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Y7 P1 L4: Sword and Locket

Lego Harry Potter: Years 5-7 Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Year 7 P1 - Level 4: Sword and Locket

Now we're swimming. Shoot the thing at the right, whatever it is.

Water shot

Then WiLe the object below. WiLe again to make the sworDiffindoish cut the floor below. Go down afterwards. Head left, then down. WiLe on the blue vines below. Swim down to the bottom. Use WiLe to move the rock below and your friend will enter the upper level. Switch characters. Use WiLe to move the object in the ceiling, and the crab will rampage through the rocks. Head right and shoot the creatures blocking the way. Use Lumos to scare the vines up above. Continue ahead. Use WiLe to attach the bait and attract the fish. Look down below the left side of the glowing block, use WiLe to build the hammer and make it smash the purple points on the glowing block.

Shoot three octopi.
Harry (Locket) character token:
Use hammer to break the object.
Use Dark Wizard on the chest on the left side.

Head to the bottom-right area, use Diffindo on the red wall.

Burn baby burn

Then use WiLe to make a torch and melt away the ice block on the left. Pick up the item and place it in one of the blocks beside the log on the top area. Head down to the lower left, use WiLe on the plant to make an apparate panel and use it.


Use Lumos to scare the vines away. Then step on the green leaves and use WiLe to ride up. Shoot the objects and pick up the second item, then place it on the platform below near the log. Then use Harry to solve the puzzle.

Ron (Underwear) character token:
Use WiLe on the snowman on the right side by the red wall.
Pull up the Weasley box out of the ice and use the box to free it.
Use Hermione's plate to get the jumper mushroom and jump up.
Hermione (Grey Coat) character token:
Use Hermione's plate to get jump mushroom and jump up, then use SPECS to build 3 statues.
Use Hermione's plate to get jumper mushroom and jump up and use Dark Wizard.

After the cutscene, boss fight again, now we are getting more and more action...

Avoid the shots first, then use Ron and run up the glowing area near the boss and press X to attack him. Shoot the spiders. When the boss only has one life left, use WiLe to build the flower fan from the objects on the ground. Ride it then blow away the black enemies. Keep blowing away the enemies until Ron can attack again. Then stab him to finish him off.


Hermione gets slappy, then off to the woods..

Step on the Hermione pink plate. Use WiLe to build the apparate device, then step in.


Use DELUM to get free from the back of the tent.
Xenophilius Lovegood character token:
Use Hermione's plate to knock down the tree.

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Comments for Y7 P1 L4: Sword and Locket

6 comments, latest first.
Nov 7th 2014 Guest
how do you get sketroskeps?
ID #468348
Feb 6th 2014 Guest
to make the crab move, you switch to the top character in the two tunnels at the bottom, when bottom character lets you through, Leviosa the rock to let the BOTTOM character through. then the crab should move. and to get a dark wizard, the easiest for me to unlock and buy was Antonin Dolohov.
He is in the Astronomy Tower. to get there, go to the classroom place where you get in the classrooms and use Diffendo on the red wall on the far right. build the pieces and go through. when the puffing potion disappears and the screen is not black, go to the right and use Hermione's Bag (do this part after the level Back To School, that's best) on the pink/purple oval. WL (leviosa) the thing to the door, and it will open. go in and when you are in the room shoot the yellow and black telescope with Reducto. the Character Token will float over the telescope.
ID #352392
Sep 8th 2013 Guest
thx that helped a millon
ID #308817
Jan 14th 2013 Guest
I cant find it for iPhone/iPod
ID #242761
Mar 9th 2012 shazaam82
Switch characters. Use WiLe to move the object in the ceiling, and the crab will rampage through the rocks. - i am stuck here. i don't get what i have to do. I use WiLe and nothing on the thing on the ground next to the crab and nothing happens??
ID #121491
Feb 16th 2012 Guest
How do you getDark Wizard?????
ID #115472