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Y7 P2 L5: Snape's Tears

Lego Harry Potter: Years 5-7 Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Year 7 P2 - Level 5: Snape's Tears

Quickly fill up the water tank using AGUA. Then use WiLe to put out the big fire on the left. Then use the Weasley box with Ron. Climb up the sticky wall. Go the far left and use WiLe to build a hand. Then use WiLe again to attach the hand to the left side of the gears on the left. Enter the broken gate and make your way all the way down. There are enemies on the way so keep shooting. You will meet the troll at the bottom. Shoot the statue in the center. 

Solid Shot

Use Hermione's pink plate. Then use WiLe to build the catapult. Shoot the catapult to hit the troll. You need to hit him three times. He will call reinforcements, so be ready and keep blasting away. If there is an enemy shielding the troll, wait until the trolls smashes the enemy himself, then he's open for the catapult shot. Once he's knocked down, use WiLe to attach the platforms to the wall and jump up. Continue all the way down and to the right. Switch to Harry and use the invisible cloak to make your way past the troll with the weapon.


Use Diffindo on the red wall, and WiLe to make a music box. Finally use Ron on the Weasley box and WiLe to move the item to the troll and beat him.

Save from the Death-Eater on the right side by the troll blocking the exit.
Fenrir Greyback character token:
Use Dark Wizard on the object by the sticky wall.
Use Dark Wizard on the winch at the upper level area.

Crest 1 and Fenrir

Death Eater character token:
Use the key access.
Use Dark Wizard on three objects; first on the upper level area near the winch, second near the troll, third to the left of the troll blocking the exit.

Snape's tears scene, almost there...

Use Lumos on the vines covering the anchor on the right. Then WiLe the anchor upwards to the ceiling. Use WiLe again to build the reeling gear and open the gate. Move ahead. Switch to Hermione to solve the puzzle box, then use WiLe to build the wrecking boat. Drop down to the pool and use your WiLe to build the fan. Ride it up. Go to the upper left area and use Ron's DELUM to get some light from the lamp.


Then go the right side and transfer the light to the vine-covered lamp.

Lightly Now

Pick up the item and put it in the device in the lower right area. Fill it up with AGUA. Then use WiLe to move the pumps. Pick up the barrel and bring it to the top center area where Snape is lying down. Use Harry's FOCUS to shoot Snape's cloud and give the barrel to him. 


Professor Snape character token:
Use your Lumos to move the vine, then move the anchor up and build the winch. Turn the winch, then use Dark Wizard on the fish.
Pull up the handle to right of Snape.
Repair the machine behind puzzle box on the left.

Snape gets melodramatic, and were off to our final detour at the academy..

Follow the ghost trail first, then ride the stone statue that you will meet at the academy grounds and continue ahead.


After the long Harry scene, the journey comes to an end..

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Comments for Y7 P2 L5: Snape's Tears

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Jul 9th 2019 MichealJackson.w.
wOw. mE aND mY bRo jUsT sAcRaFisEd rOn wIth tHE wAteR sPeLl. HEE HEe
ID #772843
Nov 26th 2015 Guest
The student in peril is trapped under some debris, and I got rid of it, and now he's just knocked out and won't be rescued??
ID #628649
May 8th 2015 Guest
Where is snape's cup?
ID #553495
Aug 11th 2013 Guest
How do you get the blue crest . i see the arrow but i can't figure out how to get it
ID #304165
Jul 23rd 2013 Guest
howtonulock cruciu
ID #299681
Jun 26th 2013 Guest
On the wii the catapult won't work and I don't know how to get it to work. Please help!
ID #292969
Jun 6th 2013 Guest
Awsome game! It's a got to play game!
ID #288249
May 12th 2013 Guest
I got past the troll fight on my wii without it crashing when using Hermione, but when I started putting out fires it crashed AGAIN! I've tried lowering the quality and looking on other websites and that didn't help. You can unfreeze the wii by unplugging it and plugging it in again, but how can I prevent the game from crashing?!
ID #282247
Apr 21st 2013 Guest
My wii version freezes right before the troll part.. any suggestions of how to fix this.. im a big HP fan and was so happy but then it froze and froze my tv too.. HELP!
ID #276364
Mar 20th 2013 Guest
What item are you so posed to get
ID #265628
Nov 5th 2012 Guest
I don't know that I have any detectors turned on and I keep crashing, too. I'm a novice player - how do I turn them off?
ID #205721
Apr 22nd 2012 BOULALAMAN
oh it mean wingardium leviosa i get it.
ID #135865
Apr 21st 2012 Guest
WTF IS WiLE?!?!?!
ID #135446
Apr 20th 2012 Shockstar
OK phew I worked it out, I turned off all of my detectors (crest, character token etc) and hey presto no crashes!
ID #135112
Apr 20th 2012 Shockstar
My wii version keeps crashing when I'm fighting the troll with the catapult. Any tips to avoid this?
ID #135105
May 8th 2015 Guest
I can not find the mug can you help?
ID #553494