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Abyss Bar Guide

Deep Rock Galactic Walkthrough and Guide by Paul (vhayste)
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Abyss Bar Guide

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Space Mining in Deep Rock Galactic can be risky and stressful at the same time. Thankfully, there’s a bar in the Space Rig where you and your dwarf friends can drink and relax. In this page, we will discuss the benefits offered by this facility and how it can help you for your future missions.

The Abyss Bar is located in the main hall of the Space Rig and is tended by the robot bartender named Llyod. Once players reach Rank 3, they’ll be able to purchase Beers from the bar. Each drink costs credits while some craftable drinks will also require some ingredients to be handed over as well. The beers offered by the bar can also intoxicate dwarves, especially those who consumed too much. It is possible to pass out from being too drunk, and wake up sober in the infirmary (if you passed out alone) or until one of your friends revive you. It’s possible to start a mission while completely drunk though this will not provide any practical benefits.

Corporate Drinks

These drinks are always available on the menu. You only need to spend credits to avail them though the beers available will require particular Ranks to reached first.
Drink Credits Rank Potency Description
Oily Oaf Brew 35 3 Safe for Work (+12% intoxication) The Oily Oaf. A classic. While one of the lighter drinks available, the rich, buttery aftertaste coupled with the low price tag means the Oaf is here to stay.
Leaf Lover's Special 25 3 Buzzkilling (cures intoxication) The Leaf Lover is on this chart entirely to please Management. It'll kill your buzz faster than a pay cut, and leave you with the same empty feeling in your gut. Still, it can be handy on Inspection Day - just don't let anyone know you had one.
Glyphid Slammer 85 7 Strong (+20% intoxication) An adventurous mix of a cheap, powerful ale with an equally cheap, powerful energy drink. The result is almost, but not quite, entirely undrinkable. But it sure does put a spring in your step.

Today’s Special (Drinks)

These are 8 special drinks that apply a buff once consumed. The selection is rotated between mission rotations and only one can be sold at a time. Furthermore, the beer buff, as we call it, can’t stack. The buff will last for the entire mission. However, on Deep Dives, the buff will last for the entire dive (total of 3 missions).

To unlock the whole special inventory, you’ll need to pay for the Beer License first which will cost you the following:
* 1000 credits
* 5 Barley Bulb
* 10 Yeast Cone
* 10 Malt Star
* 15 Starch Nut

These crafting materials need to be harvested manually during missions. They can appear in any mission type. To ensure that you don’t miss them, regularly scan the various objects in caves so you’ll get the hold of what these materials look like in the wild.
Drink Buff Price Potency Description
Backbreaker Stout +Carry movement speed. 1 Barley Bulb Strong (+25% intoxication) An invigorating and foamy brew, putting pep and zest in any true-blooded dwarf's blood!
Red Rock Blaster +Max Health 1 Barley Bulb Safe For Work (+12% intoxication) When you absolutely, positively got to kill everything in your path, accept no substitutes. Equal parts prime aged stout, habanero sauce, and military-grade combat stim, the Red Rock Blaster will make you see RED!
Dark Morkite Increases the amount of Morkite mined. 2 Barley Bulb Regular (+16% intoxication) The original DRG-approved brew. Bitter and heady, though not so strong as to incapacitate the workforce.
Skull Crusher Ale +Pickaxe base damage 2 Barley Bulb Strong (+20% intoxication) The cosmic fury of a thousand raging suns course through this midnight-black, glistening concoction. People ask why we remember Karl. People ask what made him a legend. Rumor has it Skull Crusher Ale is at least partly to blame. Make of that what you will. Beware.
Slayer Stout Reduces the Pickaxe Power Attack cooldown 2 Barley Bulb Strong (+23% intoxication) A rare and much desired brew. Continuing the millennia-old tradition, this heady ale was imbibed by the strongest, most fiercest, most absolutely rabid dwarves of old before heading into glorious battle seeking an honorable end. Not for the faint of heart.
Pots O' Gold Increases the amount of Gold mined. 3 Barley Bulb Regular (+16% intoxication) Pots O' Gold - otherwise known as "Liquid Luck" - has been known to instill any red-blooded dwarf with sharply enhanced senses and an impressive lust for sweet, sweet! Riches surely await anyone lucky enough partake of this elusive brew.
Rocky Mountain Increases Pickaxe Hit per terrain 3 Barley Bulb Regular (+16% intoxication) A touch of class. A thinker's drink. Quaffing this heady brew imparts an awesome sense of oneness with the rock around you, letting you carve through it like butter.
Tunnel Rat Reduces fall damage. 3 Barley Bulb Safe For Work (+12% intoxication) The Smoothest of brews, known to instill such confidence and grace into even the clumsiest dwarf as to make any sober dwarf blanch. Be warmed: Overconfidence is not covered by the company insurance.

