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19 :: The Successor

Devil May Cry 4 Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Devil May Cry 4 - Mission 19: The Successor

You're playing as Nero once again, which is bad news if it took you awhile to get used to Dante. This entire mission consists of a dice game, similar to the one you partook in within the Underground Laboratory's Game Room. There are several levels to this one, though, but the rules are similar. The Nero statue must reach the circle at the end to progress to the next level. Yellow spaces warp the piece to the exit, red spaces spawn a group of enemies or a couple of energy beams, blue spaces spawn Red and Green Orbs, and the white spaces have no effect.

Game Board


You thought you were finished with recycled boss battles, eh? Well, unfortunately you thought wrong. At the end of the final four levels, you're treated to a repeat boss battle; Berial, Dagon, Echidna and finally Angelo Agnus. Since you've faced all of these bosses before, and bested them to boot, there isn't much more that can be said about this mission. So, here's the dice trick -- which allows you to roll any number you wish -- and a couple of tips.

The dice will land on the number that was on top when you hit it. With this knowledge you can roll the number needed to immediately reach the boss battle and to quickly progress the next level. First, observe the dice to find out what number comes before the one needed, then use Buster on the dice as soon as that prior number switches over to the number you want. If you hit it correctly, the dice will land on that number.

Tip -- When facing the Angelos at the end of the first level, there's a trick you can pull off to wipe them all out at once. Wait until the knights gather together in the distance and begin to form a mass of energy. Charge Blue Rose and as soon as the ball of energy comes hurtling towards you, blast it to send it back to them.

You need a four to progress to the second level, a five for the third, a four to move on to the fourth, another four to move on to the fifth, and a five to move on to the sixth.

Tip -- At least one Green Orb can be found in one of the corners of each level, so be sure to pick these up to replenish some health before triggering that level's boss battle.

When you reach the top level, smash the stones and hop through the opening to clear the mission.

Mission Clear

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Jan 29th 2013 Guest
In second level I hit 4 times that dice and apear in boss room.
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