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04 :: Cold Blooded

Devil May Cry 4 Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Devil May Cry 4 - Mission 04: Cold Blooded

Approach the Gyro Blade at the west end of the Library and hit it with Buster to bring it to life. Afterwards, use Buster to push the Gyro Blade across the room and into the closed door. Gyro Blades can break doors that are marked with these symbols; smashing this one allows you to exit the Library.

Gyro Blade

Closed Door

Return to the Gallery; a red mesh immediately covers the exit, and a group of Frosts and Scarecrows spawns. You can activate the Gyro Blade in this room and use it to damage the enemies here if you are so inclined; doing so is in no way necessary, however. Slashing the Gyro Blade in quick succession while it's active sets it spinning, razor-sharp blades protruding from its sides. Once the enemies have been dealt with, break the destructible objects in the Gallery to get some Red Orbs before returning to the Grand Hall.

Grand Hall

Drop down to the first floor of the hall and approach the coffin. There's a dormant Gyro Blade north of the coffin; locate the Gyro Blade and punch it into the coffin to destroy it, uncovering a seal.You cannot use this now, but it will prove useful later. For now, enter the Large Hall using the door at the east end of the hall.


Gyro Blade

Large Hall -- Gyro Blade Puzzle

Move down the hall until you reach a blocked doorway. Two Gyro Blades must be set onto the remaining pedastles here. Use Buster to activate either of the two Gyro Blades here now, and then punch it down to the west end of the hall. When you reach the end of the hall, punch it into the gate there to free another Gyro Blade. Leave the Gyro Blade you used to smash the gate behind and punch this new one back to the blocked doorway. Some demons spawn down the hall; simply slash the Gyro Blade a couple of times to set it spinning and punch it down the hall to easily to clear them out. When you reach the blocked doorway, place the blade on one of the empty pedestals. Afterwards, use the door midway down the east end of the hallway to enter the Dining Room.

Blocked Doorway

Gyro Blade Gate

A pair of white knights occupy this area. Eliminate them, then move north and enter the corridor at the end of the room. Turn into the dead end to find another Gyro Blade. Use Buster to activate the blade, and then punch it towards the fireball corridor. Punch the Gyro Blade in front of you to move down the corridor without taking damage from the unceasing fireballs. You won't take any damage as long as the Gyro Blade is ahead of you. At the end of the corridor, punch the blade into the machine to destroy it.

Gyro Blades

Fireball Hallway

You can attempt Secret Mission 02 if you wish; check out the 'Secret Missions' section for more info. When you're ready to proceed, head through the door across from the Secret Mission parchment. A group of Scarecrows spawns in the fenced off area here; the Gyro Blade in this room can be used to quickly take them out if you wish. Once the Scarecrows have been dealt with, locate the wheel and start pummeling it with attacks. The wheel will open the cage's gate, allowing you to enter the hall and move the Gyro Blade onto the final pedestal.

Secret Mission 02


Central Courtyard -- Boss Battle: Bael

The two Rusalkas will effortlessly dodge any attempt you make to use Snatch or Buster on them, so hit them with standard melee attacks instead. The seemingly harmless Rusalkas are actually attached to a hideous toad demon named Bael. He'll reveal himself once you've dealt enough damage to the Rusalkas. While far from agile, Bael can move around the courtyard by leaping up into the air and then landing on the ground with a devastating thud. As soon as Bael leaps up into the air, start running in any direction and then Side Roll in an attempt to avoid the subsequent body slam.


Bael has a variety of attacks in his arsenal; a couple of ice based ones that can freeze Nero, and a few brutal melee attacks. One attack in particular to watch out for is Bael's lunge attack in which he attempts to catch Nero in his open mouth and then chew on him. This attack deals a large amount of damage, so be ready to Side Roll out of the way when Bael lunges forth. It's quite hard to dodge Bael while you're attacking him, but side rolling can save you in most cases.

Most of his melee attacks are tough to dodge if you are too far away from him, but by keeping close to him you should be able avoid the majority of his melee attacks with the Side Roll ability. You might even be able to get behind Bael after successfully dodging one of his attacks, allowing you to chip away at his health bar while he turns around or before he leaps up into the air. Bael has a couple of long-range ice attacks, too; side rolling or jumping should be enough to get you out of the way, but if you do get caught by one of his ice attacks and Nero becomes frozen, rotate the Left Thumbstick (or Analog Stick) until the ice shatters.

Bael will occasionally hide himself away and leave you to deal with the Rusalkas. Henceforth, they aren't nearly as passive as they were during your first encounter with them. You'll want to be careful when facing the Rusalkas again, as their attacks can deal a fair amount of damage. While they are out, focus all of your attacks on a single one, because if you deal enough damage, she will become stunned and you can then use Buster on her to pull Bael back into the battle. If you don't manage to stun one of the Rusalkas and bring Bael back in this fashion, however, he will eventually reenter the battle and attempt to catch Nero in his open mouth, so start running to one side and Side Roll to avoid him.

If Bael sustains enough damage, he'll fall over stunned; this is your chance to knock off a sizeable chunk of his health with Buster. Bael will likely become stunned at least twice during this fight, so don't stray too far from him to avoid missing an opportunity to hit him with a the special Buster combo.

When Bael is close to death, his skin shifts to a reddish tint and he'll begin to attack more aggressively. If at any point he freezes while in this state, immediately get away from his face, as the ice quickly shatters and Bael will lunge forward. If you're low on health and willing to risk it, jump up and slash the Rusalkas while Bael is frozen to squeeze some Green Orbs out of them.

Once you've managed to bring Bael down, you'll obtain a Rusalka Corpse. With this item, Nero's Devil Arm will glow while near a secret (i.e., Red Orb stashes, Blue Orb Fragments, and Secret Mission parchments). Collect the mass of Red Orbs that the demon leaves behind, then head through the door on the west side of the courtyard to clear the mission.

Rusalka Corpse

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