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Y7 P1 L1: The Seven Harrys

Lego Harry Potter: Years 5-7 Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Year 7 P1 - Level 1: The Seven Harrys

Cauldron time yet again. For the first item, use WiLe to move the shade on the right and move the three jars hiding behind it.


Pick up the item from the plant. Next up, shoot the lock on the refrigerator at the top left, then pick up the item. Use Arthur, go to the lower left area and fix the vacuum.


Use WiLe on the vacuum to make it drop the item.

Enter to the left opening to reveal another area.

Straighten up three pictures on the wall. One is on this area, two are in the previous area.
Use Lumos on the shed.
Use Lumos on the shed, then use WiLe to build a wheelchair. Ride it over the hose.

Crest 1 and 2

Cutscene with the Seven Harrys, then we have Hagrid helping us...

This time we have a motorcycle instead of a cauldron. Use Hagrid, go to the lower center area and pull the orange handle at the right side of the trash can. Pick up the part and put it in the motorcycle. Fill up the tank on the upper right side with AGUA. Move the tank and the hose to get the other motorcycle part. Lastly, Use WiLe on the tree at the upper left-most area to get the final part. Off we go!

Mad-Eye Moody character token:
Dig up the key next to the car, then use key to turn on the light. Now use DELUM to move light from right to left lamp. Use Dark Wizard to open the garage door and build a rocket. Fill the rocket with AGUA and jump on the plunger.
Shoot the fountain and dig up a gnome. Place the gnome next to other gnomes.

Just follow the story trail at the tunnel sequence.

Use Ron and equip DELUM to get the light at the upper left area of the room.

Light up

Go to the fireplace, then press B to transfer the light to the lamp hanging beside it. DELUM unlocked. Switch to Hermione, step on the plate in front of the fireplace and press B. Hermione's Bag is unlocked. Exit out.

Another ball takes place, now action...

Burning Ball
Shoot the object next to the yellow balloon at the upper right, then use AGUA to stop the fire.


Then use WiLe to build a water balloon. Now move the balloon using WiLe and place it in top of the big fire at the right.


Move ahead. Use AGUA to put out the fires on top of the pink plate. Use Hermione to step on the plate and press B. Then WiLe the pickaxe and carve the iceblock at the top right. Use WiLe on the ice swan and place it on top of the big flames to the right. Walk to the right. Put out the flames on another pink plate and step on it again with Hermione. Fill up the tank with water and use WiLe to move it on top of the flames to the right. Switch to Ron, use DELUM to get the light on the lower right lamp.


Transfer the light into the cake.

Build up three dove cotes, then shoot them.
Ron (Wedding) character token:
Use Dark Wizard on the gift and build the apparate panel. Apparate and use SPECS to make a cello.
Hermione (Red Dress) character token:
Pull the handle on the keg.

Apparition unlocked

Cutscenes, and were back at London.

London Road
Mary Cattermole character token:
Use AGUA on the picture of the yellow brick on the right side area.
Mafalda Hopkirk character token:
Use AGUA on picture to the left of the yellow brick in front of the phone booth.
Rufus Scrimager character token:
Use DELUM to transfer light to the front of the store on right side area.

Enter the diner.

Diner Battle
Boss fight this time. Just use WiLe to build a shield and hide behind it. Wait until they throw an item at you, then use WiLe to grab it, then hold up to shoot it back. When they are stunned, jump out of your cover and shoot. If your friends manages to stun them, jump out and shoot away as well.

Blue men

Petunia Dursley character token:
Use the chalk on the chalkboard on left side area.
Petunia (Green Coat) character token:
Use WiLe on the clocks on the right side area.
Use WiLe on the sink in the diner kitchen.
Vernon Dursley character token:
Clean up the dishes and put them away in diner kitchen.
Waitress (Luchino) character token:
Turn on the radio in diner kitchen.
Dudley Dursley character token:
Cook chicken in diner kitchen and put it on the table. Fill up the mug at the back of diner and put on table.

Hermione figures out something, then back to London Road...

Follow the trail, then the next level is up ahead....

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Comments for Y7 P1 L1: The Seven Harrys

4 comments, latest first.
Apr 5th 2014 Guest
I pull the orange handle at the trash can ,but nothing appears. Can someone help me?
ID #371555
Nov 24th 2013 Guest
In Umbridge's office two people need to spin the sword at the same time to make a second key appear
ID #321634
Aug 30th 2012 Guest
i want to meet buildinger
ID #181503
Apr 10th 2012 Guest
Try as I may,third crest at the fountain appears for a few seconds then disappears, I cannot get it to stay. It is the last crest of the game. Very frustrating. Have tried everything. Any help is appreciated.
ID #131839