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17 :: Adagio For Strings

Devil May Cry 4 Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Devil May Cry 4 - Mission 17: Adagio For Strings

Make your way through the mining area to reach Port Caerula. Defeat the Scarecrows and Altos that spawn at the center of the dock and then exit to the Residential District. Another enemy encounter here, this time composed of Mephistos and Assaults. Clear out the demons, pummel the Red Orb cluster until it shatters, then step into the alleyway and through the door at its end.

Business District/Terrace

More demons; you just can't get a break can you? It's sheer pandemonium; a large number of Scarecrows of both the standard and Mega variety, as well as a pack of Basilisks, occupy the district.


Blue Orb Fragment -- Once the district is clear of demons, locate the Restaurant-Café on the west side of the street; about midway down. Air Hike or use Kick Jump to get up onto the awning. Kick Jump up the wall and use Sky Star (Trickster) as soon as Dante reaches the top of the railing.


Blue Orb Fragment

Afterwards, make your way to the south end of the district and use the door there.

Opera House Plaza

Secret Mission 12 can be found by destroying the trashcan at the western end of the initial area. Attempt it if you wish, otherwise head south to reach the fountain and defeat the Mephistos, Altos and Faust that spawn there. Once the enemies have been dealt with, head up the stairs at the southern end of the area and turn right. Use the Divinity Statue at the end of the way here if you wish, otherwise proceed through the door to enter the Opera House.

Secret Mission 12


Opera House -- Boss Battle: Angelo Agnus

You'll find another repeat boss fight in Agnus here, albeit in a different location than the first time you faced him. Agnus has retained the majority of the attacks he had when you first faced him, but this time around he'll summon Basilisks instead of Gladius. The Basilisks are easy to kill and drop White Orbs to restore your D.T. Gauge, so they can actually turn the tide of battle in your favor.

Angelo Agnus

Angelo Agnus' health sapping ability returns; remember, get ready to dodge when you hear him say 'Your strength will be mine!' If Agnus does manage to grab hold of you, toggle Devil Trigger and he will promptly drop you. You can easily bring down Agnus without deviating from the Swordmaster style, as the majority of his attacks are sluggish and easy to detect. Flip on Devil Trigger, pummel Agnus with attacks and he'll go down in no time. There isn't much more that can be said; bottom-line, considering you've made it this far, winning this fight will be a cakewalk.

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