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Dragon Raja Soul Dancer Guide

Dragon Raja Walkthrough and Guide by Paul (vhayste)
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Welcome to our Dragon Raja Soul Dancer Guide. This page discusses about the Soul Dancer Class, read on to see their role, the build you want to focus on, as well as learning about their skills and talents.

Soul Dancer


The Soul Dancer is a ranged magical class that can provide healing, support, and crowd control capabilities. They can polymorph enemies and reduce their defenses which lets other classes take opponents down.

They have a special pact system where you can target Allies in order for you to provide extra buffs. Combining a pact with another class will maximize their capabilities in return which is great for supporting.


As seen in the character creation page, they have the highest assist capabilities in the game. They also have high survival and decent damage and range as well. Their magical damage makes gives them offensive capabilities while at the same time their assist can provide heals and crowd control.


What are the main stats that you need to focus on when building a Soul Dancer? Since they are meant for support CDR (Cooldown Reduction), their defenses, as well as their magic attack. Use Gems for your character to gain stats, and focus on the following:

Insight – Increases HP, Magic Attack Power, and CDR.
Intelligence – Increases HP, Magic Attack Power, MS
Dexterity – Increases HP, Magic Attack Power, Crit, and MS
Constitution – Increases HP, Physical Defense, Magical Defense, and Crit Resistance

Special Skill

Skill Name Description Cooldown
Soul Dancer’s Pact Form a Pact with an Ally. When Pact is in effect, Time Expansion will cause Pact partner to gain Time Twist if they are within 10m; Increased size, increase speed, increased cooldown reduction, reduced damage received.

First Skill Set

Skill Name Description Cooldown
Iceglare Shock Combo magic attack that deals MDMG to the target and up to 5 nearby enemies. Heal a small amount of HP. Frost strike Slows targets by 20% for 3 sec. 5 seconds
Phase Shock Shockwave deals heavy MDMG to up to 5 enemies, and causes damaged enemies to take an additional 5% damage for 8 sec. Gemini will stay at the target location temporarily. Drag skill button to choose cast direction. 10 seconds
Azure Mark Create an alchemy circle within 5m of the target, dealing heavy damage to up to 5 random enemies within per second for 8 sec. 20 seconds
Time Expansion Greatly increases Move SPD, crit Res and Cooldown Reduction Lv. For 12 sec. When Time Expansion is used, if there is a Pact with an Ally and the Pact partner is less than 10 m away, Pact Partner will also gain Time Twist bonus: 30% increased side, 30% increased Move SPD, 20% reduced damage taken, increased Cooldown Reduction Lv. 30 seconds

Second Skill Set

Skill Name Description Cooldown
Witch’s Kiss Turn the target into a duckling, preventing them from attacking and greatly reducing their PDEF and MDEF for 3 sec. Multiple transformations within a short period of time will greatly reduce transformation duration. Gemini will copy skill when used under Shadowy Light. 30 seconds
Time Lock Stop time within 4, causing 5 random nearby enemies to have their time stopped for 3 sec. Multiple time stops within a short period will greatly reduce the time stop effect duration. Gemini will copy skill when used under Shadowy Light. 45 seconds
Recall Light Turn back time to heal injury on self and Ally, restoring Vitality and improving form. Allies within 5m gain increased Crit, AP and Multistrike at random for 12 sec. Players within AOE recover a small amount of HP per second. Gemini will copy skill when used under Shadowy Light. 40 seconds
Shadowy Light Gemini will copy all actions of the caster and the next skill the caster uses, including Witch’s Kiss, Time Lock and Recall Light. Passively increases Gemini NATK and Iceglare Shock damage. 60 seconds.


Talent Level Talent Name Description
S Level Mimir’s Spring When Light Beacon is released, increased CDR of Allies within 10m radius by 40$ for 15 s. This effect occurs only once every 2 min.
S Level Twin’s Edge Whenever linekd with Twin’s Pact. Move speed is increased by 15%, Crit Res by 10% and CRT by 182. Meawhile the Twin’s Pact also gets 15% Move Speed, 10% DMG reduction and 182 CDR. This effect does not stack with the Time Expansion skill.
S Level Holy Feast When releasing Recall Light, both parties of Twin’s Pact gain 2 buffs among Crit, Multistrike and Penetration Up.
A Level Stopped Pendulum Dealt DMG to targets controlled by Mark of Azure Time Stop is increased by 25%.
A Level Lord of Time When using Time Lock, Shadow Light cooldown is reduced by 10s.
A Level Fallen Glacier During Time Expansion, releasing Iceglare Shock and hitting targets will reduce the cooldown of Iceglare Shock by 1s.
B Level Dance with Swans When releasing Phase Shock, if Soul Dancer enters Mark of Azure range, Resonance becomes active, causing Phase Shock DMG to be increased by 30%.
B Level Law of Time When Time Expansion is active, using Time Lock causes Time Lock cooldown to be reduced by 5 s.
B Level Loki’s Trick Witch’s Kiss will polymorph another 1 target. This effect is not valid on the Witch’s Kiss of the Soul Dancer’s clone. Polymorphed targets have their P.DEF and M.DEF further reduced by 10%.
C Level Ballet in the Snow Your released Iceglare Shock DMG is increased by 35%, but loses its healing effect. The Soul Dancer’s 5th Iceglare Shock attack will freeze enemies for 3s.
C Level Sand of Time Each time you use a class skill, you get a stack of Sand of Time that increases Crit Rate by 4% for 10 s, up to 5 stacks. Duration is not reset when this effect stacks.
C Level Soul Link When the HP of you and your target affected with Twin’s Pact are different, the higher HP one will transfer HP to another. This effect only works hwen both parties are linked, and every 5s auto-transfer once.

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