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Y5 L4: Kreacher Discomforts

Lego Harry Potter: Years 5-7 Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Year 5 - Level 4: Kreacher Discomforts

Lots of stuff to shoot and collect in this house. Take note of the blue shields on top of the rooms, use WiLe to move them. To progress in the story, use WiLe on the door knocker on the left side of your starting point, use WiLe again to build the stove. Then using WiLe move the cake to the table. Pick up the item from the flying gnome, attach it to the door. Shoot the armor blocking the door and exit.

Arthur Weasley character token:
Shoot five wreaths hanging on the walls.


If you use the orange handle in the previous room, another area with a crest opens up.

Hit the cabinet near the bed, then use the apparate panel. Break the crate and open up the chest.

Crest 3

You can't climb up the stairs yet. Just use WiLe to move the glass faces in the paintings beside the stairs so you can climb up.

If you shoot the locked door in the previous area, there will be another area.

Use Dark Wizard magic on locked cabinet in the previous area to get ladle. Use Diffindo to gain access to the puzzle box. Use DELUM to move light to the right rear lamp, then shoot the dishes on the table.

Crest 4

Switch to Harry. Equip his invisible cloak and walk across the moving painting. Use WiLe to move the blue shield on top. Shoot the yellow cabinet. Build the curtain pull using WiLe, then pull it down. Switch to Hermione, solve the simple puzzle box and get the door knob. Go back down the previous area.

Kreacher character token:
Use Dark Wizard on the object next to the curtain.

Put the door knob in the door below. Enter the room.

You will be teaming up with Sirius Black in the next sequence. He actually has RED which is nice. What you need to do is collect three puzzle pieces and put it in the green puzzle. Use WiLe on the clock on the right for the first one. Use Harry to open the colored puzzle box in the right side to get the second one.


Finally, shoot the vase near the painting on the left and dig up using the pet spell to get the last piece. Once all pieces are complete, move it to the wall using WiLe. Now shoot the locked chest on the floor near the door. Using WiLe pick up all 3 pieces and move them to the corresponding colored blocks on the wall.

Use WiLe on the blue shield on top of the door, if you managed to move the other 2 shields from the two previous areas, you'll get this piece.
Sirius Black character token:
Fill up tank with water.

Knock off the vase from the table in the previous area, then dig up the piece. Stand in front of the painting and use RED on the trap door.

Use RED on the metal door and hit the spider.
Use Diffindo and then WiLe to open the chest behind the red wall.

Cue another cutscene, then back to the academy.

Just follow the ghost again. Then you will be reunited with your friends.

In the next room, you need to equip the white spell EP (Expecto Patronum) to blast the dementors. There is a dementor in the front of the fireplace, shoot him with EP. Go to the far right side, equip Lumos  to scare away the vine, then WiLe to pull down the lever, then shoot the dementor with EP.


Near this area there are 2 dartboard-like objects in the upper right part, shoot them. Build a jack-in-the-box using WiLe, turn the handle, then blast the dementor. Now go to the upper left area. Use WiLe to move the ball in the pet tunnel. Make your pet craWiLe through it and press the red object, then exit the tunnel. Pick up the key and use it to open the box nearby, then EP the dementor. Move to the lower left area. Solve the puzzle box with someone who can decode shape-puzzles, use WiLe to build bellows, jump on top of it, then hit the dementor with EP.

Patronus Charm and GOLD BRICK unlocked.

Silly cutscene ensues, then onto the academy once more.

Just follow the ghost trail across the academy, which will leads you to Hagrid. Dig up the digsite using your pet. Then use WiLe to move the water sprinkler to the right area to grow the flower. Shoot the flower. Switch to Hagrid, equip his crossbow and shoot the bird holding the flower in the upper area. Shoot the flower as well. Use Hagrid to pull the handle in the tree. Hit the flower inside. Now use WiLe to build a fan, then ride it upwards to go to the upper level.

Grawp enters in the next cutscene and takes Hermione. Shoot the bushes on the left side near the road entrance. Use your WiLe to build a bugle.

Daily Bugle

Use WiLe to build a blue box, then still using WiLe carry the yellow duck to the top of the box.


Ride the duck. Then just use WiLe to build the accordion and play it. Grawp befriended.

Adorable Hermione scene takes place. Then back to the garden.

Just follow the ghost studs until you reach a locked door with Snape waiting outside. Simply shoot the brown chest nearby on the left side, pick up the item and give it to Snape.

Some flashback scenes happen next.

