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Assignments Guide

Deep Rock Galactic Walkthrough and Guide by Paul (vhayste)
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Assignments Guide

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Completing missions is an integral part of Deep Rock Galactic. Aside from the neverending grind and missions, your progression as a dwarf will depend on the Assignments you complete. In this page, we will discuss the various assignments in the game.

Assignments can be considered as the game’s main campaign or story mode, which will help you unlock new regions and features. You can only have one assignment at a time, and you can choose it from the Assignment Board Terminal in the Space Rig. You’ll have the freedom to take on any missions you want; however, you’ll need to clear the mandatory mission required in the Assignment in order to proceed.

When selecting a mission from the Mission Selection terminal, the mandatory mission needed to advance your Assignment progress will have a flashing white diamond icon as shown below. You can also check ongoing multiplayer sessions that may include your mandatory mission. If there’s one and you can’t invite/ don’t have friends to play with, you can take your chances and join a public party instead.

Objective: Conquer Hoxxes IV

Welcome aboard, Miner!
Congratulations on your sound decision to sign up for Deep Rock Galactic! In the following series of missions to the surface of Hoxxes IV (or subsurface, really), you will familiarize yourself with Company mining procedures and on the proper handling of Company gear and resources.
Be aware that only the best make it in DRG, the course has a drop-out rate of 67% and 74% of drop-outs are a direct consequence of applicant fatalities.
Don't trouble yourself with such dark thoughts now, however. Welcome to the family. Together, we dig for a better tomorrow!
- Regards,

This assignment is like the beginner’s stage. Completing all 10 missions will unlock all Mission Types and regions, as well as adding new mission complexities to several mission types. As discussed above, you can host the required Mission Type or Join a public session, as long as there’s an Assignment Button and confirmation that your assignment progress will proceed by doing that mission.

Mission Number Mission Type Rewards
1 Mining Expedition Unlocks new Mission Type: Egg Hunt, 2000c, 50 Bismor
2 Egg Hunt Unlocks new Mission Type: On-site Refining, New Mining Expedition Length, 2000c, 50 Enor Pearl
3 On-site Refining Unlocks new biomes: Fungus Bogs, Radioactive Exclusion Zone, 50 Bismor
4 Mining Expedition Unlocks new Mission Type: Salvage Operation, 2500c, 120 Umanite
5 Salvage Operation Unlocks new biomes: Dense Biozone, Glacial Strata, Hollow Bough, New Egg Hunt Complexity, 3500c, 120 Enor Pearl
6 Egg Hunt Unlocks new Mission Type: Point Extraction, New On-site Refining Complexity, 4000c, 80 Jadiz
7 Point Extraction Unlocks new biomes: Azure Weald, Magma Core, Sandblasted Corridors, New Mining Expedition Complexity, New Point Extraction Length, 4000c, 120 Croppa
8 On-site Refining Unlocks new Mission Type: Escort Duty, 5000c, 140 Bismor
9 Escort Duty Unlocks new Mission Type: Elimination, 5000c
10 Elimination New complexity for the following Mission Types: Mining Expedition, Egg Hunt, Elimination, Salvage Operation, 6000c, 180 Magnite, 80 Jadiz, 60 Croppa

Company Benefits: Mineral Trading Network

Trade Terminal Course
Now that you've completed your introductory training, Management is pleased to announce the company-wide Mineral Trading Network. DRG believes it is important to promote a sense of accomplishment and camaraderie among its employees, as well as offering opportunities towards achieving the goals of each employee.
Simply put: Use it to sell off what you don't need, and buy what you're missing. Be advised that a small percentage of proceeds will go to DRG in exchange for administration, taxes, transportation, valuation, oversight, insurance, taxes, storage, liability, drive-market positioning, advertising, maintenance, legal fees, and taxes.
- Regards,

This set of assignments only contains 3 missions, which will unlock the Mineral Trade Terminal in the Space Rig. This Assignment set will only become available after completing the Conquering Hoxxes IV (introductory) assignments.
Mission Number Mission Type Rewards
1 Mining Expedition None
2 Egg Hunt None
3 Point Extraction Unlocks Mineral Trade Terminal, 40 Croppa, 40 Jadiz

Assignment: Breach The Core

Congratulations on your first Promotion! We have this special one-of-a-kind assignment ready for you. It will be a long and tough drill, but you will be rewarded generously with Infused Matrix Cores. Complete this and you will get a good headstart on your collection of WEAPON OVERCLOCKS and Rare COSMETICS.
- Regards,

This set of assignments composed of 9 missions will unlock after obtaining the first Promotion for any of your dwarves. Completing this assignment will award players with 6 Infused Matrix Cores and unlock the Weekly Core Hunt assignment.
Mission Number Mission Type Rewards
1 Mining Expedition Weapon Overclock
2 Point Extraction None
3 Elimination Cosmetic Overclock
4 On-site Refining None
5 Egg Hunt Weapon Overclock
6 Salvage Operation None
7 Point Extraction Weapon Overclock
8 Egg Hunt None
9 Escort Duty Weapon Overclock, Cosmetic Overclock, Unlocks Weekly Core Hunt

New Hazard Level: Lethal

Ready for a challenge?
Very few dwarves truly have what it takes to work the hardest and most lethal work environments Hoxxes has to offer. By the way - part of what it takes is equal doses of stupidity, recklessness and excellent combat skills! Prove yourself worthy and we will grant you access to Hazard Level 5 missions.
- Regards,

This is a short assignment that will unlock Hazard LV5 - Lethal. It is composed of 3 missions, all of which must be tackled and cleared at Hazard LV4. These missions can have mutators as well. Players must reach Rank 10 to gain access to this assignment.
Mission Number Mission Type Rewards
1 Elimination None
2 Point Extraction None
3 Salvage Operation Unlocks Hazard LV5, 3400c, 120 Croppa

Weekly Priority Assignment

Get ready to do overtime!
With the level of incursion on Hoxxes increasing, Management has introduced the Weekly Priority Assignment system to combat the growing workload. It means more jobs done for the Corporation, and hefty dividends paid out to the dedicated employees taking on these priority tasks. This is as close as we'll get to win-win scenarios around here, Miners. Get on it.
- Regards,

At Rank 8, players will be able to accept Weekly Priority Assignments. This assignment is composed of three missions that get rotated weekly. There are no duplicate missions that will be included and the missions that will be included in the assignment will be random. The minerals/crafting resources players will get will depend on the region where the mission takes place.
Mission Number Mission Type Rewards
1 Random Mission Type None
2 Random Mission Type 80 - 130 minerals
3 Random Mission Type 8000c, 80-130 minerals

Weekly Core Hunt

This is your chance to earn an extra MATRIX CORE. We don't really account for this as a true work assignment. We see it more like we are giving our core employees the opportunity to earn a little more for themselves. Complete the assignment and reap your reward!
...You're welcome!
- Regards,

Once you have a Promoted dwarf and completed the “Breach the Core” assignment, you’ll be able to access the Weekly Core Hunts. This assignment is composed of 3 missions. Completing the assignment will award you with both a Weapon Overclock and Cosmetic Overlock. If you already collected all Infused Matrix Cores, you’ll obtain Blank Matrix Cores (used in Machine Events) instead.
Mission Number Mission Type Rewards
1 Random Mission Type Blank Matrix Core
2 Random Mission Type Weapon Overclock
3 Random Mission Type Cosmetic Overclock

That concludes our quick guide about the different Assignments in Deep Rock Galactic. The game is ideally enjoyed when played online via multiplayer, especially with friends. This will make your progression in the game much bearable and faster. Please check out our other helpful topics for this game in this guide.

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