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Y7 P2 L4: Fiend Fyre Frenzy

Lego Harry Potter: Years 5-7 Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Year 7 P2 - Level 4: Fiend Fyre Frenzy

Shoot the stacked cauldrons on the right end to start the cauldron search. First up, head to the left end. Shoot the table with the flower on top. Dig up the first item. Go to the right side of the painting and use Hermione's plate. Then WiLe to move the brush upwards and clean the cobwebs above. Get the next item. Finally, use Ron to open the Weasley box and build another rocket. Then use WiLe to bring that item to the wizard painting. Pick up the last item. Move ahead. Use Hermione to solve the puzzle box and WiLe to build the cross platform. Then use WiLe again to move the cross platform to the stacked books on the right. Jump up and get the SPECS. Drop down to build the catapult and use it. Move ahead. Use DELUM to get some light from the left lamp.


Transfer the light to the lamp on the bottom right area. Then continue ahead.

Shoot the swing near the row of armors.
Use Dark Wizard on the cage and use AGUA on it.

Harry's back...

Go to the right and shoot the right-side of the weighing scale three times.


Pick up the blue tube on the left-side of the scale. Place it on the tunnel on the left. Use WiLe to move the center piece of the tunnel to the proper position. Use your pet to cross the tunnel.

Use WiLe on the three chests and build dancing skeletons. One in the first area, two in this area (the last one is behind the dragon.)
Shoot the dragon and pull handle, then turn the handle on the music box.

Our heroes gets in danger again...

Burning Library
Shoot away the fires with AGUA while jumping across to the right side. When the dragon destroys the path, use WiLe to make your friends jump across. Then switch characters and use WiLe on the gap again to help your friend cross the platform. Continue to AGUA and jump your way across. Shoot the glowing part on the left end, then use WiLe to build the stairs. Go upstairs. The lion destroys the path this time. Put out fires and jump across. Then use Ron on the Weasley box and build, surprise, another rocket! Jump across again. Shoot the brown cabinet. Then Diffindo the red wall, and use WiLe to make a ladder. Climb up.

Use Dark Wizard on the cage.
Gregory Goyle character token:
Use your key access .

It's time to save some friends..

The next sequence involves flying and some platforming. Press Y to ride and land. Just land on the top left platform first. Then use WiLe to build the airplane. Ride it.

Blue Wings

Hit all the items on that same platform and use WiLe on all the items to build the tank, then fill it up with AGUA. Ride the broom and land on the top right platform. Shoot everything and use RED to destroy the silver part.

Silver Surfer

Solve the puzzle box using Harry. Then use WiLe to build the tank and AGUA to fill it up. Fly to the center platform. Use WiLe to make a tank and fill it up with AGUA.

Tom Riddle character token:
Land on the front left platform, then use WiLe on the chest and build the bed. Jump up.
Harry (Brown Jacket) character token:
Repair the machine on the front right platform.

Witty Hermione steals the show, and dragon is dead. =)

Follow the trail as usual, then on to the next level...

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Comments for Y7 P2 L4: Fiend Fyre Frenzy

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Aug 27th 2013 gamegirl123
please :(
ID #307013
Aug 27th 2013 gamegirl123
I accidently came back after crossing using the car now whenever I use wile to raise it, the friends don't jump across. please help me.
ID #307010
Jan 6th 2013 Guest
You ride them to the different platforms.
ID #238900
Jun 5th 2012 Guest
what do you do on the brooms in the library??
ID #149074