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16 :: Inferno

Devil May Cry 4 Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Devil May Cry 4 - Mission 16: Inferno

A poisonous gas hangs in the air, so you'll be taking constant damage here.

Blue Orb Fragment -- A Combat Adjudicator can be found in the initial area. A style grade of S is needed to acquire the fragment, but you have to be quick about it, as the poisonous gas will be zapping your health all the while. Once you've managed an S grade, pick up the Green Orbs to the right of the statue to refill your health bar.

Combat Adjudicator

Blue Orb Fragment

R&D Access

An encounter with Cutlasses ensues as you step into the corridor. These guys can be a real pain without Nero's Buster ability, but you'll just have to make due. Equip Dante's dual handguns, lock-on to one of the buggers and fire away to slow its movement. With Rebellion selected, hit that Cutlass with a Stinger to stun it, then slash away to bring it up above ground. Pummel the flopping Cutlass with attacks; these guys lack in the health department, so it'll die quickly. Take out the remaining Cutlasses to dissolve the red mesh blocking the way out. Move to the opposite end of the corridor -- collecting the Green Orbs along the way -- and head through the door there.

Game Room

Well, no games for Dante, but you do have to fight off a group of Agnus' Gladius creatures before you can move on. Jump and use Helm Splitter, or the shotgun, to knock the swords out of the air and then hit the grounded Gladius with Stinger to destroy it. Once every creature has been dealt with, head through the door at the northeast end of the room.


Containment Room/Foris Falls

The window in the Containment Room is quickly sealed off, and a group of Gladius and Angelos spawn. Clear the room of enemies to lower the force field, then jump through the window and use the door on the other side to reach Foris Falls. Climb to the top of the stairs at the far end of the area and head through the door there.


Angel Creation

There are three knights to face before you can move on. Pandora's standard fire can prevent the majority of the Angelos' attacks, so hit them with it if they're up in the air or charging towards you to send them staggering back. Step onto the catwalk and make your way to the other end to face a large group of knights, this time headed by an Alto Angelo. If you start to get overwhelmed, flip on Devil Trigger and spam Stinger, as this ability will break through their shield while D.T. is active, allowing you to wipe them out quite quickly. When the knights have been defeated, proceed through the door to reach the next area.

Bianco Angelo

Alto Angelo

Underground Laboratory/Grand Hall

Use the red seals to ascend to the upper ledge and then head through the door to return to the Grand Hall. Make your way up the stairs, leap down from the second floor walkway, and exit through the castle's front door.



Fortuna Castle Gate

Move south from the castle gate and you will soon come across some new enemies called Basilisks. These guys aren't very hard to take down; they can be juggled with most attacks, and their own attacks are easy enough to dodge with Dash or the Side Roll ability. Use Stinger and the shotgun to keep the hounds at bay, then move in and slash away. Simply spamming the Stinger ability is an easy way to kill the Basilisks, but it won't net you a whole lot of style points.


Once the Basilisks have been dealt with, jump up to the archway in the southwestern corner of the area and make your way up the ledges. There's actually a secret mission parchment along the way, but you'll need the weapon received after defeating this mission's boss to reach it. It's for Secret Mission 11; check out the 'Secret Missions' section for more info.

Second Mining Area

There aren't any enemies to face here, so make your way through this area to reach Ferrum Hills. If you're low on health, purchase healings items using the Divinity Statue, as you won't come across any Green Orbs in the next area. Don't forget about the Red Orb cluster near the Divinity Statue on your way out!

Ferrum Hills -- Boss Battle: Berial

As with the last two repeat boss encounters, Berial doesn't seem to have changed at all since you first encountered him as Nero. His attacks are the same, and he seems to have retained the same amount of health. If you defeated Berial without issue the first time around, then you'll have an even easier time here. The only significant difference is the lack of houses in the arena, meaning that there is no way to restore health once you've taken damage.


Equip Pandora and hit Berial with Epidemic as he approaches to chip away at his health bar. A good way to go about attacking Berial is to use Sky Star (Trickster) to propel Dante towards him, then immediately switch to Swords Master and mash the Style Action button to slash away at the beast's face. Berial's flame shroud will disappear when he's sustained enough damage. Flip on Devil Trigger at this point and hit him with everything you've got.

If you continuously attack Berial while he is not covered in flames he will soon fall over. At this point, spam Shredder with Devil Trigger toggled to deal some impressive damage. Start running as he starts to get up so you can avoid the hellfire attack he unleashes afterwards. You'll receive the Lucifer weapon once Berial has fallen. Collect the mass of Red Orbs Berial leaves behind upon his death, then exit the area to clear the mission.


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Nov 26th 2015 Guest
Is thiera cheat for better wepons on dmc4 for ps2
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Nov 30th 2014 Guest
I am stuck at the second mining area, saw the red orb cluster, but don't see the divnity statue and where it says the door is I cant move my camera to see what is blocking me.
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