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Dragon Raja Gunslinger Guide

Dragon Raja Walkthrough and Guide by Paul (vhayste)
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Welcome to our Dragon Raja Gunslinger Guide. This page discusses about the Gunslinger, read on to see their role, the build you want to focus on, as well as learning about their skills and talents.



The Gunslinger is a ranged combat specialist that uses Guns, as well as other things through their skills such as Landmines. Their role is high DPS capabilities in order to take opponents down as fast as possible. You need to manage your distance since your survivability isn’t the highest.

You have 2 skill sets available and you will have an Energy system in order to use skills. Dealing regular attacks will refill your energy, and you can then unleash skills that have this requirement. They have a lot of AoE skills that can help out clear waves of enemies as well. Learning about your surroundings and positioning is vital as a Gunslinger.


As seen in the character creation page, their top stat is Damage as well as their Range. Their skills enable burst damage, as well as area of effects that can take out crowds. You need to assist the front line if they are taking the damage for you. Their survival is moderate and their assist is low, so take that in mind.


What are the main stats that you need to focus on when building a Gunslinger? Since they are a Ranged class, you will need to increase their damage, as well as their Crit level for more burst. Use Gems for your character to gain stats, and focus on the following:

Dexterity – Increases HP, Physical Attack Power, Crit, and MS
Strength – Increases Physical Attack Power, and HP.
Intelligence – Increases HP, MS
Insight – Increases HP, Physical Attack Power, and CDR.
Constitution – Increases HP, Physical Defense, Magical Defense, and Crit Resistance

First Skill Set

Skill Name Description Cooldown
Pulse Bomb Spend 40 Energy to fire a pulse bomb, dealing PDMG to the target and up to 5 nearby enemies. Cannot use when Energy is low. 4 seconds
Wind Shot Deal PDMG to the target and restore 20 Energy, and inflict Wind Mark for 2 sec. Normal attacks and Pulse Bombs trigger Wind Blast when they deal damage a target with Wind Mark, dealing area damage and restoring 2 Energy. 12 seconds
α-particle Cannon Expend all Energy to deal PDMG to up to 5 enemies in a straight line an inflicting Delay for 1.2 sec. 5% increased damage for every 1 Energy spent, up to a maximum of 500%. Requires min 30 Energy, cannot use when Energy is low. Immune to most control effects when activating. Drag skill button to choose attack direction. Can be cancelled by pulling control stick after 1 sec. 40 seconds
Arbiter of Peace Knock away up to 5 surrounding enemies and deal PDMG. Switch to Heave Form for 15 sec. Immune to Delay, normal attack becomes Suppression, MOVE SPD reduced by 25%. Immune to most control effects when activating. 60 seconds

Second Skill Set

Skill Name Description Cooldown
Tesla Solenoid Summon a Tesla Solenoid at the target location for7 sec. Tesla Solenoid shocks 1 random nearby target for every 0.7 sec, dealing PDMG and inflicting Shock for 3 sec. Drag skill button to choose location. 40 seconds
SPI Landmine Place an SPI Landmine which lasts 25 sec and becomes invisible after 3 sec. SPI Landmine will lock onto and pursue an enemy when approached, exploding on contact, dealing PDMG to up to 5 enemies and inflicting Aerial. SPI Landmine can be triggered by invisible targets and can track invisible targets. 20 seconds
Heat Blast Summon a satellite that bombards the target after 3 sec, dealing heavy PDMG to target and up to 5 nearby enemies and inflicting Delay for 1.2 sec. 75 seconds
Stealth Camouflage Enters invisible status and clears all control effects while increasing DEF for 10 seconds. While invisible, enemies cannot see nor select you, but still sustain AoE DMG. 40 seconds.


Talent Level Talent Name Description
S Level Focused Bombardment Orbital Bombardment hits 3, each hit dealing 80% damage with a 3 sec delay.
S Level Gamma Chain Each Normal Attack crit reduces α-particle Cannon cooldown by 2 sec.
S Level Infinite Firepower When in Heavy Form, PDMG taken is reduced by 30% and Suppression recharges Energy. The more enemies hit, the more Energy is recharged.
A Level Fragment Mine SPI Landmine explosion increase crit chance on enemy by 10% for 5 sec.
A Level Concealment When using Stealth Camouflage, gain 6 s of 50% DMG Reduction.
A Level Sneak Attack When releasing a skill in Invisibility mode, Unearth effect is triggered. Within 5 s, Crit Rate is increased by 30% and gain Super Armor.
B Level Explosive Rounds Pulse Bomb Energy cost becomes 60 and deals 150% damage.
B Level Pulsing Wind Wind Shot’s Wind Mark effect duration extended by 3 sec. Each Wind Blast trigger recovers an additional 1 Energy.
B Level Electromagnetic Storm Each Tesla Solenoid discharge affects up to 3 targets.
C Level Precision Strike Each crit grants 1 Precision Strike, increasing Crit DMG by 6% for 10 sec. Stacks up to 5 times.
C Level Charged Implosion Normal attack, Wind Shot and Wind Blast give double Energy on crit.
C Level Charging Core At max Energy, triggers Energy Imbued, increasing all damage dealt by 15% for 6 sec. Triggers once every 10 sec.

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