Now you'll be using a young James Potter and friends. Move up ahead. Simply WiLe the crests and put them on the wall. Move the sword with WiLe and use the key to open the door. In the next room just shoot all the cabinets to reveal someone hiding inside. Follow the corridor to the right and exit on the door in the end.

In the outside area, switch to any character that has the pet spell. Dig up all 3 sandboxes and use WiLe to build shears.

Cutting through

Now using WiLe move the shears to the tree branch where the wizard is sitting on top, this will cut the branch. Prepare for a duel.

Apply the basic duel process – just follow the opponent's spell color then hit him. Then mash the corresponding button during the spell exchange.

Vintage Duel


Vintage Duel

FOCUS and GOLD BRICK unlocked.

After the fight, back to the future.

Follow the ghost across the academy until the next cutscene is shown.

Use FOCUS on person on left side. Broom in the item at the left foreground area.

This segment puts you in the shoes of George and Fred. Go to the lower left part and open the Weasley box. Use WiLe to build the hammer and smash the gate. Continue to the right. Now use WiLe to reveal the cauldron in the center of the garden. You need 3 ingredients this time. They are easy to find. First go to the lower right part, shoot the red object to get an ingredient. Move to the middle top area and hit the knight armor to get another one. The last one is on the stairs to the left before the courtyard, shoot the flowering pot hanging on top of it to get the ingredient.

Hang it

Once complete, drink the potion. Go to the bars on the left side of the armor and pull away the handle, inspect the Weasley box to acquire the Weasley sticky trainers. Wearing the sticky trainers, go to the upper right area and climb up the Weasley wall. Use WiLe to open the bars and inspect the Weasley box, then use WiLe to build a rocket and shoot the wall. Continue ahead. Move to the right area past the fountain. Wait for the Weasley wall to move up, then climb up on it. Open the Weasley box on top of the roof. Drop down and use WiLe to create a garden that opens the door.

Use WiLe to raise up the sticky wall and climb.
Charley Weasley character token:
Use sticky trainers to climb up the left wall.

Move to the upper right area, shoot the cabinet on the right. Build a lamp using WiLe, then attach the lamp to the sparkling area up ahead.


Pull down both lamps with WiLe to open the door. Shoot the yellow picture hanging on top to reveal an item, pick it up and place it on the table. Hit the cabinets on the left, build a tube using WiLe, then place it on the right side of the table. Go down to the lower left area and keep shooting the cage until it breaks. Pick up the green object and put in on top of the table.

Arthur (Torn Suit) character token:
Shoot the cabinet on the right side of the area.

Weasley boxes and GOLD BRICK unlocked.


Funny classroom scene occurs, then back to using Harry.

Follow good 'ol ghosty again while exploring your heart out. Do take note of the Weasley boxes this time around.

Large Courtyard

Use Weasley box and climb up the vine.

Another cutscene shows up and the next level follows.

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Comments for Y5 L4: Kreacher Discomforts

9 comments, latest first.
Jun 10th 2020 Tbone1970
AFter the moving painting, there is another set of stairs going up blocked with a box. I shot the box and can now climb but in the next scene, I cannot climb any higher due to blockage at the top. How do I get around this?
ID #775776
Nov 27th 2012 Guest
how do we build the lamp?
ID #213181
Nov 19th 2012 Guest
When you play as George and Fred, how do you drink the potion?! Is the cup hidden where pets are supposed to dig... Cuz all they seem to have is that honking thing...
ID #210416
Nov 12th 2012 lillypop
i am stuck where you get in trouble with pro umbridge and when hermimionie shows pro umbradge the D.A letter and then you have to looking for gwarp
ID #207979
Jan 22nd 2012 Guest
[color=purple][/color] The part when you playas George and Fred you have to find the house symbols, Where is the Gryffindor symbol?
ID #108526
Jan 8th 2012 lilacpanda
You can't fill the tank or get to the attic with Buckbeak on your first play through. You have to come back with Dark Wizard characters for the attic and after learning Aguamenti for the tank.
ID #104261
Jan 3rd 2012 Guest
What about the very top floor once you close the curtains on Mrs. Black and shoot the metal blocking the stairs, when you get to the top, if you pan over there is buckbeak on the bedroom floor and two apparate spots in hallways but I can't seem to get up the stairs there is furniture blocking the path. So how do I get up there?
ID #102584
Jan 2nd 2012 Guest
how do you full the tank with water, so that you can get the sirius character?
ID #102084