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Dragon Raja Class Overview

Dragon Raja Walkthrough and Guide by Paul (vhayste)
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What are the different classes that you can choose from in Dragon Raja? When creating a character, have a total of four slots available for Creation. In this game, there are also four types of classes and they fulfill different kinds of roles.

In this overview, we’ll be looking at each character’s strengths and type of gameplay. Some classes can have different kinds of roles as well depending on your choice. This way you’ll be able to choose which character you can main as when setting forth on your journey.

Blade Master

Credit: Dragon Raja Official Website

Feature Description
Position/Role Warrior / Tank
Melee Weapons: Sword and Blade
Stat Efficiency High Dmg, Survive, Control

Blade Masters are efficient close Combat specialists in the game. Thanks to their high DMG and Survivability traits, they can stay on the field longer and take out enemies. Their weapon of choice are Sword and Blades which can deal good damage when paired with their skills.

They can take enemies head on and deal damage to multiple opponents. They are vital to a team since they are the front line of enemy attacks.

* High DMG and Survive letting them have DPS or Tank roles.
* Melee ranged Combat enabling you to be at the heat of the battle
* Able to withstand damage and clearing out opponents even on their own.


Credit: Dragon Raja Official Website

Feature Description
Position/Role Gunner
Ranged DPS Weapons: Guns
Stat Efficiency High Dmg, Range

Gunslingers excel in ranged Combat. They have high damage, and their skills bring utility to the field as they can provide area damage, statuses, and other effects. Due to their ranged nature, they do not have high defenses therefore you need to be strategic with your positioning.

Their main focus is to take enemies down as fast as possible. When the tank is taking the attention of the opponents, you are tasked to wipe out enemies from afar.

* High DMG and Range, but moderate survivability
* Ranged Combat enabling you to take out enemies from afar.
* Able to kite opponents for damage in order to prolong survival


Credit: Dragon Raja Official Website

Feature Description
Position/Role Wizard / Assassin
Melee + Ranged DPS Weapons: Special Exoskeleton
Stat Efficiency High Dmg, Explosion

Assassins are DPS characters that are able to deal damage near or far from opponents. What makes them different from the Blade Master and Gunslinger are their speed in Combat. Their task is to be versatile when taking out enemies, and they need to watch out with their health since their survival isn’t their strong suit.
Since they can fulfill Wizard or Assassin type of roles, they can deal Physical or Magical DPS. Their high difficulty ceiling may be a challenge to some, but once they’re mastered, they can be used properly.

* High Damage and Explosion, but moderate survivability
* Melee and Ranged Combat capabilities dealing physical or magical damage.
* Enables you to switch forms to inflict different types of damage and statuses

Soul Dancer

Credit: Dragon Raja Official Website

Feature Description
Position/Role Support / Mage
Support and Healer Weapons: Floating Sandglass
Stat Efficiency High Assist, Survive, Range

Soul Dancers offer support capabilities to a team. Their role can either be pure support, or mage types that deal damage thus they have some versatility. Thanks to their high assist and survive, they can prolong the life of others as well as their own.

They have abilities that not only heal, but they also have crowd control capabilities that will help other classes in the game. They also have strong spells that can help in assist damage.

* High Assist, Survival, and Range that lets them prolong Allies and lets them assist with damage
* Crowd Control abilities that can stop opponents even for a short period
* Decent magical damage that lets them perform on solo quests

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