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Y6 L1: Out of Retirement

Lego Harry Potter: Years 5-7 Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Year 6 – Level 1: Out of Retirement

Dumbledore's back in action, great!

Go to the bottom-right area, use Lumos on the vine. Then use WiLe to build an apparition point.


Use Dumbledore on the apparition point. Once on the other side, use RED to shoot the gate lock. Then go to the top left area of the house and activate the lawnmower, which opens the gate for Harry. Once Harry can go in, go to the top right area and use WiLe to open the garage and build a cauldron. Item hunting again. Shoot the flowers in the garden in between the house and the garage for an ingredient. Then, go to the left area of the house, use WiLe to move the hose and get another ingredient.


Lastly, shoot the fountain in the middle, then use WiLe to make a bird fountain and get the last ingredient. Drink the potion, then open the door.

Slughorn (Pajamas) character token:
Hit five gnomes. You need Dark Wizard and a key access to complete this.
Use your Dark Wizard to get the SPECS. Then use SPECS to build shears, use WiLe to have shears trim the bushes next to the gate.

Crest 1

Repair the tractor and run over five grass points.

Crest 2

Milkman character token:
First dig up the pink plate with your pet. Then use Hermione's plate to the get flower pot, then shoot the flower.

Use WiLe to move the piano and the two doors in front.

Cutscene happens, then you're working with Slughorn this time.

You need to find three pictures and put them on the cabinet on the left. Use WiLe to fix the light on the right side and move chandelier up to the ceiling to get a picture. Next up, switch to Slughorn, equip RED and shoot the silver pieces at the background.

   Use WiLe to make a table, then pick up the picture. Finally, hit the fireplace on the right, then use WiLe to broom the dirt, then get the last picture.

If you use Dark Wizard on the door on the left side of the previous area, it opens a secret area:

Dumbledore (Cursed) character token:
Hit the tub and shelf above the tub. Shoot the bubbles and build the toilet tank, then place the tank on the toilet and flush it.
Fill up the tank with AGUA.

Long cutscene, then back with the gang.

First, shoot the flying green stuff on the stairs. Climb up and hit the bulls-eye mark inside the clown's mouth.


Switch to Ron, enter the opened tent, use the Weasley box. Use WiLe to attach the rocket to the zipline in the lower area, it has a glowing mark. Drop down. WiLe again to move the box to the top of another box, then exit the area.

Use your Dark Wizard on the second level to gain access to the Weasley box. Use the Weasley box and climb up on the sticky wall at the right side of this floor. Apparate to left side of the third level and use DIF on the student in the box. Finally, use WiLe to put the box back together.
Use DIF on the left side of the third level to create the rubber ball, then ride the ball across the wall.

Espionage scene kicks in, then back at Diagon Alley.

Follow the ghost trail while picking up collectibles. Make your way down the subway station.

London Subway Station
Simply ride the train once you're done with the area.

For Score x4, just use DIF on the red object behind the train platform.
Dudley (Shirt) character token:
Above on the pet tunnel.
Above on the pet tunnel.

Hogsmeade Train Station
Just pick up the SPECS at the red box,

then use WiLe to build the armor and the hammer. Then exit out.

Spectrespecs and GOLD BRICK unlocked.
Keep following the dirt-road while getting your stuff along the way. When you reach the locked gate, pick up the SPECS on the box at the right side of the gate. Then WiLe to build the items around the gate.

XRAY vision

Enter the gate.
James Potter (Young) character token:
Use the potion to pull out the orange handle.

Follow down the path of our friendly ghost.

Academy cutscene occurs.

Follow the ghost studs until you reach the Main Classroom Entrance. Just head to the right area from the entrance, and pick up the SPECS at the box. Go back to the entrance, use WiLe to create and attach the two objects on the left and right side of the entrance. Enter.
In front of the Potions room.

Dark Arts Classroom
Cauldron hunting once more. The cauldron is at the upper right part of the room. Go to the upper center area, there are wizard displays on top. Move all three of them to their proper areas to get the the first item.

Cut in Half

Next, go to the lower left area, use WiLe to build a box and get the SPECS.


Move to the right and use WiLe to make a cabinet. Hit it and use WiLe again to move the firewood and get the next item. Then go down to the bottom-right area and solve the puzzle box with Harry for the last item.

Charity Burbage character token:
Free four  frogs in the Potions Classroom.
Stuck at the cobwebs next to the puzzle cabinet .
In the alcove on the left side area.

