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Y5 L1: Dark Times

Lego Harry Potter: Years 5-7 Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Year 5 - Level 1: Dark Times

Press X to shoot destructible objects, it will auto-lock on destructible items. When you hold down X, the pink target symbol will show up which objects can be shot.


Shoot the bushes and other destructible objects to get coins. Press Y to interact with the environment. Press Y to ride the swing and see-saw, shake them to get coins. Press A to jump. Jump up to ride the trampoline. Press and hold A while bouncing on the trampoline to jump higher. Climb up to the slides to get coins. Press B to use WiLe and move objects.   Press Y to switch characters. Switch to Dudley. Press X to make Dudley roll. His roll can destroy objects. Roll on the bushes to destroy them. Using Dudley, press B near the gate handle to open it. Hit the dumpbin to get items. Have Dudley to pull the orange bar in front of the car. Use WiLe  to build the bridge.


Use Dudley to pull away the gate handle again. Shoot the two carts above the ledge. Use WiLe to move the lego parts and build some stairs.


Jump up the stairs, shoot the lights above the entrance to get coins.

Dudley (Grey Top) character token:
Use WiLe to attach the handle to the merry-go-round and move the bushes in front of the gate. Using Dudley, pull the handle on the merry-go-round.

Dudley Grey

Crest 2:
Dig up the Weasley Box and use it to climb the sticky wall.

Crest 3:
Use Diffindo to create the tractor, then maneuver the tractor over 5 patches of grass.

Use Dark Wizard on the grate in the ravine.

Collect 1

Collect 2

The ghosts in this part are endless, just let one of them touch Dudley.

In the flying sequence, just follow the trail to get coins and hit the floating buoys. 

Hitting Buoys


Crest 1: Hit five floating buoys.

You are all now down in the park. Kingsley has the powerful spell Reducto (RED). Press X to shoot RED, this can destroy silver lego parts. At the left and right side of the stairs in the background, there are two sprinklers. Use WiLe to rotate the sprinklers and grow flowers, shoot the flowers to get coins.


At the upper left side of the park, use WiLe to move the purple objects to the to the white-glowing items, this will build two saws that will cut the tree and free the first person. On the lower left side, Use WiLe to build the cart and free the second person. Beside the gazebo, use RED to blow up the cabinet. Then use WiLe to create the hammer and lift the hammer up to the gazebo roof to free the third person. Next up, use WiLe again on the statues in the middle to free Mad-Eye.

Mad Eye

Pick up Mad-Eye's staff on the right side of the fountain, bring it back to him. Exit at the gate behind, switch to Mad-Eye, use his staff on the orange circle.


Elphias Dodge character token: Fill up the can near the bench on the left area.
Crest 4: Fix the Yellow Sweeper and sweep up five sweeping points.

Arthur has RED and he can repair blue lego parts. Shoot the wheeled desks to make them spin and give coins.  Use WiLe  to move the candles on top of the fireplace and move the hat hanger. As Arthur, press B to fix the blue material near the dark fireplace.

Building Floo

Now use WiLe to build the floo network in front of the dark fireplace. Press B to activate the floo network and teleport to the other side.

Continue ahead, there are coins on the top of the fountain. Next up, use WiLe to turn the valve beside the fountain and build a paper plane.

Valve Turn

Fly the paper plane afterwards. Enter the opened gate.

For this area use your WiLe to light up the lamps above. Switch to Arthur, fix the blue steel bars. Then use WiLe to free the toad and give it to the wizard. Finally use WiLe to build the elevator wheel and attach it at the elevator in the back.  Move the wheel to finish this level.

Elev Wheelie


Arthur (Suit) character token:
Use Dark Wizard on elevator.

Diagon Alley
Continue following the blue studs. Use WiLe to open the barrier. Enter the next area for various places.

Mundungus Fletcher character token:
Walk down a little along the road, then shoot the first table on the left.


Gold Bricks:
Turn left to the hidden alley.

Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes

Stuck in the cobwebs. 

Madame Malkin's

Madame Malkin character token:
Hit the clothes rack.
In the right curtain at the upper floor.
In the left curtain at the upper floor.

Leaky Cauldron
Similar from the previous game, this is the area serves like your homebase. You can replay completed levels and do some funstuff here. Lots of collectibles to find here as well.


