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Y6 L5: Felix Felicis

Lego Harry Potter: Years 5-7 Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Year 6 – Level 5: Felix Felicis

Go to the right, then fill up the water container. Then shoot the plant on the right twice.


Go back and move up to the evil plant. Use WiLe on the jars located on the right of the plant. Enter the room.

Go to the upper right part. Then move three colored jars and brush them on the plant and on the wall.

Brush off

Shoot the plant that comes out of the wall twice. Go out. Now go to the bottom left-most area and use Lumos on the vines. Enter the area. Use WiLe on the water jar and spray it on the left wallflower.


Enter the left room. Shoot the lock on the cage. Then shoot the plant twice. Go out and keep shooting at the evil plant until it's dead. Enter the next area.

Use WiLe on five yellow flowers.
Professor Sprout character token:
Use RED on the metal object in left room. Use SPECS to build a box. Destroy the box. 
Use key access in the left room.

Continue downwards. Shoot the rocks with RED and walk up the log.

Hagrid scene happens here.

Use Lumos to move the plants away.


Then use WiLe to build the machine.  Go downhill and shoot the brown mole.


He will keep showing up on top of the rounded mole digsites, shoot him multiple times. Fang will be unlocked and the cauldron will appear. Now for the cauldron items. First up, go down to the bottom right area and use Diffindo on the red wall to build the cart and get the first item. Second, pick up the flower behind the cauldron. Then, go to the lower left area from the cauldron. Get the last item and put it in the cauldron. Build the first part of the machine and place it in the machine near the spider. From the giant spider, go to the right and use WiLe to move the bushes away. Dig up using Fang.


Pick up the second machine part and complete the machine. Jump up on it.

Hagrid character token:
Use Dark Wizard to move the rocks off the pink plate, then use Hermione's plate to get the box and shoot the box.
Use Dark Wizard to move rocks off of the digsite. Dig up and build a scarecrow.
Use Dark Wizard on three cobwebs.
Use the Weasley box and use WiLe to empty the trash can.

After the next scene, this level is almost finished....

Follow the ghost path again until the story progresses.

For Fast Dig, use SPECS to build the rock pile.
Professor Grubbly-Plank character token:
AGUA the plants on the right standing stone.

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Comments for Y6 L5: Felix Felicis

16 comments, latest first.
Jul 30th 2013 Guest
I can't find the second part needed to build the machine to kill the mole!!
ID #301408
Jun 8th 2013 danayas1996
Thank you this helped so much! 😄
ID #288732
Dec 5th 2012 Guest
The stairs that are activated with cords and the ones with the aguamenti curse are different from the ones below where Dumbledore is waiting to take Harry to the cave. We have yet to figure out this set. Any help would be appreciated.
ID #215429
Mar 3rd 2016 Guest
Aguamenti is not used as a curse the only curses are avada kedavra crucio and imperio the rest are charms defensive and if you were a true Harry Potter fan you should know the rest like me
ID #638345
Sep 28th 2012 Guest
i cant shoot the mold
ID #189623
Aug 14th 2012 Guest
My little brother was wearing Spectroscopes and used Aguamenti on the stuff on the wall to get up the stairs after the Felix Felicis level. I don't know if that helps or not; don't know a lot about the game.
ID #176041
Aug 5th 2012 Guest
I can't go down the dang hill

ID #172549
Aug 5th 2012 Guest
He's right
ID #172545
Jul 8th 2012 Guest
on one of the stair cases there is stuff to break and you end up with a bell over the players shoot the bell and the stairs come
ID #161753
May 21st 2012 Guest
I tried this with NO luck. they just fall to their death. any other suggestions please??????????
ID #144139
Apr 29th 2012 Guest
okay. i did it! there's no WAY this is how it's supposed to happen:
grab your second controller.
use harry and jump on the railing closest to the "stairs."
try to jump to the right-hand column.
as soon as you do, jump onto the "stairs."
use the other controller and activate 2nd player mode.
repeat with whomever.
walk to the cords and (using BOTH controllers) pull the cords with WiLe.
it works but i think there must be a bettre way. there's NO WAY a 10yr old would have figured this out!
ID #138097
Apr 29th 2012 Guest
i'm lost too. no cords and i can't find any info anywhere. 1 hour looking around hasn't helped. starting to hate this game now.
ID #138055
Apr 18th 2012 Guest
Same problem.. There arent any cords like previous scenes with the stairs
ID #134729
Mar 16th 2012 Guest
At the top of those stairs, the person you are playing pulls down on the right cord. The other computer player pulls on the other one and that will change the stairs.
ID #123553
Jan 24th 2012 Guest
My boys are having the exact same problem. Since you posted the above comment, has anyone come back with an answer or have you managed to figure it out yourself?
ID #108918
Jan 1st 2012 Guest
after this level, you follow the ghost up some stairs but part of the stairs are not connected. can you tell me what you need to do to make the stairs join up? we're totally at a loss
ID #101429