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06 :: Resurrection

Devil May Cry 4 Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Mission 06: Resurrection

Blue Orb Fragment -- You likely spotted this one during the opening cutscene. Grab the fragment on your way down and then drop down.

Once you've reached the bottom, head through the door to trigger yet another cutscene. The enemies you encounter here -- called Cutlasses -- can be a real pain to deal with. If you have the right skills, however, you should have an easy enough time taking them out. First, target one of the Cutlasses, use Charged Shot to stun it and then immediately use Streak or Split to knock the Cutlass up out of the floor. There are three of them here, so use Streak to push the flopping Cutlass away so you can attack it without taking damage from the others. When the three Cutlasses have been dealt with, the red mesh blocking the door at the other end of the tunnel will disappear.

Game Room

Proceed through the door at the end of the Cutlass tunnel to reach the Game Room. To remove the blue mesh blocking the door at the other end of the room, the Nero statue must reach the space at the end. Yellow circles move the Nero piece to a nearby space of the same color, red spaces spawn a group of enemies or a couple of energy beams, blue spaces spawn Red and Green Orbs, and white spaces have no effect.


Game Board

The dice will land on the number that was on top when you hit it. With this knowledge you can roll a six every time and get out of this one quickly, or use the first yellow space to jump ahead. Use Buster on the dice shortly after the two appears; if you hit it correctly, the dice will land on six. When the Nero piece reaches the end, head through the door to reach the Containment Chamber

Containment Room -- Boss Battle: Agnus

This one is simple, really; jump up into the air, use Snatch to pull one of the flying swords to you, then use Buster to launch that sword at the window Agnus is hiding behind. Several swords are in the air at once, so make sure that you'll have enough time to execute Buster without being interrupted by a sword slash. The only threat Agnus poses is that he will sometimes charge the room with electricity. To avoid this, hop onto the circular platform in the middle of the room when the window glows red, as you won't take any damage here. Some of the broken swords may drop Green Orbs, so collect those if your health is low.



Continue throwing swords into the window until it shatters. Jump up to the cowering Agnus to confront him and receive a powerful key item, Yamato. With the Yamato you can toggle Nero's Devil Trigger, which will boost up his attack power and speed significantly, and will also restore small amounts of health while it's active. The effects won't last long at first, but Purple Orbs can be purchased from the Item screen to lengthen the D.T. Gauge. The gauge refills when Nero takes damage, deals damage, or when a Devil Star item is used. It can only be toggled when at least three units are full.


Foris Falls

Pummel the wheel to extend the bridge across Foris Falls and remove the blue mesh blocking entrance to the stairs. Climb these stairs to the top.

Blue Orb Fragment -- At the top of the stairs, notice the fragment hovering in mid-air. You'll need Streak to grab this one. Stand at the end of the platform directly in front of the hovering orb and use Streak to launch Nero into it. Streak 2 might be necessary to make it out far enough, but you can just use Snatch to grab it in mid-air if that's the case.


Blue Orb Fragment

Head through the door at the top of the stairs once you're ready to move on.

Angel Creation

Fight off the knights in the first part of the room. The High Roller into mid-air Buster combo works quite well, and if you can manage to get behind one, use Devil Trigger and slash away to make short work of him. The Secret Mission 04 parchment can be found on the wall in the northwest corner of this area. Attempt the mission if you wish; check out the 'Secret Missions' section for more details. There are more knights at the other end of the area, so make your way there and fight them. Proceed through the door once they've been dealt with

Secret Mission 04

To Mitis Forest

Interact with the console in the Underground Laboratory to seal off the bottom floor. Afterwards, use the floating seals to reach the door at the top of this area. Use the door there to return to the Grand Hall. Head up the stairs, through the smashed Sanctus portrait and exit through one of the doors on either side of it. Move to the end of the courtyard walkway and use the door there. Cross the Bridge in Foris Falls and go through the door to reach the Forest Entrance. Move forward to trigger a cutscene and clear the mission.



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