Mrs. Figg character token:
On the second floor. Exit via the right door. Enter the second door on the left. Located on the left area of the theater room.

Hestia Jones character token:
Shoot red stools on the left area and jump upwards.

Shoot the cobweb at the rear.

Move the cups to the counter on the left side.


London Road
Simply use WiLe to open the subway entrance.

Use WiLe to move the guitar on lower left area.
For Gold Brick Detector. Use WiLe to empty trash into garbage truck on lower right area. Go back near subway entrance and put red brick in glowing area.

London Subway Station
Go down past the conductor. Use WiLe on the blue booth to purchase tickets.


Give the tickets to the conductor then ride the train.

Waitress (Treats) character token:
Completely destroy the newsstand.
Hanging poorly from the clock. Just shoot it.
Muggle Orphan character token:
On a left corner, shoot the yellow material hanging on a wall.

Muggle Orphan

Watch the cutscene and you will now be at the train station.

Hogsmeade Train Station
Just exit at the central door.

Station Guard character token:
Use WiLe to fix the 5 lamps at the train station.

Station Guard.

Use WiLe on the clock hanging over at the gate.

Follow the blue studs path down the road. There will enemies wearing mushroom caps popping up from the ground, hit them with X before they get close and damage you. Shoot the flowers on the left side of the wagon. Pick up the wheel, then attach it to the wagon.

Left Wheel.

Move the bushes with WiLe on the right path beside the wagon, follow the path and use WiLe tp pick up the second wheel. Put it in the wagon then ride away.

There will be a cutscene once you enter the Griffyndor Common Room.

This is a huge area of exploration. Just follow the ghost trail in each area while exploring as much as you can.

Griffyndor Common Room
Pick up the flower and give it to the student. Use WiLe to move the tapestry.

Hermione (Ball Gown) character token:
Hit the bookshelf, then use WiLe to build the stairs. Climb up the stairs.
Harry (Pajamas) character token:
Use WiLe to pick up the dart on the right side, aim it at the mirror then press up or down to make it spin and shoot the mirror.
Ginny (Pajamas) character token:
Shoot the the painting with a juggler inside, located near the exit.

Dorm Corridor

Shoot 8 tapestries situated above the corridors.
Ron (Blue Pajamas) character token.
Switch to Hermione and follow the symbols to open the puzzle cabinet.
Past the cauldron there is a cabinet with S symbols. Switch to Harry and follow the correct color combination


There are 6 torches in this area, light them up with WiLe.
Use WiLe on the knight statue on the lower right of the main stairs
Susan Bones character token:
On the lower left part there is a knight statue beside the door, use WiLe on him.

Main Classroom Entrance

Hermione (Cardigan) character token:
Go all the way to the right staircase past the main door in the center. Follow the path up to reach a chess set, then play chess using WiLe.

There will be another cutscene and you will be in the classroom.

Dark Arts Classroom
Go to the lower middle area of the screen, use WiLe to build the cauldron. Now you need to search for the three ingredients needed for the cauldron. Get the shovel located on the desk near the cage on the right and give it to the student in the lower left area, he will give you an ingredient. For the second ingredient, use WiLe to clean the cobwebs on the lower left area to pick it up. Then for the final ingredient, go to the cage on the right side, shoot the black object beside it, hit it again and the final ingredient will be dropped.

Third Ingredient.

Once the recipe is completed, Drink the potion. Go to the cabinet on the right side and pull it open. Use WiLe to build an airplane.
At the left area of the classroom, hidden behind the stairs.
Hanging from a balcony on the lower left area.

Pets, Invisibility Cloak, and Lumos unlocked.

A cutscene occurs.

Switch to Hermione or Ron, Hold Y to open your menu and choose your pet. As a pet, enter the blue cylinder maze on the upper left area. Go up and follow the coins to get the key. Pick up the key and open the door.

Pet is the Key.

Go downstairs and exit on the lower left.

Chase the student below and shoot him. He will drop a ladle. Pick it up and give it to the student upstairs. Now use your WiLe to open the lion-symbol door.

Follow the path to the right. Equip Lumos from your menu, then use the light to scare away the vines covering the door.


Academy Grounds
Simply follow down the path and use Lumos to exit through Hagrid's garden.

Drink strength potion to pull away the handle in Hagrid’s garden.
Use Lumos on the plant near Hagrid’s hut.

