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Devil May Cry 4 Xbox 360 Cheats and Tips

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We have a collection of cheats that includes unlocking difficulty modes, unlocking Bloody Palace, unlocking artwork and unlocking the secret ending featuring Dante, Trish and Lady.

More Devil May Cry 4 Xbox 360 Cheats and Tips

We have 17 cheats and tips on Xbox 360. If you have any cheats or tips for Devil May Cry 4 please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PlayStation 3 : PC

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Unlock Secret Ending Featuring Dante, Trish and Lady

When you have beaten 'Devil May Cry 4' you'll be able to view the first part of the secret ending before the credits begin. If you want to view the second part of the ending you must protect Kyrie from being hit for 1 minute 30 seconds during the end credits battle. If Kyrie is hit during this time the credits will end and you won't see the second part of the ending.

Easy Combat Adjudicator for Dante

Have Dante use the Lucifer weapon to get stylish points for the Combat Adjudicator (machine that measures style). This is done by executing the Pin-Up repeatedly by holding R1 + Forward + Triangle.

Unlock Bloody Palace

The Time Attack mode 'Bloody Palace' which is a secret unlockable battle arena featuring 101 stages with a Boss fight every 10 stages is unlocked by completing the Devil Hunter difficulty setting.

Unlock History of Devil May Cry

If you're new to the 'Devil May Cry' games and want to know what has been happening then complete the game on 'Devil Hunter' mode.

Unlock Artwork

Unlock Demon Invasion Artwork:

Beat 'Dante Must Die' mode.

Unlock Light from the Demon Blade Artwork:

Complete 'Hell or Hell' mode.

Unlock The Demons Artwork (12 Publicity Pictures):

Complete 'Son of Sparda' mode.

Unlock The Two Heroes Artwork (29 Character Images):

Complete 'Human or Devil Hunter' mode.

Unlock The Ladies of Devil May Cry Artwork:

Complete 'Heaven or Hell' mode.

Unlock The Cast Artwork:

Complete 'Devil Hunter' mode.

Unlock Difficulty Modes

These settings are unlocked in the game by completing the indicated difficulty mode.

Unlock Son of Sparda Mode:

Complete the game on 'Devil Hunter' mode.

Unlock Dante Must Die Mode:

Complete the game on 'Son of Sparda' mode.

Unlock Heaven or Hell Mode:

Complete the game on 'Son of Sparda' mode.

Unlock Hell or Hell Mode.

Complete the game on 'Dante Must Die' mode.

Easy way to get max amount of golden orbs

On the level where you first are Dante and you need to escape the building you are in and you go down that hole and you see a golden orb keep walking over it there is an infinite supply of them just sitting there the cool thing is that you can get as much as like without it dissapearing.

Every achievement on this list

A Comfortable Pace 10 Clear mission 11 in Human Mode

A Cut Above 30 Clear all missions in Devil Hunter Mode with an S ranking

A Stunning Feat 40 Clear all Missions in Son of Sparda Mode with an S Ranking

A Throne of Glory 50 Clear all Game Modes

All Bow Before You 40 Clear All Missions in Dante Must Die Mode

Bat Out of Hell 10 Extend the Devil Trigger Gauge to maximum capacity

Brimming with Pride 20 Acquire 100,000 Proud Souls

Covered in Blood 40 Clear All Bloody Palace Mode stages

Done and Done 20 Clear all missions in Devil Hunter Mode

Easier Said Than Done 10 Clear Mission 11 in Dante Must Die Mode

Easy Does It 10 Clear all missions in Human Mode

Filled with Pride 10 Acquire 10,000 Proud Souls

Half Way There 10 Cl..

Item Achievement help

When it comes to buying all of the shop items it takes a helluva lot of Red orbs to get the maximum of every item, so heres some tips.

1.For a start you don't have to buy the Holy Waters as they don't count towards the achievement.

2.You can buy lots of one thing in the shop and see how much money you use and have leftover to see how much more you may need.

3.Playing levels with the red orb statues helps, simply attack the statues for the orbs, quit and reload the level and repeat, lots of money in around an hour or so, or however long it takes you to do it.



Clear Human mode to unlock:

History of Devil May Cry.

Game Clear Bonus art: The Two Heroes

29 Character Images

Clear Devil Hunter Mode to unlock:

Game Clear Art: The Cast

Son of Sparda difficulty setting

Bloody Palace Mode

Clear Son of Sparda to unlock:

Game Clear Art: The Demons

12 Publicity Stills

Dante Must Die Difficlty Setting

Heaven or Hell Mode

Clear Dante Must Die to unlock:

Game Clear Art: Demon Invasion

Hell and Hell mode

Super Nero(Nero, with unlimited Devil Trigger)

Super Dante(Same as Nero)

Easy Red Orbs

If you need red orbs to buy purple and blue orbs or for noobs to DMC, healing items then on the 7th mission there is a red statue. Use the devil trigger boost at the statue and start attacking it with basic combos, get as many hits as you can on it before it smashes to bits and you'll get about 4000 red orbs. Restart the mission, rinse, repeat for as many orbs as you need, patience is required if you want the orb millionaire achievement.

Moor redorbs

If you start levil 17 and go on to the draw bridge run down it till you end up on that little square wher you have to fight those demonds kill them and proceed through the second set of doors run up and turn left it's the only opening their go up it and a load of monsters will apear don't worry bout killing them just run up to the red statue activate devil trigger hold the right bumper button to lock on and tap the b button once to spin the sword and the second it stops spinning push it again but this time holt it down do this as many times as you can before the statue explodes don't worry about the monsters they wont hit you once done restart the mission you will still have the orbs you will get between 6000/8000 depending on the combo.

Eight thousand orbs

If you go on to the mision select screen and go to heaven or hall mode select levil 17 when you start it go back on your self through the first set of doors up the stairs stay to your right run down past the red truck up the other stairs again stay to your right through the entrence run down past the statue till you are faceing a wall turn left smash down the fence and you will see a red statue hold the lock on button and useing the b button keep spining your sword and watch the red orbs just kep coming you can keep doing this just go to systems and select retry you will not loose your orbs when you retry

Skill Collector Achievement help

Just a little hint, when you buy all of Nero and Dante's Skills for the Skill Collector achievments you have to play through and complete a mission after buying all the skills for the achievements to unlock.


Upgrade your sword early forget the gun for now the swords is most needed

Devil may Cry 4 dice pattern

if youre annoyed at this dice and always get a dead spot for you and keep cicling the whole place(mostly at misson 19)well...this is the pattern







that's all friendly(and mean) folks

Mission 13

On mission 13 t get thruogh the purple shadows make sure your shadow is behind you all the way through it I hope that the tip helps you

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