Craft Beer

These beers have no practical buff on missions and their effects can only take place in the Space Rig. However, they do provide amusing interaction when drunk. To unlock the whole craftable beer inventory, you’ll need to pay for the Beer License which will cost you the amount of credits and ingredients listed below. You don’t need to stock up on these in one go; you can unlock the beers listed below based on your rank as well.
* 10300 credits
* 160 Yeast Cone
* 174 Malt Star
* 267 Starch Nut

The beers will be listed according to their availability based on Rank.
* xxxc = credits cost
* YC = Yeast Cone
* MS = Malt Star
* SN = Starch Nut

Beer Beer License Effect Cost Description
Arkenstout Rank 5, 350c, 5YC, 22MS, 3SN A blizzard freezes the player and encases him in ice. 4ms An ancient recipe going back millenia, tasting of honor, gold, and glory days of yore. Served best chilled to near absolute zero.
Blackout Stout Rank 5, 250c, 4YC, 4MS, 12SN Instantly causes the player to get dead drunk, passing out in the process. 3SN Renowned through space and time, a tankard of Blackout is enough to knock out almost anyone. A true test for the true drunkard.
Flintlocke's Delight Rank 5, 350c, 14YC, 5MS, 11SN Random explosions will trigger around the player, blasting him off different random directions. 3YC, 2SN How does it work? Eldritch magic? Genetic tampering? Nobody knows! Suffice to say, Flintlocke's Delight is a favorite of demolitionists everywhere. Also, it tastes great - if you got a love for gunpowder, anyway.
Underhill Deluxe Rank 5, 350c, 17YC, 5SM, 8SN The player becomes smaller. 4YC In a hole in the ground, there lived a brewer. Not a nasty, dirty, wet hole, filled with the ends of worms and an oozy smell, nor yet a dry, bare, sandy hole with nothing in it to sit down on or to drink; it was a brewery, and that means beer. This beer, in fact. And it is lovely.
Blackreach Blonde Rank 8, 500c, 23YC, 10MS, 7SN The player will be set ablaze. 6MS What's cooking? Why, YOU are! The Burning Love is famous for its powerful taste and utter disregard for the Scoville Scale. Ingest at your own risk.
Gut Wrecker Rank 8, 500c, 7YC, 21MS, 12SN The player will burp so hard that their screen shakes. 1MS, 4SN Equal parts carbon dioxide, nitric acid, and maple syrup, the Gut Wrecker is a peculiar but exceptionally tasty brew - if you manage to keep it down, that is. Has been known to be quite fizzy.
Blacklock Lager Rank 11, 1000c, 12YC, 7MS, 31SN The screen will darken and the player hears ghostly noises. 2YC, 5SN An ominous concoction, so thick and black that you'd think it was taken from the very core of Hoxxes itself. Any rumors around psychotic episodes and hallucinations connected to this brew are purely anecdotal. Or so they say…
Malt Rockbearer Rank 11, 750c, 30YC, 10MS, 10SN The player grows larger. 6YC A classic, malty brew with a distinctive tangy aftertaste, the Rockbearer is known to be behind many great dwarven feats. Be advised: Management will not reimburse any amount of clothes torn or vocal chords ruptured as a result of enjoying this drink.
Seasoned Moonrider Rank 14, 1000c, 10YC, 15MS, 35SN Player becomes lighter and will enjoy low-gravity effects. 3MS, 4SN Malthy and sweet, the Seasoned Moonrider is a distinguished brew that's sure to put a kick in your step.
Wormhole Special Rank 17, 1500c, 10YC, 20MS, 40SN Teleports a player to a random location. 1YC, 2MS, 3SN There are some breweries out there that will go to any lengths to attract customers. There are dark rumors surrounding the Wormhole Special - dark and ominous as the blackness of space itself - but damn if it ain't tasty even so. Drink with caution and respect. Grasp your knees tightly and close your eyes. It'll be over soon.
Mactera Brew Rank 20, 1500c, 15YC, 10MS, 55SN Player farts loudly, creating a thick, green cloud. 1MS, 6SN A delightful, tangy brew. In accordance with DRG's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"-guidelines, the Mactera Brew quickly rose to prominence among the crew - as long as everyone agreed not to discuss the ingredients…
Smart Stout Rank 23, 1500c, 7YC, 17MS, 37SN Player will talk like a genius scientist. 4MS, 2SN While most drinking has a tendency to slow you down, Smart Stout stands out by doing the opposite. Imbibe enough of this rich, golden nectar and you'll be solving complex orbital insertion equations faster than you can say "This drink, I like it! Another!". How? It's said Science is involved. Somehow.

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