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Y6 L4: Love Hurts

Lego Harry Potter: Years 5-7 Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Year 6 - Level 4: Love Hurts

The level starts with another cauldron area. First pick up the sheet on top of the table behind Ron's sofa, place it on the piano. Fill up the water jug with AGUA. Get the next music sheet on the left side of the same table, put it in the piano and play it, then you'll get the first item. Next up, go to the fireplace on the left and use WiLe to move the knobs for the second item. Then use RED to blast the silver item at the table on the right.

Silver shot

Drink the potion. Use WiLe to build the deerhead display located at the sofa, then place it on top of the fireplace. Now shoot the silver chandelier with RED. Pick up the item and plce it inside the cabinet. Using your WiLe, open the cabinet and move the stuff inside.

Use RED on the wall under the painting, and then use the key access.
Ginny Weasley character token:
Turn the knobs in the fireplace. Then put out the flames and dig up.
Professor Slughorn character token:
Use the orange handle on the chest and build the skeleton.

Draco has a devious plan, so let's kick his butt!

The Draco duel is very basic and easy, since he only shoots one spell at a time and far in between. It's really a silly fight.

After the duel, go down and shoot the rightmost toilet stall.


Then go to the upper right area, Use Ron's pet to enter the pipe.


Then fill up the water container.

mineral water

Use WiLe to move the pipe, then build a dynamite, and place it in the toilet stall that you opened.

Pull the handle on the sink and ride water the upwards
Use Dark Wizard on the cart next to pet tunnel.
Draco (Suit) character token:
Use Dark Wizard on the cart next to the pet tunnel, then use DELUM to move light to the lamp over sinks at the left area.

Duel Draco for a rematch. Just do the same thing at the last duel. Well he changes spell colors faster this time, just take note of that. Otherwise, still a simple fight.

Once he's done, cutscene takes place and now you're off with Ginny...

Oh it's a cauldron again, great! Shoot the silver object near the starting point with RED for the first item.

silver bullet

For the second item, use Diffindo on the red wall at the top-left area. Use WiLe to build stairs, then climb up to get the item. Now for the third one, use AGUA to fill up the water tank, then use Ginny's pet to climb up the pet tunnel.


Grab the potion and pull the handle at the top right. Continue ahead, shoot the first silver object that you'll see with RED, then use WiLe to build the chandelier. Use WiLe again, to knock off the Weasley box, open the box using Ginny. Then WiLe the item to move the pipe. Move up ahead. Have Ginny use another Weasley box, then WiLe to build the rocket. Shoot the metal object on the top-left with RED.

shoot red

Use WiLe to build instruments. Move ahead. Go to the top-right. Simply use Diffindo to cut the red wall, then WiLe to build the anvil, and move the anvil to the right-side chain of the curtain. Use AGUA to fill up the tank on the left side.

Use Dark Wizard on the harp to put the wizard in the painting to sleep.
Complete the three display cases. Fix the first, build the second, then clean up the last one.

Ginny get mushy with Harry again, now back to school kids...

Just follow the trail and get some collectibles along the way. Oh, use AGUA to open the door at the gardens.

Lobby Corridor

Rita Skeeter character token:
Water the four plants in grassy area with AGUA and then shoot them.

Water plant on left side of the Large Courtyard to reveal the Herbology corridor.

Herbology corridor
Cornelius Fudge character token:
AGUA the plant on left side of Herbology door and hit the flower.
At the left side of Herbology door.

Some cutscene with Slughorn, then we're at the next level.

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Comments for Y6 L4: Love Hurts

10 comments, latest first.
Mar 30th 2013 Guest
i cant get rons owl up the pipe what should i do
ID #268600
Dec 8th 2012 Guest
i don't know how to get to the next stage of it and why is there irish leaves behind him {Harry}
ID #216258
Nov 11th 2012 Guest
I made the mistake up making Ron's pet jump. He just needs to climb up the tube. Then I was able to advance.
ID #207621
Nov 4th 2012 Guest
How do you use WiLe on the pipe it won't let me do anything on it. Help!
ID #204982
Apr 22nd 2012 Guest
For crest try to walk around the back of the display case, I got to the left side it somehow got it
ID #135829
Apr 15th 2012 Guest
Because he drank Felix Felicis
ID #133792
Apr 15th 2012 Nikki_geal
How do you get the last crest from the box? I have tried everything and can't seem to get into the box. Please help!
ID #133751
Jan 11th 2012 skilla
Why Dora Harry have a trail of yellow flowers after him when you've finished this level?
ID #104908
Jan 8th 2012 zzyzx98
You actually don't have to go all the way up the pipe. There's a pipe overhead you can WiLe once you've gotten up to a certain point in the pipe.
ID #104063
Dec 18th 2011 Guest
I can't get the owl to go all the way up the pipe. He cant even reach the topmost coin!
ID #96271