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Secret Mission 03

Devil May Cry 4 Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Devil May Cry 4 - Secret Mission 03 -- Nonviolent Resistance

When: Mission 05: Trisagion
Where: Soldier's Graveyard (return here after completing Mission 08)
Objective: Raise your stylish ranking without using attacks.

First of all, the Hold ability is required to clear this one. While the parchment is near the beginning of Mission 05, the Hold ability is acquired at the end of Mission 08. Once you have Hold, purchase the Enemy Hike ability as well. To clear this mission, you need to attain a style grade of C without once using an offensive ability.

Initially there are two Scarecrows and one Frost in the room. As soon as the mission begins, use Hold on one of the Scarecrows and back yourself against a wall. Wait until either the Frost or Scarecrow (preferably the Frost) hits your shield with an attack, then press the Taunt button to up the style meter. It is important that you do not spam taunts because that won't do you any good; let your shield take a hit before taunting to up the meter.

If the Scarecrow you're holding should die, quickly grab the second one. If you are hit at all, whack one of the enemies and retry the mission, because another Frost will spawn in the Scarecrow's place. When the style meter is just about full after a couple of hits and a taunt, Use Enemy Hike to (hopefully) hit C. Collect the Blue Orb Fragment once you've succeeded to clear the mission.

This can also be attempted as Dante during Mission 17. If you find it easier, you can use Dante's Royal Block ability with Taunt (and perhaps Enemy Hike) to clear this mission instead. Stand in the L-shaped corridor in the northeastern corner of the room; the Scarecrows won't bother you here, and you can then simply Royal Block the Frost's attacks to up the style meter. Taunt afterwards, then Enemy Hike (if necessary) without getting hit to attain a C grade.

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Jul 5th 2013 Guest
How to hold ability ???!!!
ID #295055
Jul 5th 2013 Guest
I think it's better to explain with the ps3 bottoms or Xbox because I didnt anderstand any thing !
ID #295054