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Deep Rock Galactic Walkthrough and Guide by Paul (vhayste)
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Deep Rock Galactic is an amazing dungeon crawler-shooter where you can play as one of the four dwarven types (class) while digging through procedurally-generated caverns and tunnels in mineral-rich locations in space. Since each dwarf has their own specialties and equipment loadouts, learning more about each of them and what they’re capable of will help you decide which dwarf matches your desired gameplay. In this page, we’ll cover one of the Dwarf classes in the game: the Driller.


The driller is a dwarf equipped with powerful Titanium Powerdrills which allows him to quickly and efficiently dig through rocks and soil. This gives the driller the power to shape the terrain to his will. A driller can efficiently create paths and shortcuts, making it easier to find your way back to the drop pod during the extraction or connecting fuel lines during Salvage Operation missions. The powerdrills come with limited fuel and can be prone to overheating when used continuously. So even if the drills can be used in combat, you’re better off saving its fuel for it’s intended purpose. Take note that the powerdrills can’t break through large ores required on some mission objectives and you’ll still need to use the pickaxe to collect it.

The driller has some notable weapons at his disposal. He starts with a flamethrower that can instantly fry weaker enemies and deal heavy damage over time to larger enemies - including armored targets. This weapon is even more potent when used against enemies with vulnerability to fire like those bugs living in the Glacial Strata. However, there are also certain enemies that the flamethrower will struggle against, especially those large bugs with fire resistance.

Later on, he can swap it for a cryo cannon that can freeze and immobilize enemies instead. The driller also has access to Satchel Charges which can easily clear out rocks and bugs due to its high explosive power and blast radius. However, a driller should use this with caution since it’s possible to down your own teammates if they get caught in the blast from the satchel charges.

Doing solo missions can be quite challenging for a driller but his loadout will prove quite useful if he has allies to take advantage of the benefits he can bring on the table, as well as covering his glaring weaknesses, especially in combat.


Each dwarf has 8 pieces of gear. Each of them can be upgraded individually using credits or crafting resources. Currently, there are two unlockable weapons per class. These unlockable weapons are tied to their respective Assignments. Once the weapon assignment (quest) has been completed, you’ll be able to purchase them from the upgrade terminal.

* CRSPR Flamethrower
* Cryo Cannon (unlockable)

* Subata 120
* Experimental Plasma Charger (unlockable)

* Reinforced Power Drills (Traversal Tool)
* Satchel Charge (High Explosive)
* "Mole" Armor Rig

For the throwables, all dwarves will start off with their default throwables (1st option). After reaching the required rank to unlock the other two throwable options, players have to buy the other throwables using credits and crafting resources.
* Impact Axe
* High Explosive Grenade (Unlocks at Rank 5)
* Neurotoxin Grenade (Unlocks at Rank 10)

Strategies / Weapon Tips

For the overall gameplay tips, please check out our dedicated Beginner’s Guide.

CRSPR Flamethrower
* If flames reach the ground, fire will continue to burn there, damaging enemies that step on them.
* Creatures exposed to the fire will eventually be set aflame, causing additional damage.
* The flame jet that pierce through multiple enemies, making it an ideal crowd control weapon.
* The flamethrower has limited range so the player needs to get into short or medium range to use it effectively.
* Limited range leaves the driller vulnerable to flying enemies or ranged attackers.

Cryo Cannon
* This weapon can freeze enemies, leaving them immobile and will take three times the damage when attacked, including their armor.
* Enemies killed while frozen won’t activate their on-death effects like the detonation caused by a dying Glyphid Exploder.
* This weapon’s low base damage will require the help of allied firepower to effectively eliminate frozen enemies.
* With a limited range similar to the flamethrower, the cryo cannon also suffers the same vulnerability against flying or ranged enemies.

Subata 120
* This is a semi-automatic weapon that can reach enemies that normally are outside the flamethrower or cryo cannon’s range, with lots of reserve ammo.
* The weapon can deal considerable damage when fired at enemy Weak Points.

Experimental Plasma Charger
* This weapon has two firing modes: the default is rapid fire and the other is a powerful charged shot that deals higher damage and a bigger blast radius at the cost of more ammo consumed.
* This weapon doesn’t have a clip; it will draw its ammo from the reserved ammo pool, removing the need for it to be reloaded.
* Cannot maintain a sustained rapid fire since it will overheat and jam. Charged shots will instantly overheat the weapon without the proper modifications attached.

Reinforced Power Drills
* This traversal tool allows the driller to dig through rock and soil at a much faster rate than hammering down with a pickaxe.
* The drills have lots of fuel but breaks between use is needed since it can overheat and jam through continuous use.
* The drills can be used in combat but due to its low damage, the fuel cost versus the damage output is not worth it.
* The powerdrills can’t break through large ores required on some mission objectives and you’ll still need to use the pickaxe to collect it.

Satchel Charge
* This explosive has the highest damage output (from a single source/blast) in the game.
* This weapon has an extensively large blast radius, capable of carving out a large cavern in a tight terrain.
* Charges needed to be planted and manually detonated.
* Extreme safety precaution is needed since the blast can still take out teammates if they happen to be inside the blast radius.

Impact Axe
* These axes are thrown in an arc and will produce an electric blast upon impact.
* While these throwables can deal a lot of damage, it’s better used in finishing off large or special bugs that have been injured or debuffed.
* You can carry at least 8 of these axes per loadout.
* Unlike other throwables, axes that didn’t hit any enemy can be retrieved and reused.

High Explosive Grenade
* This functions like a standard frag grenade with no special properties or effects.

Neurotoxin Grenade
* Upon hitting the ground, a noxious cloud will be released which will slowly fill a wide radius. This cloud is poisonous enemies but harmless to you and your team.
* Poisoned enemies will be damaged over time while also getting slowed down.
* The gas is also flammable; it can explode as soon as it is exposed to any flame source. The explosion can damage enemies AND dwarves. Be careful when using this grenade with the flamethrower as your main weapon.

That’s our dedicated guide for the Engineer. As we’ve mentioned, the game is ideally enjoyed when played online via multiplayer, especially with friends. Feel free to try out various dwarves in easier missions to learn more about their individual playstyle, strengths, and weaknesses. Please check out our other helpful topics for this game in this guide.

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