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Dragon Raja Assassin Guide

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Welcome to our Dragon Raja Assassin Guide. This page discusses about the Assassin Class, read on to see their role, the build you want to focus on, as well as learning about their skills and talents.



The Assassin is a mixed combat specialist that uses am Exoskeleton, they deal magical damage and they can attack from afar as well as switching forms in order to deal close combat. Their role is high DPS with versatility in their range. You need to assess situations that call for if you need to attack near or afar.

Your default form lets you deal attacks from range, you can deal magical damage and inflict different statuses on opponents that can let them be taken down faster. Once they switch to their shadow form, you’ll get faster attack speed as well as close Combat properties.


As seen in the character creation page, they have the highest difficulty amongst all classes. You’ll have to be aware of your forms, as well as the different effects of your skills in order to maximize its potential. They have high damage and explosion stats as well that makes them focused on taking opponents down. However, they have one of the lowest survivability, so you need to know your positioning at all times.


What are the main stats that you need to focus on when building a Assassin? Since they are a Ranged class, you will need to increase their damage, as well as their MS (Multistrike) level for more burst. Use Gems for your character to gain stats, and focus on the following:

Intelligence – Increases HP, Magic Attack Power, MS

Dexterity – Increases HP, Magic Attack Power, Crit, and MS

Insight – Increases HP, Magic Attack Power, and CDR.

Constitution – Increases HP, Physical Defense, Magical Defense, and Crit Resistance

Hunt Skill Set

Skill Name Description Cooldown
Prelude Dawn Pulsating energy from the earth deals MDMG to the target and up to 5 nearby enemies. 6 seconds
Dark Rhapsody Obsidian power drags nearby non-player targets to the epicenter, inflicting 30% Slow. Drag skill button to choose cast target. 12 seconds
Nocturne Luna Throw a spinning blade that stays at the target location for 3 sec, dealing continuous MDMG to up to 5 enemies in its path. Explodes when time expires, dealing heavy MDMG. While skill is in effect, use Moon Shadow to teleport to the location of the blade. Drag skill button to choose cast direction. 20 seconds
Moon Shadow Cause Moonlight Blade to explode immediately, dealing Magic damage to up to 5 nearby enemies. Skill damage increases with Moonlight level. n/a
Crystal Coffin Obsidian crystal shell protects against all damage and control effects but prevents movement and use of skills. Lasts 8 sec. Crystal Coffin can be cancelled at any time. 40 seconds
Dark Shadow Form Switches to dark shadow form, changing normal attacks to melee while becoming invisible, being immune to control and increasing move speed by 30% for 5 seconds; if proactively decloaked, also grants a bonus 3 seconds of control immunity. Stacks with control immunity from Dark Hunt. If there is an enemy target, uses Hunt Mark to tag the target, reducing MDEF and ignoring target invisibility for 10 seconds’ targets killed while tagged by Hunt Mark reset all dark shadow form skill cooldowns. 20 seconds. Cooldown only begins when shifting back to hunter form.

Dark Shadow Skill Set

Skill Name Description Cooldown
Soul Fissure Two swift strikes deal MDMG to up to 5 enemies within 3m in front, inflicting 30% Slow for 3 sec. 5 seconds
Shadow Dart Throw 3 nether darts, dealing MDMG to enemis in their path and inflicting Nether Mark for 10 sec. Drag skill button to choose cast direction. 15 seconds. Each normal attack hit in Shadow Form reduces cooldown by 0.3 sec.
Shadow Strike Charge at the target, dealing MDMG to up to 5 enemies at the target location. If any new targets have Nether Mark, remove Nether Mark and reset Shadow Strike Cooldown. Drag skill button to choose cast direction. 12 seconds
Obsidian Edge Create a massive obsidian shard that tracks the target, dealing AOE MDMG. If target has Nether Mark, remove Nether Mark and deal an additional 50% damage and causing 2 sec delay. 20 seconds
Void Storm Reseal dragon bone with Void Eclipse, witching from Shadow Form to Hunter Form. Normal attack and Dawn based MDMG are increased while in Hunter Form. 3 seconds


Talent Level Talent Name Description
S Level Last Waltz When in Dark Shadow Form, targets that have 20% or lower HP are dealt an additional 25% DMG.
S Level Death Aria Obsidian Edge increases MDMG taken by target by 25% for 5 sec. If target has Nether Mark, Obsidian Edge will not remove the mark and resets Nether Mark remaining time to 10 sec.
S Level Nibelungen Song When in Dark Shadow Form, Multistrike: Earthquake will grant you with a shield that absorbs 2335 DMG. When in Hunter Form, Multistrike: Earthquake has 20% chance of casting a Domain underneath the target; 7190 MDMG.
A Level Funeral Bells Dark Hunt and Hunt Mark’s invisibility time are increased by 3 s. After invisibility is broken, the next Soul Fissure will reduce target’s Magic Defense by 30% for 5 s, and inflict target with Delay Effect for 2 s.
A Level Requiem Crystal Coffin resets Moonlight cooldown.
A Level Echo of Soul Dawn and Soul Fissure trigger Multistrike: Earthquake’s rate is 2 x of its base rate.
B Level Dissonance Each time Multistrike: Earthquake is triggered, there is a 20% chance to inflict Nether Mark on target.
B Level Moon Serenade If Moon Shadow hits a target, reduce Moonlight cooldown by 5 sec, and increase damage dealt by the next Moonlight by 40% for 20 sec.
B Level Crystal Sonata Dark Rhapsody summons a crystal that explodes after some time, dealing 4316 MDMG and inflicting Delay for 1.2 sec.
C Level Triple Variation When Multistrike: Earthquake is triggered, gain an additional Variation effect, increasing Earthquake damage by 4% & nbsp for 15 sec (stacks). When effect is at level 3, Variation becomes Finale, increasing Earthquake damage by 20% for 20 sec.
C Level Heroic Sonata Adjust stance based on remaining HP. For every 10% remaining HP, increase damage dealt by 1%; for every 10% HP lost, reduce damage taken by 1%
C Level Magic Melody When dealing DMG to targets with Hunt Mark, all skill cooldowns during Dark Shadow are reduced by 1 s. This effect only triggers once every 0.5 s.

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