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Blue Orb Fragment Locations

Devil May Cry 4 Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Devil May Cry 4 - Blue Orb Fragment Locations

Collect four Blue Orb Fragments to create a Blue Orb, which will add a permanent bar to your total health.

Note -- 12 of the 32 fragments are obtained by clearing Secret Missions.

Mission 02: La Porte De L'Enfer

Blue Orb Fragment 1

Where: Residential District
Jump up onto the building behind the Red Orb cluster, hug the wall and hop into the small crevice above the lower roof. The Blue Orb Fragment is tucked away in this crevice.

Blue Orb Fragment 2
Where: First Mining Area
Attack the Combat Adjudicator and attain a combo grade of B to receive a bunch of Red Orbs and a Blue Orb Fragment.

Mission 03: The White Wing

Blue Orb Fragment 3

Where: Second Mining Area

When you reach the tunnel entrance, hop onto the board to the left. From this platform, jump up onto the higher one. Here, use the closest Grim Grip to propel yourself towards the second. Grab hold of the second Grim Grip to swing towards the metal sheet and Kick Jump off of it. Immediately after using Kick Jump, grab hold of the Grim Grip above to reach a higher area with two more Grim Grips.

This next part can be tricky; you have to hit these last two grips bang on to get to the Blue Orb Fragment platform. After using the middle grip, immediately latch on to the final one and you should land directly on the platform. You really need to hit the last grip as soon as you can, or you'll just miss the platform.

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Blue Orb Fragment 4
Where: Second Mining Area

The Roulette Spin and Streak 2 skills and the Air Hike ability are needed to reach this fragment. All of those skills together are quite costly, so you may have to leave this one alone for now and come back to it later. If you think you might have collected enough souls to purchase those skills if you had them all back, you could get a refund from the Divinity Statue at the beginning of the level. To get a refund, select the 'Cancel All' option on the Skill Up menu. You can purchase the abilities needed to get the orb, then return to the statue and get your old skills back.

The secret area that holds the Blue Orb Fragment is across from the tunnel entrance that is reached by using the first batch of Grim Grips in this room. To get to this area you'll need to use mid-air attacks to cross the gap. First, stand on the wooden platform and face south. Next, use Streak 2 to propel Nero forward, then use Roulette Spin and immediately after that, use Air Hike. Hopefully you are above the platform, or at least close to it; use Roulette Spin again if necessary. This is a tough one to get and might require a few tries, but if you're using the right skills, you'll get it eventually.

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Blue Orb Fragment 5

Where: Grand Hall (2F)
There is a large mirror along the eastern wall, just beyond the door. Hit the mirror until it shatters, revealing the Blue Orb Fragment in a small alcove.

Mission 06: Resurrection

Blue Orb Fragment 6
Where: Underground Laboratory
You likely spotted this one during the opening cutscene. Grab the fragment on your way down and then drop down.

Blue Orb Fragment 7
Where: Forris Falls
At the top of the stairs, notice the fragment hovering in mid-air. You'll need Streak to grab this one. Stand at the end of the platform directly in front of the hovering orb and use Streak to launch Nero into it. Streak 2 might be necessary to make it out far enough, but you can just use Snatch to grab it in mid-air if that's the case.

Mission 07: The She-Viper

Blue Orb Fragment 8
Where: Ruined Valley
This fragment is at the south end of the valley, so you'll have to grab in it the process of using the tiles to cross the valley. Wait until there are some tiles beneath it, then jump up into the air and take it into your inventory.

Blue Orb Fragment 9
Where: Forgotten Ruins
Attack the Combat Adjudicator and attain a style rank of A to receive some Red Orbs and a Blue Orb Fragment.

Mission 08: Profession Of Faith

Blue Orb Fragment 10
Where: Ancient Training Ground
The pod hanging from the ceiling of the tunnel in the middle of the Ancient Training Ground holds the fragment. Stand below it, jump up into the air and use a normal attack to break it open and claim the fragment.

Blue Orb Fragment 11
Where: Lost Woods/Hidden Pit
To get this fragment, you'll have give the Hidden Pit a visit. After killing the enemies in the area, stand in front of the seal and spin the camera around to look north. You should be able to spot a Blue Orb Fragment in the trees; stand underneath the fragment and use Air Hike to take it into your inventory.

Mission 09: For You

Blue Orb Fragment 12
Where: Grand Hall
Attain an S grade on the Combat Adjudicator in the northeast corner of the Grand Hall to receive a large amount of Red Orbs and the fragment.

Blue Orb Fragment 13
Where: The Gauntlet
While in the elevator at the third level, turn away from the laser room and drop down from the open doorway to reach an area below. A Blue Orb Fragment can be found here. You'll have to jump to get it, and doing so sets you back to the first level. Activate the wheel again to call the elevator and make your way back up to the third level.

Mission 10: Wrapped In Glory

Blue Orb Fragment 14
Where: Experiment Disposal
The Roulette Spin and Air Hike skills are needed to get to this one. Before (!) taking the elevator up to the Meeting Room, stand about halfway between the wall and the elevator. Next, normal jump and use Roulette Spin, then immediately Air Hike to reach the elevator's lowest frame.  From here, normal jump inwards and, while in mid-air, turn around, use Air Hike and try to land on the frame above. The fragment is up here; use Air Hike to grab it.

Mission 11: The Ninth Circle

Blue Orb Fragment 15
Where: Advent Chamber
There's a Combat Adjudicator at the south end of this area. Attack the Combat Adjudicator and attain a combo grade of SSS to receive a bunch of Red Orbs and a Blue Orb Fragment. You'll have to use a large variety of moves to earn the grade.

Mission 12: A New Beginning

Blue Orb Fragment 16
Where: The Gauntlet
Hit the time-slow machine Key Chamber, ignore the Gladius creatures, and slip through the lasers at the far end of the room to reach the Gauntlet. Search for the Combat Adjudicator here and attain a style grade of B by attacking it to receive some Red Orbs and the fragment. Now quickly make your way back to the Grand Hall!

Mission 13: The Devil Returns

Blue Orb Fragment 17
Where: Ruined Church
Attain a style grade of A on the Combat Adjudicator in the church's western room to receive the fragment and a large amount of Red Orbs.

Mission 15: Fortuna Castle

Blue Orb Fragment 18
Where: Forris Falls
At the start of the mission, head up the stairs on the right to find a Combat Adjudicator. Attain a style grade of SS to receive the fragment and some Red Orbs.

Mission 16: Inferno

Blue Orb Fragment 19

Where: Underground Laboratory
There's a Combat Adjudicator at the start of the mission. A style grade of S is needed to acquire the fragment, but you have to be quick about it, as the poisonous gas will be zapping your health all the while. Once you've managed an S grade, pick up the Green Orbs to the right of the statue to refill your health bar.

Mission 17: Adagio For Strings

Blue Orb Fragment 20
Where: Business District
Once the district is clear of demons, locate the Restaurant-Café on the west side of the street; about midway down. Air Hike or use Kick Jump to get up onto the awning. Kick Jump up the wall and use Sky Star (Trickster) as soon as Dante reaches the top of the railing.

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