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Deep Rock Galactic Walkthrough and Guide by Paul (vhayste)
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Deep Rock Galactic is an amazing dungeon crawler-shooter where you can play as one of the four dwarven types (class) while digging through procedurally-generated caverns and tunnels in mineral-rich locations in space. Since each dwarf has their own specialties and equipment loadouts, learning more about each of them and what they’re capable of will help you decide which dwarf matches your desired gameplay. In this page, we’ll cover one of the Dwarf classes in the game: the Scout.


Out of the four dwarves, the scout is the most agile and versatile. He can light up caverns using sticky flares from his Flare Gun, which can illuminate areas that your normal fleas can’t reach. The Scout also has access to the Grappling Hook, which doesn’t consume ammo but will retract back once the Scout has been pulled towards the spot he hooked onto. The Scout synergizes well with the Engineer’s Platform Gun which will allow the scout to even mine ores from elevated cavern walls or areas.

For combat, the Scout has to rely on his default Assault Rifle and Sawed-off Shotgun, giving him access to both long-range and close-range engagement options. The Scout’s three throwable options (IFG, Cryo Grenade, and Pheromone Canister) don’t deal direct damage. As such, the Scout may struggle against swarms of enemies since his loadout isn’t suited for crowd control. The Scout can only have issues completing solo missions due to this weakness.


Each dwarf has 8 pieces of gear. Each of them can be upgraded individually using credits or crafting resources. Currently, there are two unlockable weapons per class. These unlockable weapons are tied to their respective Assignments. Once the weapon assignment (quest) has been completed, you’ll be able to purchase them from the upgrade terminal.

* Deepcore GK2
* M1000 Classic (unlockable)

* Jury-Rigged Boomstick
* Zhukov NUK17 (unlockable)

* Grappling Hook (Traversal Tool)
* Flare Gun
* "Fox" Armor Rig

For the throwables, all dwarves will start off with their default throwables (1st option). After reaching the required rank to unlock the other two throwable options, players have to buy the other throwables using credits and crafting resources.
* Inhibitor-Field Generator
* Cryo Grenade (Unlocks at Rank 5)
* Pheromone Canister (Unlocks at Rank 10)

Strategies / Weapon Tips

For the overall gameplay tips, please check out our dedicated Beginner’s Guide.

Deepcore GK2
* This assault rifle is effective at medium-to-close range with decent damage but somewhat sluggish rate of fire.
* The gun’s recoil is minimal but can build up quickly through continuous fire. It’s recommended to tap-fire when firing at a distance, then use the full auto fire at close range.
* Can quickly rack up damage when used to target enemy Weak Points.

M1000 Classic
* This long-ranged, semi-automatic rifle can change the scout’s gameplay from a standard rifleman to a sniper. This weapon boasts outstanding accuracy at excellent ranges.
* Enables the use of “Focus Mode” which ensures near-perfect accuracy and deal double damage at the cost of two bullet rounds.
* Capable of dealing extensive damage to special and heavy enemies, especially when used to target enemy Weak Points.
* The downsides of the weapon include low ammo capacity, and the permanent semi-auto rate of fire makes the user vulnerable to being overrun easily.

Jury-Rigged Boomstick
* A standard, double-barreled shotgun as a sidearm with a powerful recoil.
* Deals extensive damage at near point-blank range though this damage will get drastically reduced as the distance is increased.

Zhukov NUK17
* This is a pair of automatic pistols that boasts an extremely high fire rate that can shred through most enemies at close or medium ranges.
* Has a considerable magazine size and reserve ammo, which are counted as a single pool from your HUD. Due to its high fire rate, the weapon can burn through all of its ammo rather quickly.
* This is a great sidearm for the M1000 Classic since that rifle lacks any sort of crowd-control capabilities.

Grappling Hook
* Can hook into any surface and will pull the scout towards the spot the hook was dug in.
* Best supported by a platform gun, allowing the scout to easily collect resources and even have a good vantage point especially in large caverns.
* This tool has an impressive short cooldown between uses and doesn’t consume any type of ammo.

Flare Gun
* This tool fires special flares that can stick to any surface. The special flares burn brighter and longer than the standard flares but have limited ammo reserves.
* Best used in large caverns where the team may spend some time mining or fighting off the swarm.

Inhibitor-Field Generator
* This throwable doesn’t deal direct damage but will deal special effects on the enemies that pass through it. First, all enemies crossing the field will get slowed down by up to 75% and will be weakened by 30%. This weakening effect also makes it easier to kill tanks and special enemies that get afflicted.
* The electrical field this tool generates isn’t that huge but can stay on the field for quite a while, with only a handful of creatures able to resist its effects.
* You can carry up to six of these throwables instead of the standard four throwables.

Cryo Grenade
* This throwable flash-freezes enemies almost instantaneously. Frozen enemies are immobilized and will take increased damage from attacks, making it easier to kill them.
* The freezing effects may vary from different enemies and sizes. Larger, frozen enemies seem to thaw out quicker.

Cryo Grenade
* When thrown at enemies, it will cause them to fight each other which makes this throwable a very effective crowd-control tool. However, take note that there’s a limited amount of enemies that can be affected by the pheromone.
* Affected enemies will form a tight group of cluster, making them easy targets for well-placed AoE shots or grenades.
* Larger enemies can ignore the effect unless they’re directly targeted.

That’s our dedicated guide for the Scout. As we’ve mentioned, the game is ideally enjoyed when played online via multiplayer, especially with friends. Feel free to try out various dwarves in easier missions to learn more about their individual playstyle, strengths, and weaknesses. Please check out our other helpful topics for this game in this guide.

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