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Deep Rock Galactic Walkthrough and Guide by Paul (vhayste)
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Deep Rock Galactic is an amazing dungeon crawler-shooter where you can play as one of the four dwarven types (class) while digging through procedurally-generated caverns and tunnels in mineral-rich locations in space. Since each dwarf has their own specialties and equipment loadouts, learning more about each of them and what they’re capable of will help you decide which dwarf matches your desired gameplay. In this page, we’ll cover one of the Dwarf classes in the game: the Engineer.


The Engineer lacks the long-range combat capability of the Gunner and Scout but he can be quite deadly at close range. There are two of the most distinguishing identifiers for the engineer: his Platform Gun and his ability to build automatic turrets. The engineer’s platform gun is just as it is named; when shot at a surface, it will create a stable platform that can also be mined away using pickaxes. A scout can partner up with an engineer to create a platform on steep walls to reach resources and various important mission items. Like other traversal tools in the game, this tool comes with a small amount of ammo so make sure to place platforms appropriately. You also have to be careful since it’s also possible to even hinder your team’s escape if you accidentally blocked an exit with misplaced platforms.

The engineer’s LMG Gun Platform is an auto-turret that can target both ground and flying targets. This turret can be deployed almost anywhere and is ideally positioned on a high location with a good vantage point to provide covering fire. With the right upgrade, the engineer can even deploy two such platforms. These platforms can be recalled by the engineer and when building/deploying the turret, other dwarves can lend a hand to increase the building speed. The only downside of this platform is that it can burn through all its ammo stock and you’ll need to reload it manually to ensure that it will continue attacking.

Though not a combat class, the engineer has access to amazing firepower. His default primary and secondary weapons include an auto shotgun (“Warthog” Auto 210) and a grenade launcher. (Deepcore 40mm PGL). These weapons are potent at close and medium ranges but with limited ammo, you have to make sure that almost all your shots count.

When playing as an engineer, you should have the awareness of your teammates callouts where platforms are needed. Always consider deploying your LMG platform in elevated spots overlooking the team, especially if the team will be spending some time in an area. Keep the LMG turret’s ammo replenished often and don’t forget to retrieve it when the team is moving forth to the next location.


Each dwarf has 8 pieces of gear. Each of them can be upgraded individually using credits or crafting resources. Currently, there are two unlockable weapons per class. These unlockable weapons are tied to their respective Assignments. Once the weapon assignment (quest) has been completed, you’ll be able to purchase them from the upgrade terminal.

* "Warthog" Auto 210 Shotgun
* "Stubby" Voltaic SMG (unlockable)

* Deepcore 40mm PGL
* Breach Cutter (unlockable)

* Platform Gun (Traversal Tool)
* LMG Gun Platform (Sentry Gun)
* "Owl" Armor Rig

For the throwables, all dwarves will start off with their default throwables (1st option). After reaching the required rank to unlock the other two throwable options, players have to buy the other throwables using credits and crafting resources.
* L.U.R.E.
* Plasma Burster (Unlocks at Rank 5)
* Proximity Mine (Unlocks at Rank 10)

Strategies / Weapon Tips

For the overall gameplay tips, please check out our dedicated Beginner’s Guide.

"Warthog" Auto 210 Shotgun
* As like with other shotguns, this weapon deals the most damage the closer the target is.
* This weapon is not great for crowd-control but can be quite devastating against large targets with exposed Weak Points.

Deepcore 40mm PGL
* This grenade launcher has a powerful blast that can damage a large group of enemies per round.
* Launched grenades don’t follow a straight trajectory; instead, grenades follow an arc when fired from the weapon. This arc can be negligible at close range but should be considered when firing at long distances.
* This weapon has a very small ammo stock so you can’t really go crazy and blast whatever you see away. Keep this weapon holstered then whip it out only when you need some serious firepower.

"Stubby" Voltaic SMG
* This weapon has a really high rate of fire so expect it to burn through your ammo supply quickly.
* Its spread increases rather quickly so sustained rapid-fire is not recommended. You can try tap-firing instead.

Breach Cutter
* This heavy weapon can cut through several targets, including allies so watch where you fire.
* The weapon deals continuous damage to any target that has sustained contact with its beam. As such, it’s a very effective crowd-control weapon and can be fatal to large, sturdier targets.

LMG Gun Platform
* This sentry gun can have two variations: the LMG MKII or the Gemini System. The former increases the damage of the sentry while the Gemini System allows the engineer to deploy another sentry (with the same damage output). While the MKII upgrade boasts significant firepower upgrade, having the capability to deploy two sentry guns on two different points will always be strategically favored.
* If you have chosen the Gemini System, you can press the reload key to switch between which sentry you’ll want to redeploy if both are deployed at the same time.
* As mentioned above, an engineer’s teammates can help build the sentry gun to make it deploy faster.
* Recalling a sentry gun will fully restore its ammo. Sometimes, it’s better recalling them instead of going to their locations and manually reloading them.
* Mind the sentry gun placements and make sure to regularly recall and deploy them. They’ll provide the much needed suppressing fire during unwanted swarm raids or nasty surprises especially during extraction.

Platform Gun
* The platforms created by the gun can be dug through using pickaxes.
* As mentioned above, teaming up with a Scout can allow you to gather resources high up on the cavern walls or ceilings.
* Platform placement is crucial, especially if you’ll be able to reach a ledge with a jump-grab or if you can dig a foothold to conserve this tool’s ammo.
* If you have the Plastcrete MKII upgrade installed (reduces fall damage), you can shoot it directly below you to save yourself.
* The platforms created from the gun can block tight spaces. This can work against your team especially during extraction or against enemies by funneling them.

* As with the name, this throwable can be used to lure enemies and take away the heat from your party. This is quite useful especially during extraction or when you’re trying to herd a group of enemies to a single spot to be taken out by AoE attacks.
* It seems that only the standard and weaker enemies can be lured by the hologram. Larger enemies may ignore them.
* The hologram doesn’t have that much HP so the lure can’t stay long especially if swarmed by a large number of enemies.

Plasma Burster
* This grenade generates a chain of explosions (up to 4 times) as soon as it hits the ground.
* Due this grenade’s smaller AoE and explosion’s arrangement, you can maximize the damage by throwing it at a ground of enemies in a straight line.

Proximity Mine
* These mines detonate after a few seconds once an enemy crosses its vicinity.
* These mines are very effective when placed in chokepoints or potential spawn points of enemies during swarms.
* These can also be left behind as you make your way to the extraction point to damage or kill weaker pursuers.

[box color = green] That’s our dedicated guide for the Engineer. As we’ve mentioned, the game is ideally enjoyed when played online via multiplayer, especially with friends. Feel free to try out various dwarves in easier missions to learn more about their individual playstyle, strengths, and weaknesses. Please check out our other helpful topics for this game in this guide.

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