Draught of Living Death and  GOLD BRICK unlocked.

Magical scene takes place, back with the gang.
Academy Staircase
Follow the ghost trail again, until you'll notice he leads you to an impossible trail that drops to the abyss below. Just head back down, go to the red-glowing area, pick up the nifty SPECS, go back up near the door, then use WiLe to build the magic staircase, voila! Walk up the stairs. Diffindo the door, then use WiLe to create a bell. Hit the bell to make it create another set of stairs. Switch to Ron, climb up and use the Weasley box. Use WiLe to attach the rocket, then climb up. Using WiLe, pull down the ropes to bring the stairs up. Very straightforward level.

Ernie Prang character token:
Open up puzzle box on landing above Dumbledore's Office.
Use DIF on the chest.
Hiding behind the red wall on the second landing.
Zacharias Smith character token:
Behind the red wall on the second landing.

Cue vintage scenes, now you take control of Dumbledore and Mrs. Cole.

Very linear area again. Use Mrs. Cole to open the locked door. Use her again to operate the elevator at the upper right area. Switch to Dumbledore, use his WiLe to move and attach the object.


Switch back to Mrs. Cole, once Dumbledore get back down use WiLe to build another object. Use Mrs. Cole to open the gate. Enter. Have Dumbledore climb up and WiLe the object, then switch to Mrs. Cole to move the elevator. Switch to Dumbledore again. WiLe the next object, then drop down. Use WiLe yet again to build the door. Pass through. Finally, use Mrs. Cole to open the door above.

Slughorn vial and GOLD BRICK unlocked.

Scenes, scenes, scenes... then back to Harry.

Follow the ghost trail all the way to the outside. When you reach the gate, just use Harry's yellow spell FOCUS to shoot the cloud on top of the guy's head. Then shoot the gray rocks below on the right, pick up the item and give it to the guy at the gate. Keep following the ghost past the snowy path. Once you arrive at Hogsmeade, enter the big house.

Road to Hogsmeade

Fred (Winter) character token:
Shoot the wagon on the road.
George (Winter) character token:
Shoot the tree on the path.

For Score x2, Use SPECS to build snowman near the left exit.
Harry (Winter) character token:
Shoot seven icicles on the tavern.
Dean (Winter) character token:
Dig up the left digsite in Hogsmeade.
Seamus (Winter) character token:
Dig up the right digsite in Hogsmeade.
Marietta Edgecombe character token:
Jump atop the safe on right side area.
Parvati Patil character token:
Hit the wagon on the left side area of the tavern.

You've reached the next level.

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Aug 9th 2018 Awood3
How do you fix the tractor?
ID #763930
Aug 15th 2015 Guest
I know where it is for iPad in weasleys Magic shop and
In first game on half blooded
ID #598422
Mar 7th 2015 Guest
I have the same problem. Dumbledore Siw when the elevation close
ID #525409
Feb 13th 2015 Guest
I cant find the gnomes I have one left found the one on the porch in the safe by the fountain and by the specs = (
ID #515625
Sep 10th 2014 Guest
trying to figure out how to get the crest in hogsmade.
ID #446499
Apr 6th 2013 Guest
I'm stuck on the joke shop part. The Weasley box is almost seethrough and so can't be opened! Please help as this is Driving me mad
ID #270954
Feb 15th 2013 Guest
It helped a lot thanks
ID #254504
Jan 18th 2013 Guest
when you go to shoot the cloud its not with the yellow spell its the white on to the right of the yellow spell
ID #243998
Jan 1st 2013 Guest
Okay, so at the last part where Ms. Cole has to open the door, I'm pressing and holding the correct button but the screen just jerks to the side and the door won't open. Please Help!
ID #233794
Jul 17th 2012 Guest
How do you start the lawn mower to open the gate for Harry?!?!?!
ID #165323
Jun 3rd 2012 Guest
Does anyone know how to keep Dumbledore from dying on the elevator? He gets in and as soon as the gate closes he dies!
ID #148584
May 29th 2012 Guest
Am I the only one having a glitch with the Harry (Winter) token? One of the icicles isn't breaking no matter what I try.
ID #146746
Apr 13th 2012 Guest
The Weasly box in the joke shop does not work for me when I try to use it how do I get to use the box.

ID #132877
Apr 13th 2012 Guest
I cant use the Weasley box because it wont let me how do I use it
ID #132875
Mar 7th 2012 Guest
Dumbledore keeps dying on the elevator how do i keep him from dying? HELP!!!
ID #121105