Now you will be partnered up with Luna. Follow the path upwards to the right. Shoot the plant on the right side twice. Then use WiLe to open up the tree and build a fishing pole.


Lift up the fishing pole and point it at the pond in the center. Wait until you catch a fish. Pick up the fish and give it to the thestral. Go down and jump across the river. Hit the mean plant twice. Enter the wooden log. Shoot the plants and use WiLe to open up the yellow plant. Jump up to the upper level.


Shoot the plants again, this time they will give you a chicken drumstick, offer it to thestral. Use WiLe to open up the tree near the cliff. Drop down the cliff then shoot the plants at the back. Use WiLe to build a bridge.


Cross the bridge and hit the enemies. Walk up past the thestral. Hit the plant beside the poison marsh twice. Then use your WiLe to open up the tree and it will give you a fish. Offer it to the thestral.

Use both Lumos and WiLe on the tree at the upper level near the first thestral.
Luna (Blue Jumper) character token:
Use WiLe to open the tree near the entrance.

Thestrals and GOLD BRICK unlocked.

Cute cutscene happens next.

Just follow the arrow, backtracking all the way up to the academy.

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Nov 12th 2018 EannG
So as both Harry Potter Legos has been re-released as a remastered combo set, I’ve been working back through it on my new console. I had already done years1-4 on Xbox 360 but never got 5-7. This site was VERY convenient to double check to make sure I wasn’t forgetting anything during my “reruns” in free play; the chapters were organized efficiently and included the rerun POI’s at the end each chapter walkthrough - SO convenient. So I stuck with this site for double checking myself on years 5-7 but found it to be a hot mess. There are locations where the site lists all the collectibles for that area, but the game tells me there are more collectibles than the site lists. I lost track of how many many areas this occurs. And there are way more character token to find than the site provides locations for. Another example, in reading through the Y5L1 walkthrough page, it gives the location for the “first crest” (not the blue crest or the yellow etc) and then a few paragraphs la
ID #767524
Apr 4th 2015 Guest
At the Ministry, have a Dark Wizard use the Imperius curse (yellow) on the guard with the question mark over his head. You can then turn the soda machine into a cool levitating scooter thing.
ID #537855
Dec 31st 2014 kat2283
How can I find a dark wizard
ID #493684
Dec 30th 2014 Guest
We are stuck in the forbidden forest and need to find all three therestrals! We can't the mean plant either! HELP US!😀😀😀😀😀😀
ID #492798
Jul 28th 2015 Guest
I'm stuck there as well. Please can someone help.
ID #590329
Oct 10th 2014 Guest
Um how do I jump to the upper level after I shot the plant and I have blue jumper Luna. Help !! Please !
ID #456851
Jul 8th 2014 Guest
How do you fill the can in the park??
ID #414371
Jun 1st 2014 Guest
how do you drink the potion in the classroom.
ID #392510
May 23rd 2013 Guest
To close the curtains you must sneak past with Harry's invisibility cloak. There is something that you can shoot on the other side that will reveal the pieces for the curtain. Use Wile on it and the other person will do the same from the other side to close the curtain. Hope this helps!
ID #284788
May 7th 2013 Guest
hw to save.....? plz tell
ID #280832
May 2nd 2013 mija
PLEASE someone help!!!!!!!!!! I don't know what to do next in game, (from above message), is anyone out there?
ID #279415
May 1st 2013 Guest
hi yah, how do you close the curtains?!, am in year 5, am at the black house, have just "delt" with creature in the kitchen, now am following him to reach Sirius, BUT!!!! have reached Mrs Black, got the token from the cupboard creature left it in, how do I get past Mrs Black holding the token?, is it something to do with the curtains?, how do I pull or fix the curtains?, or what do I do from here?!
ID #279363
Apr 4th 2013 lousdawg333
I'm trying to get the first blue Crest in Dark Times but I can't seem to control my broom to hit the floating buoys and its driving me crazy!! Please help!!!
ID #270361
Mar 25th 2013 Guest
how do you get a key to open the box`s
ID #267295
Mar 21st 2013 Guest
Where is the mean plant after you have given the thresal the fish?
ID #265696
Feb 4th 2013 Guest
if you jump while riding a therestal, it will start to fly and u control it like a broomstick
ID #250257