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Stagg Airship Alpha

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When you're ready, head to Founder's Island and go to the tower where the airship is moored. Be careful of the enemy choppers flying around since they'll shoot you if they spot you. Once you reached the location, you'll have to clear out the guards to access the terminal and disable the AA guns pointed at the airship. Your priority also is to take out the guard with the specialized equipment that can detect your Detective Mode. Once the militia's taking care of, access the terminal and put some explosive gel to disable the watchtower.

Next, head to the nearby Wayne International Plaza's rooftop to get the Remote Hacking Device. From the tower glide to the top of the airship and enter it through the service hatch on the top. Enter Detective Mode and find the control panel. Use the RHD to manipulate it and open the hatch.

Once inside, drop down a level below then open the grate. Crawl inside and you'll find a Riddler Trophy. Hack the security console with your RHD to remove the gate and access the Trophy.

Get to the lower level and near the guards. Use the RHD to download the codes from the soldier's handheld so you can hijack the controls of the drone. Incapacitate the guards.

Next, find the security panel beside the airship stability controls. Hack it to open the gate. Head to the stability controls and override it. Tilt the airship forward to force the large metal crate to move and clear the hatch where you need to next.

After going down the hatch, tilt the ship again to the left to clear the path for you. There's another Riddler Trophy you can get here as well. Hack the Riddler Terminal nearby to release the ball containing the trophy. Now you have to access the stability controls again and guide the ball through the series of tubes and openings below.

Drop down, collect the trophy then remote control the magnetic crate using your RHD. Deactivate the magnet, tilt the ship to the right. Disconnect from the stability controls so you can remove the grate to the left of the doorway containing yet another Riddler Trophy.

Rreactivate the magnet then tilt the airship again to the left. This should clear a path for you. Continue inside and you'll find yet another Riddler Trophy. Stand on the pressure plate to light up the green question mark then throw your remote batarang. Go through the opening in the metal mesh and hit the dot on the question mark so you can get the trophy.

When ready, press R1 to pull yourself up but a dual-blade wielding militia will be waiting for you there. Evade his strikes then perform a beatdown to take him out. After that, hack the door controls using the RHD.

You'll find Stagg in the large hall below. There's a lot of soldiers there though they don't have weapons, they have a dual-blade brute with them. Keep an eye to your surrounding build combos, counterattack, and use your environment beatdowns. Keep an eye against charging opponents. Save the brute for last since you can't concentrate taking it down with all the enemies surrounding you.

Talk to Stagg to continue with the scene. You'll hallucinate once more so just keep fighting off the entities and struggle until you snap out of it. Override the stability controls then you have to tilt and reactivate/deactivate the magnetic locks of the metal crates below to clear you a path.

First get near the grate beside the stability control pedestal. Activate the first crate to the left then tilt the ship so the grate to the right clears the way. Activate its magnetic lock afterward.

Enter the grate then continue along the path. Now deactivate the lock of the next crate blocking your way then tilt the ship to the left. Next, place some explosive gel on the wall to the right and blast it. Now tilt the ship again to the right so the crates will go through the space behind the newly opened doorway. Turn to the left then enter the grate there. Follow it to reach a Riddler Trophy.

Leave the grate then move out of the way then tilt the ship to the left first, lock the next crate, then tilt the ship to the right again. This should clear your path past that doorway.

Continue forth and lock the next crate to the right. Tilt the ship to the left to clear the path. Continue to the end of the path and exit the grate.

There's another riddler trophy inside the airlock chamber. Don't mind it for now since we're going to retrieve it in a short while. Continue upstairs and unlock the door ahead by hacking the console using the RHD. Pull yourself up to the hatch above then continue to the right.

Go up the ledge before the large hatch then turn around to find another Riddler Trophy. You need the three Batarang skill before you can target all three question marks and hit them at the same time.

Moving on, you can't go through the biometric locked main hatch. Instead, on the same ledge facing the Riddler Trophy, look up to find a vent where you can go through to reach the Research Lab.

Now you have to clear the whole area first of guards. Once again, there's another specialist soldier that can detect you if you stay in Detective Mode for a long time. Not to mention a drone. Swing to the metal beam so you can get in range and hack the flying drone.

Once you alert the enemies, they'll be smart enough to throw mines on vantage points. Fortunately, you can also use your RHD to trigger some objects in the area to create distractions. Separate the guys and take them out as you please to clear the area.

Once cleared, access the computer and you have to replay the CCTV footage to check any surface Stagg probably touched so Batman can reconstruct the prints. First look in the top left video and replay it. Pause the footage when he touched the floor in the 11:57 mark and select that cell to scan it. Next, play the top right video and review the footage to the 23:03 mark then scan him touching the floor again.

Next, review the lower left video and go to the 37:44 mark to find him touching the wall. Finally, check the last video and play it to the 46.99 mark and scan it.

Once done, you have to find the four locations to scan his fingerprints. Enter detective mode on the locations to use the Evidence Scanner. All of them are found near your position, on the floor behind you, on the stairs, at the base of the stairs and the large door to the left. After getting the full set of fingerprints, you can now take control of Stagg's computer. Once the second airship's auto-turrets are dealt with, you can now freely go through the main door.

One of cages holding a monkey in the far side of the research lab has a riddler mark. Hack the console with your RHD to remove the cover and reveal the monkey. Take note that the monkey will go towards your direction so stand near the pressure pad, hit the dot to remove the barricade and let the monkey go to the pressure pad on the other side of the cage. This will remove the cover of the Riddler Trophy on the ceiling. Use the Bat Claw to get it.

You can find another Riddler Trophy under the deck where you accessed Stagg's computer. Hack the console with your RHD to remove the cover. Like the other monkey, you have to guide the monkey on the two pressure pads within 5 seconds of each other. Keep hitting the question mark's dot to raise the grates and clear the path to the pressure pads. After making the monkey step on the pressure pads quickly, the trophy is yours.

Backtrack to the cargo hold and you'll find more enemies waiting there, including one that can carry an electrical charge and medics. Make the latter your priority target and avoid confronting the electrical guy for now. After defeating them, Lucius will call again and will ask you to pick another upgrade for your car. When ready, hack the console on the cargo hold to open the loading hatch. Press square to glide kick the window of the second airship.

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Jul 4th 2015 willY2015
How can I accomplish this step? "Use the RHD to manipulate it and open the hatch." Initial entrance in to the first blimp? The spinning circles with switching letters isn't intuitive to me. The meter in the lower right shows 1 bar.
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