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Random Events Guide

Deep Rock Galactic Walkthrough and Guide by Paul (vhayste)
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Random Events Guide

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In Deep Rock Galactic, missions make up the core gameplay. This is the only way to earn credits, XP, and materials for upgrading your equipment. The game will give the most tenacious dwarves huge bounties for completing riskier and tougher missions. However, there is a chance for a Random Event to trigger in a mission, providing additional rewards or challenges. In this page, we’ll discuss various random events that you may encounter when on a mission.

Cargo Crates

This random event has a 16.66% chance of triggering. You’ll encounter a broken cargo crate that contains a lot of crafting resources, as well as a cosmetic reward like Framework weapon skins or Victory Moves. Each player will receive a reward. If a player already has the same weapon skin or victory move awarded to them, there will be no duplicates; the game will award the player a different skin or move instead.

To open it, you’ll need to find two batteries within 30m of the crate, in any direction. (this includes other caves or tunnels within the specified distance) The batteries will have beeping noise that will help you locate them. After finding the batteries, you’ll have to carry them back to the crate and insert them. After inserting both batteries, you must manually repair the crate to get its contents.

The crafting materials you’ll obtain will depend on the biome where you found the crate, as listed below:
Biome Crafting Resource
Crystalline Caverns Jadiz, Bismor
Dense Biozone Bismor, Umanite
Fungus Bogs Croppa, Jadiz
Glacial Strata Magnite, Umanite
Magma Core Magnite, Croppa
Radioactive Exclusion Zone Umanite, Enor Pearl
Salt Pits Enor Pearl, Bismor
Sandblasted Corridors Enor Pearl, Magnite
Azure Weald Croppa, Umanite
Hollow Bough Jadiz, Bismor

The Frameworks awarded to the players will be randomly chosen from the 96 possible frameworks from 6 different sets as listed below:
* Custom Engineered
* Fourth Relic
* Glyphid Trophy Hunter
* Mechanized
* Neonband
* Scale Brigade

There are 36 possible Victory Moves from 9 sets listed below. Like the other rewards, the reward is chosen at random:
* Beer Toss
* Classic Flex
* Handstand
* Praise Me
* Sharp Salute
* Smug Pushups
* Swarmer Infestation
* Swarmer Kick
* Three Point Landing

Lost Pack

Similar to the Cargo Crates, this mission has a 16.7% chance to trigger, regardless of the mission’s length, complexity, or hazard level. When you hear a beeping noise, search for the source to find a helmet that you can interact with. This will update the Terrain Scanner tool and display the pack’s location underground, around 100m away. Head to the marked spot and dig through it to find a small room full of crafting resources and a lost pack that will award players with a random cosmetic reward.

Each player will receive a random special armor paintjob or customization option for their Pickaxe. There will be no duplicate reward; the game will provide players with a different cosmetic reward just in case they already own the cosmetic option awarded to them.

Once you’ve located the Lost Pack, its immediate location will contain a huge chunk of Gold and Crafting Materials. The crafting materials you’ll obtain will depend on the biome where you found the crate, as listed below:
Biome Crafting Resource
Crystalline Caverns Jadiz, Bismor
Dense Biozone Bismor, Umanite
Fungus Bogs Croppa, Jadiz
Glacial Strata Magnite, Umanite
Magma Core Magnite, Croppa
Radioactive Exclusion Zone Umanite, Enor Pearl
Salt Pits Enor Pearl, Bismor
Sandblasted Corridors Enor Pearl, Magnite
Azure Weald Croppa, Umanite
Hollow Bough Jadiz, Bismor

There are 20 Armor Paintjobs that players can possibly get from Lost Packs. This paintjob can be applied to any armor unlocked by the player.

* Colossus
* Intricate Carver
* Mud Runner
* Muddy Path
* Splattered

* Ember Fury
* Grunge Buster
* Splattered
* Teacher's Pet
* Top Dog

* Copperbug
* Distant Fields
* Mercury Bulwark
* Splattered
* Topsoil Defender

* Aqua Force
* Dark Stripes
* Frigid Tiger
* Subtle Shadow
* Splattered

There are 40 possible Pickaxe Customization parts that will be randomly awarded to the players. There are 6 sets divided into seven different parts: Frontblade, Head, Backblade, Shaft, Handle, Pommel and Paintjob. Here are the list of six possible paintjobs for pickaxes:
* Bug Hide
* Carven Pride
* Hammerblow
* Incorruptible
* Jagged Son
* Pneumatic

