 gold bricks so frustrating please help is there like a common forgotten one?? i have one on every stage as the little picture with the student comes up, i have 200 characters, bonus level complete etc its just this keeping me .15 :(:'(
ID #160952
Mar 22nd 2012 Guest
The store room is on the far right side of the Weasley Courtyard.
ID #125192
Feb 15th 2012 Guest
where is the store room?
ID #115313
Feb 5th 2012 Guest
You can go to any cauldron and select any potion you've learned to make during the story. Once you've learned the polyjuice potion you'll be able to use it to select any character you've unlocked.
ID #112371
Feb 2nd 2012 Guest
How do u be a dark wizard in the non-level parts? Plz answer as soon as possible! Smile thanks
ID #111551
Jan 8th 2012 Guest
Very helpful but I wish it was more descriptive like what part of level and what not
ID #104158