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09 :: For You

Devil May Cry 4 Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Devil May Cry 4 - Mission 09: For You

Move south towards the HQ until you encounter a group of enemies. You're up against a couple of Bianco Angelos and a new, more powerful variant, the Alto Angelo. Together, these guys can be tough, as they have a number of group-based attacks. You can actually wipe them all out at once with a simple tactic, but the Charged Shot skill is required to do so. Wait until the knights gather together in the distance and begin to form a mass of energy. Charge Blue Rose and as soon as the ball of energy comes hurtling towards you, blast it to send it back to them. This should destroy each of them and possibly earn you an SSS grade. This is a great way to earn a large amount of Proud Souls, and also to unlock the 'Smokin' Sick Style!!!' achievement on the Xbox 360 version.

Angelo Attack

SSS Grade

Once the knights have been dealt with, enter the Grand Hall at the end of the bridge.

Grand Hall

Blue Orb Fragment -- Attain an S grade on the Combat Adjudicator in the northeast corner of the Grand Hall to receive a large amount of Red Orbs and the fragment.


Tip -- A Devil Star S can be found in the northwestern corner of the hall.

Exit through the doorway at the south end of the hall and hit the switch there to trigger a cutscene. Hitting this switch opens up a new path, but also triggers lasers in the Grand Hall. These lasers can take out a bar of health if touched, so coming into contact with them is something you want to avoid. Turn right at the top of the stairs, drop down to a safe spot between the laser there, and then jump up onto the east walkway. Head through the doorway and up the stairs to enter the Key Chamber.



Key Chamber

Another trio of knights occupies this chamber. A red mesh covers the key item tower, and two rapidly moving lasers effectively block off exit through the doorway at the opposite end of the room. If you are now familiar with the tactic outlined in this mission's opening paragraph, use it to wipe the group out if the opportunity arises. When the knights have been dealt with, approach the tower and examine it to obtain the Key of Cronus key item.


Key of Cronus

Approach the machine in the middle of the chamber and hit it with a Buster to slow time for a short while. The rapid moving lasers blocking thr western doorway are slowed to a dull pace, allowing you to slip through..

Blocked Doorway

Time-slow Machine

The Gauntlet

Slash the wheel in the southeastern corner of the room until an elevator is lowered. All you must do is kill the enemies that spawn in the elevator to ascend to the next level. When the first batch has been dealt with, step out of the elevator and into the small area. Activate the machine with a Buster to slow time, then move past the lasers and to the elevator at the other end. Kill the Frosts within to reach the third level.



Blue Orb Fragment -- While in the elevator at the third level, turn away from the laser room and drop down from the open doorway to reach an area below. A Blue Orb Fragment can be found here. You'll have to jump to get it, and doing so sets you back to the first level. Activate the wheel again to call the elevator and make your way back up to the third level.


Blue Orb Fragment

Defeat the Assaults to ascend to the exit.. Use the Divinity Statue just before the next area if need be, otherwise head up the stairs to proceed.

Agnus' Room -- Boss Battle: Angelo Agnus

After facing the Angelo version of Credo, Agnus comes off as a real pushover. While a couple of his attacks can be problematic, they are easy enough to detect and then dodge. Angelo Agnus is not nearly as nimble as Credo, and mainly relies on his demonic powers rather than a sword and shield. While he does carry a hulking blade, his sword swipes are brutish and easily avoided.

Angelo Agnus

Agnus hovers in mid-air for the duration of the battle, which allows him to move around the room quickly. He'll use his sword when close to you; the only attack you really need to watch out for is the downward swing, but there is ample warning for that one; when he raises his sword up over his head, get ready to Side Roll out of the way. Agnus will frequently summon Gladius to aid him in battle, however these creatures can actually be used against him.

In their reptile forms, the Gladius glide around the room and will occasionally change to sword form and dart towards you. Use Snatch to knock a Gladius out of the air and embed it into the ground below, then use Buster to pluck it out of the ground and automatically hurl it towards Agnus. The throw will take a second or two to execute, so make sure that none of the other enemies are about to hit you to avoid having your attack interrupted. Using Agnus' own creatures is the easiest way to deal damage to him.

One move in particular to watch out for is Agnus' health sapping ability. When you hear him shout 'Your strength is mine!' get ready to jump or Side Roll out of the way, as Agnus will soon charge towards you and attempt to grab hold of you. If he manages to get you, he then proceeds to sap your health to restore a portion of his own health bar. The sapping can be cut short by toggling Devil Trigger.

If at any point during this battle you require health, the few cages in the room release Green Orbs when broken. The Gladius creatures sometimes leave behind White Orbs when killed which are used to charge the D.T. Gauge. Another one of Agnus' abilities appears similar to the Gladius summon in its casting, but the disc of energy will instead launch a number of fireballs towards you. A rather lengthy casting, but most of the fireballs can be dodged rather easily if you're a good distance away from the casting.

For Agnus' most devastating attack, he summons two Cutlasses, fastens them to his arms and starts to spin towards you. Get as far away from him as you can while this is going on and get ready to Side Roll, as Agnus will throw them towards you once he's done with them.

Once Agnus has sustained a certain amount of damage, he will slump over and remain still for a short while. Use Buster while he is in this state to perform a powerful combo, dealing a significant blow to Agnus' health bar. Keep an eye on him to avoid missing the opportunity to use this.


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