Machine Events

This event has a 25% chance to trigger. Players can obtain bonus credits and XP for completing these events, as well as a Weapon Overclock or Matrix Core cosmetic. These cosmetic options can only be acquired if the player owns a Blank Matrix Core. (The Blank Matrix Core is acquired on the first stages of Deep Dives or special weekly assignments)

To activate the event, players need to own a Tritilyte Key. (This reusable item is only acquired by the players after promoting any dwarf for the first time) They need to put the Tritilyte Key into the Core Infuser then activate the event by pressing the four buttons in the main platform. Once the event starts, a 3-minute timer will start. The players must complete the event within the time limit or if they fail, their Core Infuser will become unusable for their Blank Matrix Core.

Machine Events are divided into four different types, which we will summarize below:

Ebonite Mutation
The goal of this event type is to kill waves of Ebonite Glyphids and reach the required amount of points within the allotted time. Ebonite Grunts gives 1 point while Ebonite Praetorians give 2 points. These special bugs can only be damaged by melee attacks (as well as Impact Axes) and can also be Frozen.

The machine will also release a glowing canister in regular intervals that can be picked up by any dwarf. This will give them a temporary buff that greatly lowers the cooldown of their Power Attacks.

Kursite Infection
In this event type, players are required to kill special, infected bugs and collect the Kursite they drop, and bring them to the Kursite Analyzer deployed nearby. The objective is to collect a certain amount of Kursite within the allotted time. These special infected bugs have yellow crystals implanted on them and upon death, will drop Kursite. The amount of Kursite samples required will depend on the number of players as well.

Omen Modular Exterminator
In this event, your team will be required to destroy Modular Extermination Towers within the allotted time. These machines have 70% resistance to explosion, fire, and frost. The Cooling Tanks will take more damage from shots or weapoints that aim for weak point. To destroy the towers, players have to destroy the cooling tanks. In turn, these cooling tanks can only be exposed for attack when players stand on three different platforms around the tower until authorization is granted, exposing a tower where the platform is connected to.

The tower will also have its automated defense system, ranging from homing drones, automated heavy machine guns, slicing lasers, and a powerful pulse weapon that deals extreme damage to anything that it hits.

Tritilyte Crystal
The objective for this event type is to destroy the Tritilyte Shard using the provided Nanite Bombs within the allotted time. The nanite bombs must be carried over manually by dwarves to the crystal shard and throw/detonate the bomb until the crystal is destroyed. Since these bombs are heavy, the dwarves carrying them will be defenseless.

Machine Event Rewards
After completing the event, players need to insert a Blank Matrix Core to the core infuser to receive one of the three reward options listed below. The Matrix Core will always be used up regardless if the player selects a reward or not.
* Random Weapon Overlock
* Random Matrix Core Cosmetic
* If all rewards have been collected, players will get Mineral Containers with 120 crafting resources inside.

Creature Encounters

These are random events where players can encounter unique and incredibly rare creatures while exploring. It is possible to have multiple encounters in a single mission; however no single special creature will appear twice in a single session.

Special Creature Spawn Chance Description
BET-C 6% This combat M.U.L.E is hijacked by Xynarch Charge-Suckers parasites. It will be initially hostile to the dwarves but after killing the parasites, it can be repaired. Once fixed and reprogrammed, BET-C will follow the players around for the remainder of the mission and will actively engage enemies with its arsenal.
Korlok Tyrant-Weed 6% This stationary organic threat has sprouts and pods that will attempt to spit corrosive balls to the dwarves, similar to a Spitball Infector. Players must destroy all sprouts and pods for it to reveal its vulnerable core. This mini-boss will also have a healing ability so all dwarves must focus fire on the core once it becomes vulnerable. When defeated, players can collect Tyrant Shards which award a considerable amount of XP and credits - further multiplied by the mission’s hazard level.
Glyphid Crassus Detonator 3% On top of the 3% spawn chance, this creature will appear only on Hazard 1 missions after completing the AssignmentConquer Hoxxes IV”. When killed, this bug will leave behind a massive crater of gold that players can collect.
Huuli Hoarder 15% This elusive creature will scamper away if players disturb it. However, if killed, it will leave behind a massive trove of crafting resources.
Golden Loot Bug 15% Just kill this loot bug to receive 120 gold.

That concludes our quick guide about different random events in Deep Rock Galactic. The game is ideally enjoyed when played online via multiplayer, especially with friends. This will make your progression in the game much bearable and faster. Please check out our other helpful topics for this game in this guide.

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