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Dragon Raja Cuisines Career Guide

Dragon Raja Walkthrough and Guide by Paul (vhayste)
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Have you chosen the Cuisines Career in Dragon Raja? Find out more information in our Cuisines Career guide so you’ll have information on how to improve on your current career. Here we’ll provide you with an overview of this career choice, and how you’ll be able to progress.

Cuisines Home Page

The Cuisines career involves improving your capabilities in the culinary field. This involves different attributes that you need to work on in order to level up. The Home page will provide you with the basic information of your career.

On the left side, you’ll get to see the different levels that you can go through. You start off as a waiter, and you’ll work your way in order to become a Chef Assistant. This will then unlock the next title of your Career as you continue leveling up.

Cuisines Home Page

In order to progress, you need to Level Up specific attributes. Your experience progress is shown in the Cuisines home page, and you can press “Go” to head to the page where you can level it up. Here are the attributes that you’ll work on:

* Ingredient (Gathering and Fishing)
* Cook Ability (Cooking ingredients to make a dish)
* Menu Ability (Learning recipes from different sources)

Once all attributes have been maximized, you will then be able to do a Promotion for your next title. Here you’ll have to Level Up your attributes once again, and you’ll get a new set of level up rewards.

Ingredient Attribute (Food)

The Ingredient attribute will bring you to the Food tab of the Career. Your goal here is to gather different ingredients that are listed. You choose one specific ingredient then use the Go button to start gathering. As you improve collecting food items, you’ll make progress with your ingredient attribute.

Ingredient Page

A map will appear to show you different spots where you can get ingredients. Take note that when gathering or fishing, you'll be provided with a map of different locations you can find your ingredient. However, the location of the ingredient is random and they might not appear on that specific map.

Possible Locations

An Icon will appear to indicate that it can be gathered or fished. Once you have found the item that ingredient, you'll start gathering or fishing it. During this activity, mini-games can also appear to improve your Career progress. This will take some time as well as some vitality, but you will get career points

Getting the ingredient

Cook Ability (Cooking)

The Cook Ability attribute will bring you to the Cooking tab. Here you’ll add items based on the recipes that you’ve unlocked. Check the recipe’s ingredient list, and then get the item first. For example, you’ll need 2 Potatoes for Cumin potatoes. You can purchase this at the ingredient shop.

Ingredient Check

Ingredient Shop

Once you have the ingredients, add the amount you want to cook and then press Cooking. The total amount of time that you will need will appear there and you’ll be brought to the kitchen to begin. You'll just need to wait until the cooking process is complete.

Cooking Process

Menu Ability (Recipe)

The Menu Ability attribute will bring you to the Recipe tab. This section will provide you with Recipes that you can learn from different places. As you get Promoted, you’ll be able to learn more recipes in order to expand your menu knowledge.

Recipe Details

Time will be spent as you learn a new Recipe. A progress bar will appear as well to know how much time is left when learning a new recipe.

Learning Progress

Any Recipe that has a ??? in it means that you have to discover it through the kitchen. This is promoting learning of dishes by yourself by experimenting different combinations.


The Kitchen tab lets you cook two food items from the list of recipes that you have on the left side of the menu. Here, you can choose if you wish to sell your food or gift them.

You’ll choose a Recipe that you have unlocked, then press the “Backup” button to set it up. Once you have chosen the items you’ll want to prepare, you will then press “Process” to begin production.

Kitchen Interface

Once you have started, you will be brought to the Kitchen where you’ll begin preparing the items as long as you have the proper amount of ingredients. Stamina will be consumed as you finish. If you check back on the Kitchen tab, you’ll see that your cooked items will be packaged. Once the processing time is over, you can claim your item. Packaged foods can be sold to other players, and they can be gifted as well.


The Create tab will let you learn new skills through self-study. You’ll be brought to the Kitchen, and you can follow the guide on the screen by pressing the icon on top.

Create Shortcut

Follow the process on the book and you’ll navigate your way around the Kitchen. You can refer to the steps on the right side of the menu so you’ll know what you need to do.

Kitchen Guide

The end step will require you to appraise what you cooked. Once this process is finished, you will get a dish checking what you made was a success or not. Dishes that are not successful will be turned to Dark Cuisine. The create section urges you to experiment and try different cooking methods and discover dishes.



Whenever you do actions that require time such as gathering, learning, and cooking, there will be instances where mini-games will appear. Completing the games will improve your career proficiency and they'll help spend time as you wait for your current process to finish.


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How do you complete second promotion? I've been struggling with it for days. It says I dont have enough of the meal but there is plenty in my inventory.
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